Under the Spell
                                             of Pendragon    


Mordecai Pendragon poured himself a glass of Scotch. Another city on his tour for his magic act. Of course, his act was not the real reason folks came these days. They came to see his beautiful assistant, Vampirella.
The beautiful, raven-haired Vampirella had stumbled into Pendragon's life at the World of Fun Carnival. Pendragon had spent fifteen years traveling with the broken down outfit. Ashton, the man who ran things, tried to use the dark powers of Chaos to unleash demons. Vampirella, an alluring creature from the planet Drakulon, defeated Ashton with his help. A vampire-like creature who needed a serum to avoid the bloodlust and could walk in sunlight unlike the other vampires. She had sworn to defeat the agents of Chaos where ever they were unearthed.
Pendragon sipped his drink. An excellent malt. It could not erase the sorrow of his life. His wife and daughter, Sara, were lost to him. Rosie had married another while he was touring during the War. Raised by a drunken abusive father, Sara (before her death), had become his enemy, as her bitter mother had before her.
Pendragon was unloading his trunk when he came across the Crimson Chronicles, a book of dark magic of the devotees of Chaos. Bored, he leafed through the pages, searching for any of the lesser spells he might utilize to liven up his tired act. The novelty of him supposedly transforming his assistant into bat was becoming old hat. Of course, Vampi changed into a bat all on her own and the audience gave Pendragon the credit for it.
Vampi entered the hotel room, clad in the skimpy red bikini with two thin straps that crossed her ample breasts, barely containing them, held in place by a gold ring attached to the white collar around her lovely neck. A gold bat adorned the material over her crotch and her luscious ass cheeks were swaying and jiggling as usual.
Pendragon, usually would not have been bothered by this. He had seen her in this outfit every day for the past few years, but a recent encounter with a succubus had reawakened Pendragon's lost libido, a secret her kept from Vampirella, of course.
Vampi shot a disapproving look at Pendragon. “I don't know which is worse, you drinking so much booze or messing with that book. You know how I feel about the book.”
Pendragon smiled. “I promise that I will only use the minor spells. We need new material to spice up the act. Card tricks and pulling rabbits out of hats won't sell many tickets.”
“I am going to take a bath,” said Vampi. “Try not to summon any demons while I am gone.”
“Certainly, my dear. I promise no demons.”
Pendragon heard the bath water running and closed his eyes. He could picture Vampi sliding off that costume. Over the years, he had several times to see what was being covered by the thin material during their many adventures together and he could feel his penis stiffen.
“Some life in the old fella yet,” he said with a bemused smile. “An old fart like me couldn't get laid unless there was magic involved.”
The words were scarcely out of his mouth when he came across a sleep spell in the Crimson Chronicles. He had seen it before and thumbed past it as it was not something he needed for the act; his lame magic tricks were more than enough to put the audience members to sleep. But tonight, the stirring in his trousers had sparked a thought in his Scotch-soaked brain.
The image of Vampirella, sleeping on his bed and him undressing her flickered in his mind like images from the cinema. He drained the remainder of his Scotch in a single gulp.
He tried to chuckle and laugh it off, but the idea would not go away. He read the spell and knew it would be easy to cast. It did not require any secret ingredients, one only needed to utter the prescribed incantations.
He told himself to go and whack off and forget such foolishness, but a dark seed had been planted. He was a man, dammit. He had needs and desires like other men. Vampi was strutting her sweet ass in front of him every day....what would it hurt to help himself to a little of that, especially if she did not know anything about it?
It is the book, he thought for a moment. It's dark magic is trying to compel him to give in to his base urges. But the thought was lost when Vampi walked out of the bathroom in that damned micro-bikini.
“Find anything we can use for the act?” she asked as she stretched to loosen her limbs. Her large breasts shifting from side to side made Pendragon ignore the voice in his mind warning him about the book's evil intentions.
“I believe I may have found just the thing that will do the trick, as the saying goes.”
“What is it?” asked Vampi as she continued her yoga. Her leg splits allowed Pendragon a maddeningly glimpse of the shadowed glories under the golden bat on the bikini.
“It is a levitation spell,” lied Pendragon. “I could levitate you out of the audience. That would cause some excitement.”
“Is it easy to pull off?” she asked. “We wouldn't want anything to go wrong and have me drop on audience members.”
“Well, some male members of the audience may appreciate such a beauty falling into their laps.”
Vampi smiled. “You are such a naughty boy tonight. What has gotten into you?”
