Breaking Vampirella

Chapter 1


It was a night with a full moon that shone so brightly that even if Vampirella did not have extra sensitive night vision, she could have seen the scenery passing below here clearly as she flew over the bright neon-lit cityscape. If someone on the streets below had but looked up, they would probably stand a high chance of seeing a shape fly across the sky, her large leathery bat like wings flapping strongly to keep her airborne and propelled forward. They might even be able to tell that it was a woman, slender and svelte in figure, long of limbs, clad in a red latex bikini, the top of which consisted of nothing more than two strips, each running down her torso, top barely covered her ripe breasts. These strips were joined at the lower ends to a red latex thong that left her firm buttocks open to view. The top ends came together at a silver clasp that held them to a white winged collar around her long neck.

Vampirella banked to her right, and swooped down onto the roof of a dilapidated apartment block. As she landed, the leathery wings on her back began to shrink and become paler, until they were but stumps sticking out of the bare back of the woman. Quickly, these stumps disappeared too, leaving a normal back, with a sinuous spine snaking down from her neck, ending just above the start of the cleavage between her buttocks.

As the beautiful vampiress stood up to her full height of six foot one inch - boosted another three inches by her thigh high high-heeled latex boots - her firm breasts juggled slightly, the movement restrained but not suppressed by the elastic latex material covering them. The outward angle at which the strips of latex dive down from the silver clasp at her throat left the large parts of her breasts exposed, the smooth skin of the domes glowing in the moonlight. The chill of the night had had an effect on her nipples, even if the cold did not discomfort her. They were extending and hardening, leaving an impression on the latex covering them.

Like all vampires, Vampirella is a predatory animal. But unlike other vampires, she does not hunt humans, even though the blood that flowed through their veins is what she needed to sustain her. Instead, she hunted demons, vampires, monsters, and other unsavoury creatures of the night. The latter include those of a “human” kind (although Vampirella do not consider them strictly human): serial killers, rapists, mobsters, bullies and such dregs of humanity.

Such a restricted field of prey, of course, has certain disadvantages, the main one of which is that the supply is much less plentiful, and sometimes Vampirella had to go hungry for the lack of prey. This was not always harmful. A little bit of hunger sharpened her senses - both natural and supernatural - as she hunted for her elusive prey. But big cities like this one never presented this problem. There was more than enough preys, both of the supernatural and human kind. Cities always seemed to attract degenerated creatures of the night.

As Vampirella walked over to the edge of the roof, her buttocks swayed and rocked behind her. She flipped over the edge and began to claw down the side of the building. She reached a sash window a few floors down, and slipped onto the ledge. The window was unlatched, which saved her the trouble of breaking in. She lifted the window and slipped into the apartment behind it.

The room Vampirella found herself in was very dark. Almost immediately, a smell hit Vampirella - that of fresh blood. She tensed as her body responded to the smell. It did not help that she had not fed for a few days. Controlling her bloodlust, she looked about the room. Almost immediately, she saw a dark shape seated on a swivel chair, its back facing her. She straightened and walked cautiously up towards the shape, her high heels clicking on the bare floor.

The shape belonged to a man. Vampirella turned the chair around so that the light streaming from the outside through the window would shine onto the man. He was a fat white man, with a face full of beard. His face was upturned, eyes open wide in horror and death agonies. A rag had been used to cleave gag him. His hands were bound behind him to the back of the chair. On his chest were two neat bullet holes. It was from here that the blood was flowing out. Touching the man’s body, she found that it was still warm. The man had been killed only a few moments ago.

“I see that someone had beaten me to it.” Vampirella said quietly to the dead man, “Such a pity. I would have enjoyed killing you myself.”

The man was a serial killer, with at least five victims. The police had arrested him, but he was released only that morning on a technicality due to a mistake made during a search of his apartment. When Vampirella saw the news reports, she swore she would pay the man a visit. But she had arrived too late. Someone had already avenged the victims.

Vampirella turned and was about to leave when she stopped. She really was hungry. She had wanted to make the man’s death a slow and painful one as she sucked the blood from within him. He was still warm, and the blood still drinkable. Why should she not feed on his blood? She turned back and went up to him. Tilting his neck to one side, she leaned over, opened her jaws and sank her teeth into his neck, penetrating his jugular. The blood was still warm, and she suckled the warm nourishing fluid into her mouth. There was a slightly unfamiliar taste to it, but she did not mind. At last, satiated, she stood up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, her thick sensuous lips stained a ruby red. She turned once again towards the open window.

