by PJ



The night air was cold when I left the caretaker's hut to walk the frost covered grounds of the cemetery. Bundled up in a big coat, ski cap, and gloves, I brandished a bright white flashlight that I played across the old, weathered headstones of the deceased.

My breath misted in front of my frigid face as I quickly walked one row of headstones after another, eager to get back to the hut and the electric heater that kept the small house nice and toasty. While dreaming of hot cocoa and a night watching Cinemax, I passed one of the ancient mausoleums, and stopped when I heard the loud grinding of stone on stone.

I cursed as I fumbled for the crypt keys clipped to my belt. Sometimes homeless people slipped inside the old mausoleums to sleep on cold nights like this one, or a kinky goth couple who wanted to fuck on top of some poor soul's tomb. I found the right key and slipped it into the iron lock after several tries with shaking fingers, the rusted lock resisted my attempts to turn it, but finally the stubborn lock yielded, and I pulled the heavy iron door open.

I shined my flashlight into the mausoleum. The stone lid of the crypt's only tomb was shoved aside, pale fingers were pushing on the lid, trying to completely remove the top of the marble tomb.

"Hey! Are you trapped in there?" I cried from the mausoleum doorway.

"Help me!" whimpered a soft voice from inside the tomb.

I rushed into the crypt and helped the trapped person remove the lid from the tomb. After the heavy marble block crashed to the floor, I reached inside the tomb to pull out whoever had become trapped inside.

Cold, pale fingers clasped my offered hand. I tugged and gasped when a young woman appeared from inside the velvet cushioned tomb. The girl looked about eighteen, with long, glossy black hair and lovely amber eyes. I was surprised to find that the girl wore almost nothing, a skimpy crimson costume that looked like a swimsuit.


"I bet you're frozen to the bone, miss!" I said as I took off my big coat and wrapped the pale girl in it. Strangely, the girl didn't appear to be bothered by the freezing night chill, but she pressed herself against me as I took her by the shoulders and led her out of the ice cold crypt.

"What's your name, I'll call your parents," I chattered while rubbing life into the girl's upper arms.

"I..I don't know my name," frowned the midnight maned girl, gazing up at me with her beguiling amber eyes, her ruby lips pursed as she stared with mute fascination.

"It's okay. I'll get you warmed up, then I'll call the police to catch the bastards who put you in that tomb."

The girl said nothing, she continued to lean up against me, as I hugged her tightly and led her to the caretaker's hut.


Once inside, I turned up the electric heater, then I went to the small stove to warm some cocoa for her. The girl slipped out of my coat, she walked curiously around the cluttered hut, nearly naked as she glanced at the pile of porn mags on the coffee table or the dirty clothes littering the furniture and floor.

"Sorry, I don't pick up much," I grinned over my shoulder.

"May I clean up somewhere?" murmured the pale girl.

"Yeah! The bathroom's through that doorway."

The girl walked where I pointed. As I heated up the cocoa, I heard the shower switch on, I gulped, imaging the lithe young woman naked in my shower, hot water dripping off her pale alabaster breasts and slender stomach.

The cocoa was ready when the girl emerged from the bathroom. The teenager was completely naked, scrubbing at her long black hair with one of my towels.

"Here, I have some extra clothes," I blushed, rummaging through a pile of flannel shirts until I found a relatively clean one. I handed the shirt to the girl, who smiled as she slipped inside it. I couldn't help staring at the young woman's beading breasts and puffy, gleaming pussy.

The flannel shirt barely reached the pale girl's creamy thighs. I tried not to pant as I handed the girl a mug of steaming cocoa.

The amber eyed girl cradled the warm mug, she sniffed the cocoa, then sipped it. Wrinkling her nose, the girl handed the mug back to me.

"You don't like cocoa? I think I have some coffee if you prefer that."

"I don't," murmured the girl, staring at me with her shining amber eyes.

"Should I call the cops now for you?"

The girl shook her ebony head. "Can I stay here with you?"

"Uh, sure. There's not alot of room here. You can sleep on the couch if you want."

The pale girl perched on one of the well worn chairs and stared wordlessly at me. After awhile, I announced I was going to bed, the girl's smoldering stare was both exciting and a little scary.


