Embrace of the Incubus

The magic show was over. Pendragon and Vampirella bowed to the crowd and disappeared behind the curtain. The small crowd gave polite applause.
Pendragon sighed and removed his flask from his pocket. “Well, another triumph for the Great Pendragon and his beautiful assistant Vampirella.”
Vampi sat at the changing table and combed her long black hair. “Let's not forget why we are here, though. Devotees of Ethan Shroud are rumored to be working in the area. We must seek them out and put an end to their operations.”
“I'm sure the forces of Chaos will stil be here tomorrow,” said Pendragon. “This washed up magician is tired and would like a nice sleep in a comfortable bed.”
Vampi smiled. “Well, that leaves out the hotel you booked us into.”
Pendragon sighed. “If only I conjure up the funds for nicer accomodations.”
The curtain parted a well-dressed woman stepped through. Middle aged but comely with blonde hair that she wore pinned up. Her attire and bearing suggested money and authority; not wealth, but she was far from impoverished.
“Pardon me for this intrusion,” she said. “But I needed to talk to the two of you. It is most important.”
Pendragon smiled. “No need to apologize, madam. How can my lovely companion and I be at your service?”
“I am Madame Meredith,” she replied. “I am the headmistress of a school for young ladies nearby. Recently, our school has been plagued by otherwordly incidents; several of our students have been assaulted in their sleep. We fear that this is the work of an incubus.”
Vampi raised an eyebrow. “A demon that has sexual intercourse with sleeping women. We have heard tell of them, but thought their existance was only a myth.”
“I know that you travel the land, battling the forces of Chaos. Word of your exploits are quite well known in this area. The school fears that, if something is not done, the parents will withdraw their daughters and we will be forced to close. The school wishes to hire you and will pay handsomely for your assistance.”
Pendragon put a soothing hand on Madame Meredith's shoulder. “We will certainly do what we can.”
Vampirella stood up. “We will need to stay at your school. We can put on a private magic show for the students as our reason for being there. Hopefully, the incubus will seek me out and we can ensnare him.”
Madame Meredith looked at Vampi in her skimpy red bikini-like outfit. “I would dare say that you would be a tempting target for the demon.”
Vampirella blushed and shot Pendragon a look when he chuckled. “That is what we are counting on.”

