Black on Red

A newspaper fluttered by when Persephone Washington, darker than Vampirellas sidekick Pantha, part time private dick, and all time the slime mold Myxina, combed the equally dark alleys.
(For her origin, you have to read Myxina in the tentacle section. The factoid-prone author.)
Third black woman slaughtered vampire-style, the paper cried out.

Myxina was out on the streets to get the bastard. So far, none of her sources had come up with any useful hints. Must be your usual psycho.
Or then, not quite the usual psycho, who would have probably killed a few hookers like all usual psychos used to do.
But the victims were from the upper class: a scientist, a small company CEO, a doctor...maybe some Klansmen involved? Didn't fit with the circumstances either, because Klansmen rarely care for draining the victim of all their blood - and probably would wet their pants at the thought of infecting themselves.
Damn, she'd have to split herself to watch all the dark alleys. Not that this would be an impossible task for Myxina, who could stretch to molecule thickness if neccessary, but her awareness couldn't be everywhere at the same time.
She sneaked around a bit...hey, wasn't there another figure in red sneaking too? And that in a Maximum 1 Sneaker zone. She went into Hi, I'm An Easy Victim mode.
And then suddenly the attacker was over her like lightning.
And in the next moment, in her, as she changed to mold mode immediately.
The attacker hadn't foreseen this slimy situation, and quickly Myxina tied up the subject with chords and bony cuffs (Myxina was limited to the abilities of human tissue, but don't underestimate it's strengths. Bones can be stronger than steel). The subject was rather squirmy, she needed all her stamina to keep it safely.
"Now, who have we here?", purred Myxina, making eyes (a hundred of them to compensate for the lousy lighting) at what she caught.
It was a scantily-clad woman with vampire fangs. She bucked wildly, swearing "I kill you for this!". Then she tried to hypnotize Myxina with a stare, her eyeballs changing from emerald to burning fire.
Too bad there was, technically, no brain behind Myxinas eyes. No such luck!
"Why do you kill the innocent women?" Myxina hissed.
"What? Me? You did..."
Indeed, definitely not your average psycho. That wench had willpower for three. But just in case she was right, and barely an innocent vampire caught at the wrong place at the wrong time...
Myxina decided it was time for the Third Degree. And some fun either. She melted into the skin of the mysterious woman in red, taking complete control over her nerve ends.
Especially her lust nerves. Here-a-tickle, there-a-tickle...
"Now, will you talk?"
"This is a nice technique, called the Orgasm Torture. If you don't talk..."
"...I keep you just a tiny bit from the orgasmic salvation..."
"...until you get mad from unfulfilled satisfaction..."
"...and I'm on holiday for a week and have lotsa time."
The woman squirmed and pedaled and try to rub her clit against Myxinas body. It was futile, Myxina held her exactly on the brink of insanity, which her 'victim' held through much longer than the usual woman, but at last she cried for mercy.
Myxina pushed a pulsating pseudo-penis now say that thrice without spitting - the salivating author so deeply into her 'victim' that she passed out from an uteral orgasm. "Hey, they don't call me private dick for nothing!"
Five minutes later the woman awoke. Myxina gave her clit a nasty lick with a pseudotongue ("YEEEEES! I TAAAALK!") to remind her of her promise.
"Ok gasp, I'm Vampirella (What a surprise, eh? The all-knowing author), and I'm hunting that serial killer. I'm on a mission to exterminate all vampires."
"But you are one yourself, right?" Myxina dimly remembered having heard that name before, striking terror on the underworld, but had dismissed it as a legend.
"My story is a bit complicated, and I fear we have no time to delve into this fascinating subject, because a killer is on the loose and now would you please get your otherwise very stimulating pseudopods off me..."
Right on cue, a cry for help yelled through the dark-alley-next-to-this.
Two very pissed and dangerous women were sprinting to the rescue. Normally Vampirella would have been much faster, but she was still a bit exhausted and Myxina barely managed to stop her right at the throat of the killer, who was bent over a mauled female lawyer. So they couldn't save her. D'oh! Come on, it was just a lawyer! So sue me! The bloodthirsty author.
"Yo abominations! Wimin just good for fuck and kitchen! Kill nigga hoes!"
An angry young black man tried desperately to wind himself out of Vampirellas steely grip, a load of ACME False Evidence Vampire Teeth falling from his pockets.
"A brother...?! Who even can't speak gangsta slang properly? How dare you to betray your own race? Vampirella, fangs off, he's mine!"
"If you insist...But make it hurt, blob-girl!" Vampi threw the maniac into Myxinas arms.
"You bet, sis! And now for you. Are you afraid of pussies? Oh, you should be afraid of pussies, because Momma is really angry about you naughty boy. And now I will ground you properly!"
Vampirella watched in awe as Myxina first stripped the killer naked ("Oh, what a tiny weenie! Do you bought a microscope for wanking?"), then grabbed his feet and stuffed them into her vagina. Then he was yanked deeper and deeper.
Girls, don't try this at home! The gynecologically-challenged author.
His misogynist rants turned into desperate cries until his was literally giving head. Then he had completely disappeared and was caught in Myxinas womb.
"Now what will I try? Just suffocate him? Crush him slowly? Or maybe dissolve him in digestive acid? Maybe a bit of it all? Ah, I've got it: Drown him in love juices. Vampi, could you lend me a tongue?"
Of course Vampi couldn't resist the possibility for a little payback. For minutes, Vampirella could hear Myxinas lust cries, mixed with some gargling noise deep inside her. She maliciously watched something bumping desperately inside Myxinas swollen belly, until everything was still.
Hey, I'm against death penalty, but tell that these two hell vixens! The powerless author.

"Whew, you could have saved me a bit of blood from this bastard, I'm starved," Vampirella sighed.
"Here, drink it from my breasts. Uhhhmmm, not so fast, you are making me horny again!" Myxina and Vampi enjoyed the rest of the night with some fun you won't find in the Kamasutra, and it probably was the beginning...ah, you know Casablanca too, don'tcha?

The End