Something was wrong. Vampirella’s legs felt sluggish beneath her as took a step forward. The next step was even heavier. At the same time, the room started to wobble. The wobble slowly increased with each step she took towards the window. She realized that there was something wrong with the blood. It was tainted by something. She had felt something like this once, when she had accidentally fed on a heroin addict who had just shot up. The huge amount of heroin in his blood had almost immediately hit her. But that experience was nothing compared to this. The room was rocking crazily from side to side. Vampirella could hardly take another step. Her body felt so numb, so unresponsive. She tried to reach the window. She did not make it. As her body failed her and she collapsed into a sinuous pile on the floor, her hair spilling over her face. She tried to move her body, but she could not get it to move. She was imprisoned within her own body.

Vampirella heard the door squeaked open behind her. A series of heavy footsteps followed, and a dark shadow came into her field of vision. She was turned over onto her back. She looked up into a man. He was wearing a mask over his head that exposed only his light blue eyes. The man nudged her with the toe of his shoe. She did not move. Satisfied, the man dropped the large grip bag he was carrying onto the ground. It fell onto the floor with a thud.

The man took out a small torch from his pocket, and pulled back her right eyelid, and shone the torch into the eye, noting the lack of expression in it. He pulled back her stained lips to reveal her bloodied canine fangs. He moved a hand down to her right breast, and squeezed it hard. Inside, Vampirella felt the pain, but she remained completely motionless, her body unable to respond.

The man parted her legs and inserted a finger and thumb under her thong. He traced the lips of her vulva and parted it. He then pinched her clitoris viciously. Again, Vampirella felt excruciating pain. And again, her body refused to do anything about it. Satisfied, the man leaned down next to her right ear and whispered, “In case you had not understood yet, I have put a drug into the body. When you drank his blood, you took in the drug. It is a muscle relaxant that confuses your nerve system and prevents you from moving your voluntary muscles. It’s designed to keep dangerous animals docile. Dangerous animals like yourself.”

The man turned Vampirella’s head to one side so that she is looking at the grip bag where he had droped it. He opened it, and took out three coils of dark black rope, a large ball gag with a leather strap threaded through it, a large dildo that must be at least seven inches long, an anal plug that looked about five inches in length, and a small bottle of lubricants. If Vampirella’s eyes could move, they would have opened wide at the sight of the dildo and anal plugs. It was not their sizes that shocked her, or the obvious fact that they will be inserted into her whether she agreed to it or not. It was the intentions of the man that these objects symbolized. She knew that the man intends to reduce her to nothing more than a sex object.

The man picked up one coil of rope first, and uncoiled it. He pulled a section of the rope taut and showed it to her. He said, “ You may be drugged, but there’s no sense in taking risks. This rope is made from woven Kevlar fibre. It’ll hold a bull. Even if you are not drugged, I’ve some doubt whether you can break them.”

The man lifted Vampirella up to a sitting position. He let her head fall forward to her chest, and brushed her hair away from her neck. He then pulled the two strips of the front of her costume aside to expose her breasts. He placed the center of the rope over her neck, crossed the ends of the rope in front of her body, between her breasts, snaking one end under her right breast, and the other end under her left breast. Pulling the ends back behind her body, he gathered the rope crossed the front of her chest. The lengths of rope under her breasts were lifted up by this motion, which pushed up her ripe breasts. This motion also chaffed the sensitive skin under her breasts.

The man crossed the ends of the rope behind Vampirella’s back, before crossing them in front of her body, passing the ends under the lengths of the rope crossing in front of her breast. He pulled the ends of the around her arms to her back, crossing them yet again between her shoulder blades. At this point, he tied the rope off with a simple butterfly knot, binding her arms to her body. The crisscrossed lines in front of her chest also squeezed her breasts between the lines running through her cleavage and under her breasts, and the lines running above her breasts.

There was still a lot of free rope left. He folded Vampirella’s arms up her back, crossing her wrists over her spine, just below the level of her shoulder blades. He used the free rope to bind her wrists together. When he released her arms, the natural tendency of her arms to unfold from their unnatural upward posture added tension to the rope as a hole, tightening the lines and squeezing Vampirella’s breasts even further. It was a most uncomfortable form of bondage.

If Vampirella thought the rope binding her chest were bad, the worst was yet to come. The man turned her until her head and her knees were resting on the floor, with her butt raised into the air and her legs spread open. He slid a finger under the thong of her costume and slid it down until he reached her crotch. He pulled the latex material aside to reveal her vulva and her asshole.