Pendragon smiled, thinking of what would be getting into her tonight. “It must be the salt air. Being near the sea brings out the devil in me.”
“You didn't feel that way on the last cruise we took,” laughed Vampi. “You practically had to be dragged out of the cabin and were seasick the entire voyage.”
“I like the sea, but dislike boats,” said Pendragon. “I thought we would test out this spell here tonight. If it works out like I plan, I will use it every night.”
“Can't it wait until tomorrow? I was hoping to turn in early tonight.”
“And so you shall,” said Pendragon. “Just as soon as I work my magic. It won't take but a moment.”
Vampi sighed. “OK. Let's get this show on the road, as they saying goes.”
Pendragon placed his right hand on Vampi's forehead and began to recite the incantation. There was a tiny spark and Vampi's eyes rolled back in their sockets. She went limp and Pendragon caught her in his arms, scooping up her listless body and admiring her shapely figure.
“Now, this beats you turning into a bat any time,” he said with a smile.
Pendragon savored the feel of Vampi in his arms. He carried her around the room, amazed that he had the strength to do without much effort or strain. He was no spring chicken and he wondered if some of the book's magic had passed through him as well.
Pendragon draped Vampi over his left shoulder and gave the gorgeous half moons of her ass a good whack and grope.
“How many nights have I stared at this ass and wanted to do that!”
He laid her on his bed and gently kissed her full lips. He unhooked the clasp attached to her collar and her large breasts were set free.
“Such beautiful tits, my dear,” said Pendragon. “I have wanted to play with them for quite some time.”
Soft, yet firm, her breasts were caressed and massaged, the nipples sucked and licked.
“I wonder if there is a spell where I can get milk from them?”
Pendragon removed her black boots and worshiped her feet, sucking her toes and licking the soles of her feet. He rubbed her feet against his crotch and then slipped the costume down her legs, letting it fall to the floor.
“Time to work my magic on that pretty pussy,” said Pendragon. He parted the folds of her labia and sought out the pink flesh within.
“Let me drink your sweet juices.”
He began to run his tongue up and down the the cleft of flesh, darting it in and out like a thrust of a penis. He inserted his fingers and took hold of her clitoris, giving if a squeeze and then sucking on it. Vampi became dripping wet.
“Time for the main attraction,” said Pendragon as he undressed and stood over her sleeping form with his enlarged cock. “Let me show you what my magic wand can do!”
It had been years since Pendragon had been with a woman. His cock sank into the lovely opening between her legs and he nearly lost it right there and then. But the magic was with him and he staved off ejaculation.
Pendragon began to thrust harder and harder, the lips of her pussy constricted around his cock like a boa constrictor. How many nights had he heard her and Adam Van Helsing humping away and pictured himself in Adam's place?
Vampi squirted hot cum at him and he shot his load a moment later. He lay back on the bed and pulled Vampi to him as if they were lovers cuddling.
“I guess I am not so washed up, am I?” he said. “I just gave you an orgasm. I promise that there will be many others for you before the night is through.”
A little kissing and fondling and it was not long before Pendragon was hard again. Turning Vampi onto her stomach, Pendragon mounted her from behind. Alternating between her anus and pussy, he went after both like a man possessed.
“This beautiful booty belongs to me now,” he said. “The things I am going to do to you!”
Pendragon unloaded in her anus and then rolled her onto her back. “Let's get back to those tits, shall we?”
Pendragon sucked on her tits so long and so hard that he was alarmed to see that he left a small hickey on her left breast.
Oh, shit, he thought, I hope she doesn't notice that!
But this worry was not enough to stop him. Hard again, he forced his cock into Vampi's slack mouth.
“Suck on this, vampire bitch!”
Pendragon used Vampi's mouth to get himself off, pretending that she was giving him a blow job. He wiped the cum away from her lips when he was finished.
Pendragon returned from the bathroom with a damp washcloth and he cleansed all evidence from her body. He carried the naked girl to her bed and placed her under the sheets. Vampi slept in the nude, so there was no need to clothe her in any nightgown or pajamas.
Pendragon took a bath and turned in himself. Exhausted from all the sex, he quickly fell asleep.

“Wake up, Pendragon,” said Vampi the following morning. “You're going to sleep the entire day away.”
Pendragon sat up and smiled. “Such a beautiful dream I had last night.”
“Was I in it?” asked Vampi as she slipped into her costume.
“Of course, my dear.”
Vampi was examining her left breast. “We must have bugs in this dump. Something bit me on my boob last night.”