I left the girl sitting in the living room while I retreated to the bedroom, closing the door before taking off my layers of clothes and slipping beneath the heavy quilts adorning my bed. I lay limply with the quilts pulled up to my chin, I stared at the ceiling, listening for the girl, but not a sound came from the living room. Eventually, the girl turned off the living room lamps, everything was eerily silent except for a pop that came from the radiating space heater.

The bedroom door squeaked open, and the pale girl padded barefoot to my bed. Taking off the flannel shirt I gave her, the amber eyed girl peeled back the heavy quilts and climbed into bed with me, she wiggled up close, her porcelain skin cool next to mine as she trailed her tapered fingertips across my naked body.

"Can I sleep with you?" purred the nude girl, her long ebony hair falling forward to veil her pale, heart shaped face.

"Okay," I whispered, shivering beneath the pale girl's cool touch, while she nestled closer to me, laying one perfect alabaster breast upon my left shoulder.

The pale girl reached up to caress my blushing cheek, she smiled at me, then pressed her ruby lips to my quivering mouth. The girl kissed me deeply, her lips soft and sweet while she stroked my flushed face. After the girl left me breathless from our long embrace, she started to lick my skin, sliding her wet tongue from my neck to my left shoulder, before she dragged her tongue across my trembling torso, working her way down to my crotch.


I gasped when I felt small, soft lips wrap around the knob of my aching cock. The naked girl sucked softly on the tip of my dick, while her cool fingers fondled my balls, her sharp nails lightly scratching my scrotum.

I watched the young woman's ebony head bob between my splayed thighs. The pale girl's mouth worked up and down my rising erection, she slurped deeper and deeper on my rigid dick, as she massaged my balls, squeezing semen into my engorging member.

I gaped as the naked girl greedily gobbled my rock hard cock. She seemed starved for my member, her ruby lips tight around my prick as she sucked more and more urgently on my quivering dick.

The girl moaned as she adored my erection with her salivating tongue, she streaked my shaft with her saliva, then she kneaded my cock with her small hands while she slurped eagerly on each of my trembling testicles.

I was panting when the pale girl returned her ravenous mouth to my pounding penis. The girl's bright red lips sucked every inch of my dick deep down her gulping throat, she held my cock sheathed inside her tight esophogus, squeezing my throbbing balls with her fingers, until I sobbed and shot my wad between the pale girl's yawning wide lips. The amber eyed beauty hungrily swallowed all of my gushing discharge, she lapped my squirting urethra, then locked her small, greedy mouth upon my knob, eagerly drinking all of my milky ejaculate.

I lay spread eagled upon my bed, panting raggedly with the naked pale girl draped over me, as she cradled my limp dick and languidly licked my beading urethra, capturing every last drop of my spunk on the tip of her agile tongue.

"You taste good," sighed the pale girl, paralyzing me with her hot amber eyes again.

Sitting up beside me, the pale girl climbed onto my lap, she straddled me with her cool ivory thighs, rubbing her swollen snatch along my limp prick.

The pale, naked girl leaned over me, she pressed her cool palms to my heaving chest, she licked my flushed flesh, then she grinned while she bit one of my nipples.

The pale girl kissed and caressed me while grinding her damp gash against my throbbing cock. The amber eyed beauty nuzzled my neck, I felt her teeth raking across my throat, then she was kissing me, sucking hungrily on my quivering lips, as my member stiffened and pressed up against the pale girl's puffy cunnie.

"I want you inside me, so hot and hard," whimpered the amber eyed girl, before her vulva parted for my knob and her tight vagina enfolded my rigid manhood.


I groaned when the pale girl's vagina clenched around my trapped member. The naked young woman sat up on my lap, she dug her sharp nails into my skin as she started to hump my stiff prick, working her slurping snatch up and down my pulsating penis.

The pale girl panted as she fucked me, bouncing on my lap, bare breasts swelling as she flexed her pelvis and thrust repeatedly between my spread eagled legs. I stared up helplessly as the naked girl bucked and bounced on top of me, she tossed her long, ebony hair, and I gaped when I saw the amber eyed girl flash ivory fangs, as her blood red lips curled in animal ecstasy.

The pale girl's vagina contracted around my plowing prick. I was locked inside the straddling girl's hungry tummy, she leered down at me, rolling her sensual hips from side to side as she held me deep inside her, until I shuddered and climaxed between the pale girl's parted thighs, feeding her greedy pink gash.