They rode in Madame Meredith's car to the school. The main building sat in the front and the girls' dormitory was in the back, bordering on dark woods that looked as if they could give home to all manner of beasts.
They were shown into the downstairs foyer where they were greeted by a short, older gentleman with graying hair and a slight paunch.
“This is Mr. Miles,” said Madame Meredith. “He is our caretaker.”
“You have a telephone call from Natalie's father,” said Mr. Miles. “He insists on speaking to you at once.”
“Natalie was the latest girl to be assaulted,” explained Madame Meredith. “Mr. Miles, please show our guests to their quarters.”
“Follow me,” said Mr. Miles.
Pendragon received a small room at the far end of the building. Vampirella's room was in the girls' dormitory and was much larger.
Mr. Miles excused himself and Pendragon smiled. “It appears you get the comfortable bed tonight.”
“I doubt I will sleep well,” said Vampirella. “Knowing that a demon was come in to have his way with me.”
Pendragon pulled a small pistol out of his coat pocket. “In case out culprit is more earthly. I have a spell from the Crimson Chronicles to banish it, if our nocturnal Casanova turns out to be the real deal.”
“You think it could actually be a demon?” asked Vampirella.
“Anything is possible,” replied Pendragon. “But a school full of beautiful young girls would make a fetching target for a sexual deviant.”
There was a knock on the door and a young woman with short brown hair stepped in.
“I am Theresa,” she said. “I am one of the teachers here. Madam Meredith has asked you to join us in the dining hall.”
Vampirella saw a chance to learn more about these attacks. “What can you tell us about these assaults?”
Theresa frowned. “They started about two months ago. Millie Chapin, one of our best students, was the first to be attacked. She awoke with not a stitch of clothing on and with only the vaguest memory of a darkened figure in her bedchamber.”
“Were there any new arrivals on the staff or in the student body around that time?” asked Pendragon.
“Professor Wilkins,” said Theresa. “He is the only male teacher at our school. But it could not be him, he was away when the last two girls were assaulted.”
“How many men have access to the school and the grounds?” asked Vampi.
“Mr. Mills, of course. Professor Watkins and the two brothers that Mr. Mills employs to do handiwork.”
“Have they all been questioned by the local authorities?” asked Pendragon.
“As discretely as possible,” said Theresa. “Madame Meredith is anxious to keep this all quiet or risk damaging the school's reputation.”
“Let's go to the dining hall,” said Vampi. “Perhaps some of the students may shed some light on the matter.”
The large dining hall consisted a very large table where the older students sat and two smaller tables where the younger ones dined. Madame Meredith sat at the head of the table and there were twelve young ladies on both sides of her. The two smaller tables both held another half dozen girls.
Madame Meredith stood and introduced Vampirella and Pendragon to the students and staff. Professor Wilkins pulled out a chair for Vampi with a gracious smile.
“What a beautiful young lady you are,” he said. “Welcome to our little school.”
Pendragon studied him carefully. Just because he was away for the last two attacks, did not mean he could not still be lurking on the grounds undetected. Plenty of places to hide.
The girls were excited to hear about the upcoming magic show and Pendragon found himself the center of attention for once as the lovely young ladies begged him for some tricks and to reveal secrets of how many of the more famous tricks were accomplished.
“A magician can never reveal such things,” he told them. “He would be booted out of the business, if he did.”
Vampirella was casting her feminine wiles on the Professor. In her eyes, he was the prime suspect. Like Pendragon, she knew he could sneak back onto the grounds to alleave suspicion on himself. She supposed that the three handimen would be more likely to arouse suspicion in areas they wouldn't normally have access to, but they could gain access when the students were asleep as well.
And, of course, there was the possibility that the culprit was someone from the town at not the school. Or (more disturbing), the demon could be real. Vampirella hoped Pendragon's magic would be up to snuff, if that was the case.
Pendragon accompanied Vamp back to her room after dinner. “What is your take on the Professor?”
Vampi frowned. “He is too obvious as a suspect. Certainly, being the only male instructor at the school, he would have to know that suspicion would fall on him, especially since the assaults began shortly after his arrival.”
“Could be a vagrant as well,” suggested Pendragon. “The woods come right up to the rear of the girls' dormitory.”
“Both of us are hoping that is a flesh and blood person and not a demon,” said Vampi. “At least, I know I am.”
Pendragon pulled a parchment from his coat pocket. “I have copied the ritual needed to exocrise the incubus, if that is the case.”
“Have you ever performed anything like this before?” asked Vampirella.
Pendragon chuckled. “I have summoned a few demons, but never sent one away before.”
Vampi sat on the bed. “What if he doesn't come for me? What if he goes after another student?”
“If I was a sex-crazed demon,” said Pendragon as he checked out the room for a place to conceal himself, “I would certainly choose you over all those young girls.”
Vampi blushed. “You really know to butter up a woman, Pendy.”
“I will hide in the closet. Armed with my pistol, incantations and lots of coffee, I will watch over you tonight.”
“I feel guilty that I get this nice bed and you spend the night in a cramped closet.”
“We could switch places,” said Pendragon. “But, I doubt, our incubus will want to have intercourse with yours truly.”
Vampi walked over and gave Pendragon a kiss and a hug. “I'll bet you were really something in your younger days.”
Pendragon smiled. “I was quite the dashing figure in my prime.”
Vamp smiled. “We better get ready. The hour is late and I am sleepy.”
“Sweet dreams, Vampi,” said Pendragon as he stationed himself in the closet with a pot of coffee. He poured a cup and took a sip. It was going to be a long night.