“I see you use bikini was regularly. Hmm... an air strip. Just the style I prefer.” The man noted, his voice obviously filled with pleasure as he stroked her pubic hair. He turned and picked up the anal plug with the bottle of lubricants. He showed the plug to Vampirella. It was conical in shape with a deep wide groove before a large base.

“Let’s start with your ass hole first.” The man said, as he popped open the snap cover of the bottle of lubricant. He poured a generous amount of the thick liquid onto the tip of the anal plug. He placed the tip of the plug against her anus. Vampirella felt the coolness of the tip against her opening, but she could not move to get away from it as it began to probe into her. The man did it gently at first, pushing the tip in a little, then withdrawing it. He did it several times, each time pushing further and further in, opening her hole wider and wider. Then, with a quick push, he rammed the plug home into her hole. Her opening closed around the groove, holding the plug deep in her. The plug made her feel full in her rectum, but it was not uncomfortable ... yet.

The man turned, and picked up the dildo. Again, he showed it to Vampirella. Unlike the anal plug which had a smooth surface, the dildo had grooves on its surface. The grooves twisted its way up from a broad flat base to a tip. The bottom of the dildo was a flat plate from which the shank of dildo rose like a tower. The shank’s thickness was constant for most of the way until it narrowed into a tip.

The man applied lubricantly thickly over the whole of the shank, then aimed the tip at her vagina opening. Again, he probed gently at first, pushing the dildo in and out of her. Then, he moved faster and faster, manipulating the dildo at an increasing rate until her body seemed to be trembling from his assault. If Vampirella could, she would have screamed as the sensation of the grooved dildo moving up and down her vagina sent shock waves through her body. The thickness of the dildo was not something that she was accustomed to, it being thicker than the members of most men. It filled her more fully than anything had before, and it stretched the walls of her vagina. She felt almost as if the dildo would shred her vagina walls. It came as a relief when the man finally rammed the dildo fully home, even though with the thick dildo and the anal plug within her, she felt as if her nether region was at a bursting point.

The man took the second coil of rope, and uncoiled it. He wrapped the rope around her waist, and tied it off at the center of her abdomen, forming a loop around her waist. This left a long length of the rope dangling from the knot in front of her. He gathered the length, and pulled it between her legs to her back. He took a quick measurement, and knotted the rope using a simple overhand knots.

The man parted Vampirella’s vagina lips with his fingers and pulled the rope up against her crotch, finding to his satisfaction that the knot rested neatly over her clitoris. He passed the rope over the base of the dildo and the anal plug. He tucked the end of the rope under the loop in the center of her back, and pulled the end, pulling the rope tight against her crotch, and at the same time pushing the dildo and anal plug deeper into her. He tied the free rope to the back of the loop around her waist. This still gave him quite a lot of rope left.

Next, the man took from his bag, a rubber ball gag with a leather collar threaded through it. He pulled back her head by yanking back her hair. Her slack jaws opened easily. He forced the ball between her jaws, and pulled the collar back, buckling the collar tightly behind her head. Vampirella had been very effectively gagged.

Even though Vampirella made no reaction whatsoever, she was burning inside, both from the chaffing of the rope against her most sensitive regions, and at this humiliating treatment at the hands of a man. She wished she could get up and tear the man apart, but the drug still held her captive in a useless body.

The man turned Vampirella again, this time on to her right side. He took up the third coil of rope, uncoiled it, and one end twice around her thighs, just above her knees, binding her legs together. As her legs came together, the two offending objects inside her pushed their way even further into her, causing her even more unease. He tied the rope tightly around her thighs, pushing her knees together, and leaving a long free end. He pulled this end forward, folding her body upwards until her knees were pressed against her chest. He tucked her head down until her chin touched her knees. Then he pulled the rope over her neck, and pulled it taut, pushing her chin into her knee. He wrapped the rope once around her neck and legs, and tied the rope off tightly under her knees. Then he pushed her ankles up all the way until the heels of her shoes touched her buttocks. Using the free end of the rope tied around her waist and crotch, he tied her ankles together. He pulled the rope so tight, that her ankles were pressed tightly against her butt.

The end result was a very severe ball tie. Vampirella was trussed up like a package awaiting delivery, which in a sense, she was. He turned her onto her knees, her twisted and bound arms on top, with her head tucked in, looking back at her knees. He walked out of the room, and returned, wheeling a gigantic aluminum trunk into the room. It was similar to the kind used for transporting props for movie sets. The man unlatched the two heavy bolts shutting the lid, and lifted the lid up. He then came over to his bound prisoner.