The pale girl brought her bared fangs to my neck. I sobbed when the girl's sharp teeth pierced my skin, then the girl's lips were locked upon my throat, I could hear her feeding from me, gulping mouthful after mouthful of my hot copper blood.

I clutched the feeding vampire's alabaster shoulders, I moaned while the nude girl drank deeply from my bleeding neck. The girl massaged my spent cock while she slurped from my pierced throat, my eyes rolled back into my skull as I surrendered to an ecstasy I had never known before, as the vampire girl fed from me until I lost consciousness.


In the morning, I groggily woke up, sore, limp, and dizzy. I was tucked beneath my layers of warm quilts, all the bedroom drapes were drawn shut, and the pale vampire girl was snuggled up beside me, her lean, alabaster limbs draped over my prone body.

As I shifted beneath the nude girl, she opened her drowsy amber eyes. She smiled sleepily at me, then she brought her blood red lips to mine, we kissed, then the girl laid her cool cheek over my chest.

"I remember my name now," murmured the pale girl, as she shifted her left hand beneath the quilts to fondle my cock. "You can call me Vampirella."




I slept through the day, and when I woke up at dusk, the bedroom drapes were open, the first stars were beginning to emerge in a midnight sky.

The heavy quilts that had kept me warm during the day while I recovered from Vampirella's feeding were thrown aside, I felt soft lips tugging on my manhood, I looked down my prone, naked body and found Vampirella crouched beside my left hip, she cradled my cock in her cool hands, sucking softly on the swollen tip, her tongue lapping the shaft of my stiffening penis.

Vampirella glanced at me out of the corner of her amber right eye, she smiled at me, then resumed hungrily sucking on my knob, while caressing the long length of my dick, before she squeezed my testicles with her tapered fingers.

I lay limply on my bed while Vampirella ardently sucked me off. Vampi brushed along my rigid prick with her glossy ruby lips, she stroked my rod while she lapped my scrotum and gently raked my balls with her fangs. I groaned when Vampi swallowed each of my salty balls, slurping upon each hairy testicle, as she fondled my cock and scratched my shivering scrotum with one sharp, blood red nail.

Vampirella wrapped her bright red lips around my knob again, she greedily gobbled my cock, working her locked lips further and further down my shaft, until her mouth reached my scrotum, my manhood sheathed completely within the vampire girl's clenched esophogus.

With my pounding penis deep inside Vampi's throat, I exploded in climax, ejaculating wildly, while Vampirella closed her ecstatic amber eyes and drank all of my frothy fuck. Vampirella milked my balls while she greedily gulped all of my gushing discharge, the pale naked girl swallowed and swallowed, until she had consumed every last salty drop of my semen.

Vampirella clutched my spent member while she languidly suckled from my beading urethra. I lay panting beneath her, weak and drained, but with a wide smile on my face.


"I am sorry," apologized the pale girl, as she stretched out on top of me, her long, black hair sliding across my bare body like silk. "I was just so hungry, I couldn't help myself."

I wiped a smear of semen from Vampirella's chin, she sucked on my thumb, her amber eyes shining in the darkness of the small bedroom.

"Are you going to suck my blood again?"

Vampirella rested her naked frame over mine. I liked how her bare, alabaster breasts felt pressed against my chest.

Vampi framed my face between her cool hands, she kissed me gently on the lips.

"No. If I feed on you again so soon, you will die. It's time for you to get up now. You need to eat to replenish your blood, then we should walk the cemetery, I'm looking for something."

"What is it? Are you trying to find out who entombed you?"

Vampirella grinned. "You're clever. Yes, I need to search the grounds for clues. But first, you must eat."


Vampi helped me out of bed and into a warm robe, then I shuffled into the cluttered living room of the caretaker's hut, I rummaged through a cabinet and found a can of soup, I poured the contents into a pot and heated up the cooking stove, while Vampirella found her skimpy red swimsuit and wiggled into it. I watched Vampi dress while I stirred the warming soup, she looked so sexy dressed in almost nothing, stamping her feet into a pair of shining black boots.

Vampirella sat quietly on the couch while I spooned soup and ate a few pieces of bread. I mopped my bowl clean with some of the bread, then I drank some water, feeling much better after my meal.