Twelve midnight. All is dark and quiet on the school grounds. Vampirella lays sleeping in the bed, a thin sheet covering her naked body. She does not stir when the door opens and a silent figure creeps into the room.
Sleeping pills in her food should make it easy. The figure turned to the closet and opened the door. Pendragon was slumped over, snoring. The sleeping pills in the coffee had done their job. The door was closed and the figure moved to the sleeping girl.
A bottle of chloroform and handkerchief were removed from the coat. The sweet-smelling anestetic was poured onto the cloth and the cloth was pressed over the mouth and nose of Vampirella.
Vampirella opened her eyes a fraction of the way, but the green eyes did not focus before they rolled back in their sockets as the chloroform sent her into a drugged slumber.
The lights were turned on. Mr. Mills wanted to see his lovely victim as he took her.
He pulled back the sheet and took in Vampirella's voluptous body. He had never seen such a beautiful creature....and he certainly had never been able to lay his hands on one. There were some pretty girls at the school, but none could compare to the beauty before him.
All those years at the school. All those pretty girls. Laughing, teasing. An old man like himself was an object of ridicule. He knew that they laughed and joked about him behind his back. Well, he found a way to even the score. He would take them in the most intimate way. No, they were not laughing once he finished with them.”
He caressed Vampirella's large breasts and began to shower her body with kisses from head to toe. He massaged her thighs and parted those lovely legs to reveal the soft cleft of flesh between them.
“I will have to get me some of that,” said Mr. Mills. “If you don't mind, that is. If you don't want me to fuck you, please speak up now.”
Mills laughed and parted the folds of Vampirella's labia. He placed his mouth over the opening and began to lick, suck and lap at the tender area until he could feel the sleeping girl's body begin to respond. He could feel the heat rising from her pussy, which was becoming more and more moist with each passing moment.
Mills pulled down his trousers and underear and mounted his listless victim. His cock penetratred Vampi and he began to thrust away as hard as he could. No need to be gentle with his unconscious lover.
Miles came and rolled Vampi onto her stomach. “What a sweet ass!”
It really was the most exquistite thing he had ever laid eyes on. And tonight he was going to lay more than his eyes on it.
Mills played with her buttocks until he was erect again. He spread her ass cheeks apart and shoved his cock into her anus. It was tight, but felt good and Vampi squirted hot cum from her vagina just moments before Mills filled her ass with his sperm.
Vampi began to moan. Mills rolled her over and applied the cloth once more. Vampirella's eyes fluttered for a brief moment before closing. A soft moan and she was sleeping like a baby once again.
Mills decided to clean up the evidence this time. He wanted them to think that there had been no attack, so that they might remain for another night and try again. He certainly wanted another go round with Vampirella.

An hour later, Pendragon awoke. He looked at his watch and realized he had drifted off. He opened the closet door and saw Vampirella still sound asleep.
“Perhaps this fellow is going to take the night off.”
Vampirella moaned from the bed and Pendragon went over to her. She opened her eyes and touched her head.
“Are you all right?” asked Pendragon.
Vampi sat up. “I had the strangest dream.”
The sheet fell away and Vampi was never immodest so she made no attempt to cover her nudity from her friend.
“It was no dream,” said Pendragon as he walked over and took hold of her left breast.
Vampi was shocked, but not alarmed. “Pendy, what are you doing?”
“There are teeth marks on your breast, my dear.”
Vamp examined her tit. Pendragon was right. “He was here.”
Pendragon nodded. “I caught a whiff of chloroform on the sheet. He must have spilled some of it when he was using it to sedate you.”
“You didn't see anything?” she asked.
“I believed I was drugged. I'm sure the coffee I drank was spiked.”
“By who?”
“I have my suspicions,” said Pendragon. “We will act like nothing happened and set a trap for our culprit. I have a feeling that, since he attempted to hise his assault this time, he is planning on returning for an encore performance.”

Pendragon thanked Mills for the coffee and returned to the closet. Vampi was sleeping in the bed and all was quiet. Clutching his pistol, Pendragon heard the door open and the lights were turned on.
Mills was soaking the cloth with chloroform when Pendragon stepped out of the closet, pointing the pistol.
“No need to sedate my friend tonight,” said Pendragon. “She is sleeping well enough without that chloroform.”
Mills lunged for Pendragon and the magician fired the pistol. Mills grabbed his leg and toppled to the floor. At the sound of the shot, Vamp sat up in bed and, outside the room, they could hear the commotion being caused by alarmed students and staff.
Vampi examined Mills. “He will be all right. You got him in the leg.”
Pendragon smiled. “I am a terrible shot. I wasn't aiming for his leg.”
Vampi hugged Pendragon and gave him a big kiss. “It is the thought that counts, Pendy.”