"The room's not tilting anymore," I smiled, walking round the coffee table to get dressed in my room.

"I am glad," grinned Vampirella, her ivory fangs flashing in the lamplight.

I donned my heavy clothes and boots, then buttoned up my big coat before slipping on ski cap and gloves. I marvelled how Vampirella could walk in the freezing winter cold with next to nothing on, but the scantily clad vampire didn't show a sign of discomfort as we left the hut to examine the cemetery grounds for clues about Vampi's imprisonment.

I was glad for all my layers of clothing as I walked beside the petite, pale girl. Vampi scoured the rows of headstones with her bright amber eyes, I glanced at Vampi's pert breasts, her nipples were rock hard, poking through her sheer scarlet costume. Vampi glanced at me and noticed where my lustful eyes lingered, she smiled and squeezed my left arm, before reminding me of where I should be looking.

I played my flashlight over the frost carpeted grounds, I could find nothing out of the ordinary.

We returned to the mausoleum where Vampirella had been entombed, the iron door remained open, the marble lid to the tomb rested on its side beside the open crypt.

Vampirella climbed over the edge to peer into the velvet interior of the tomb. Vampi's black boots dangled in the air, her tight alabaster butt lifted high as she squirmed and searched inside the marble crypt.

I moved to stand directly behind Vampirella, I reached out to fondle Vampi's gorgeous ivory ass, I flossed her crack with her spandex thong.

"Hey!" complained Vampi from inside the tomb, as I rubbed the strand of spandex in my hand up and down Vampi's clenched asscrack, I peeled the thong aside to admire Vampi's puckered asshole and puffy cunnie, the pale girl wiggled beneath me, black boots kicking, as I thumbed Vampirella's bunghole and fondled her tender labia.

Vampirella stopped struggling as I fingered her warm, soft pussy. Vampi's twat started to get hotter and wetter, honey soon covered my fingertips, I brought the cum covered digits to my nose, the smell of Vampi's aroused sex made my mouth water.

I crouched behind Vampirella and pressed my flushed face to the pale girl's lovely ivory rump. I licked Vampi's squishy snatch, hungrily sucking on the pale girl's throbbing twat, before sticking my salivating tongue inside Vampi's hot, gleaming wet hole.

I could hear Vampi panting inside the open tomb. I stood up from the crypt floor, I reached down to open my fly, then I brought my hard cock to Vampi's gaping, glistening gash.

Despite the cold mausoleum, I was flushed as I plugged Vampi's cunnie with my engorged knob. Vampirella gasped when I penetrated her, working my hard on deep into the folded over girl's dripping wet cooch.

I kneaded Vampi's luscious buttocks while I humped the vampire girl's bucking bottom. Vampi's dangling boots swayed under me as I pounded Vampi's hot, clenched pussy, pistoning my prick deeper and deeper into the pale girl's slurping, slippery slit.

I ran my right hand along Vampi's bare back as I fucked the folded over vampire girl. Vampirella rocked under me, gasping, moaning huskily, while I humped her hiked up butt to a thigh streaking climax.

I closed my eyes and groaned as I shot my wad into Vampirella's fluttering tummy. Vampi's pale legs hung limply over the side of the tomb as I vented my seed inside her over and over, until my scrotum was spent, and I tugged my slack shaft out of Vampirella's inflamed pink pussy.


Vampirella climbed out of the open tomb and stared at me with her shining amber eyes. I was afraid I'd overstepped myself, but Vampi soothed my fear by wrapping her ivory arms around my neck and kissing me fiercely on the lips. I could taste Vampi's saliva on her moist ruby lips, she had been drooling while I humped her lovely alabaster butt.

"I'm returning the favor when we get back to your dwelling, caretaker," warned Vampirella with a sultry smile, before she released me and resumed her quest for clues.

"I can find nothing," sighed Vampirella at last, hands resting on her shapely hips.

"Can we go back to the hut? I'm freezing!" I chattered. Now that I wasn't flushed with lust, the chill had returned to me twofold.

Vampi nodded and reached out to take my free hand. We held hands while walking across the cemetery, Vampi stopped once to stare into the silent night, then she shook her head and smiled at me, urging me along so we could wrestle in bed until dawn.