Vampirella was lifted up off the ground using the ropes binding her breasts and waist. This caused the ropes to constrict around her, tightening their grip of her breasts and her crotch. She felt the burning of fire in those areas, and cursed in her mind at this treatment. She was placed into the trunk. She found that the trunk was lined with foam rubber, with two sets of thick rubber straps riveted to the bottom. Her captor buckled the straps over her, one over her shoulders - which also pinned her wrists into her back - and the other over her lower back - which also effectively pinned her legs to her body. It was added insurance. Then the lid of the trunk was closed, plunging the vampiress into total darkness. Somewhere next to her, a quiet motor started up, pumping air into the box, thus keeping the interior ventilated.

Then, Vampirella felt the trunk being pushed. She knew that her journey into a terrible future had began.

Chapter 2


“I’ve been hunting you for a long time, my dear Vampirella,” Vampirella could barely turn her head towards the source of the sound. It came from a small speaker mounted on the wall of the trunk. How long had she been held in this small prison of hers? She did not know. She only knew that the vehicle she was travelling in had been travelling for a long time. She had felt the trunk she was in wheeled off. It was turned left and right several times as it was pushed out of the room. She had felt herself brought down an elevator before being loaded into a vehicle of some sort via a ramp.

Vampirella’s body had long since recovered from the muscle relaxant, but the after effects still left her weak. She still could not break free from her bonds. In any case, she wondered if she could have broken free, even if she had not been drugged. Her arms and legs - bound as they were in unnatural positions - had fallen asleep on her. The ropes binding her seemed strong and firm, and they were reinforced by the thick leather straps pinning her to the bottom of the trunk. The minimal movement she was still allowed only caused the ropes binding her to chaff her sensitive spots, adding to her discomforts.

“I have been planning this for almost a year, right from the moment I first received the challenge.” The disembodied voice continued, “I did not believe in your existence at first. It was almost like a joke to me. But when more and more information started arriving, my curiosity was aroused. Then when the first clear photo of you arrived, taken with you on all fours like an animal over a human victim, your mouth full of blood and your breasts hanging down, I knew I had to have you.”

The trunk Vampirella had been confined in had long since heated up to an almost intolerable degree. She was perspiring heavily in the heat. Beads of perspiration flowed down every inch of her skin, including her breasts and her legs. The cramp confines of the trunk also caused a sense of claustrophobia within the vampiress, unused as she was to this sort of enclosure. Her severe bondage, the heat, the extreme smallness of her confines seemed specially designed to torment her.

“You were difficult to track at first, but from rumors on the internet, I found a pattern. When I found a pattern, I know I had also found your weak point. You migrate from city to city, staying about two to three months at each place. During that time, you will hunt monsters and criminals. After a while, I could guess which city you will be visiting. I finally caught up with you here. Lucky for me, Mr Serial Killer here escaped justice. I know you could not resist this opportunity. So, I used him as my bait to lure you to my trap. It was all so easy. I had really expected a much tougher challenge.”

Why was the man telling her all these? Vampirella wondered. Perhaps it was another part of his plan to weaken her psychologically, to tell her how she had been hunted and captured. He was boasting, telling her how superior he was. But recognizing this did not make the words stung any less. She felt the heat of anger build up inside her, an anger born of frustration at her bondage and humiliation at her defeat. She struggled with her bonds again.

“So how do you like your bondage?” the voice taunted her, “I bet it’s making you all wet in the cunt, especially with that dildo up your pussy. I didn’t know what your size was really, so I chose the largest one that I could find. I hope you are juicing nicely there.”

Vampirella felt the rage build up in her. How dare he taunt her like this? She would tear him apart!

“You think because you are a vampire, you are invulnerable aren’t you? Well, I’ve got news for you. You are just a victim, helpless in my power. Helpless to prevent me from having my way with you!”

Vampirella pulled at her bonds. She ignored the pain caused by the rope around her breasts as it constricted around her fleshy mounds. She pulled and tugged at her bonds. The ropes were strong, and for a long time, she thought they were unbreakable. But she did not give up. There really was nothing else for her to do. She continued pulling at the ropes around her wrists. After what seemed like an eternity, her persistence was rewarded. She felt the ropes around her wrists began to give way.

However, before Vampirella could fully break free, she felt the vehicle turned, and started rocking, as if it had turned from a road onto a rough trail. She felt her tiny prison lifted up and slammed down. With each motion, her bonds chaffed her, causing her agony. “Are you doing OK back there?” the voice mocked, with a derisive laugh as the vehicle rocked violently. It must be really rough terrain. The vehicle must be a four-wheel drive of some sort, to handle this sort of terrain. With each motion, the dildo and anal plug seemed to be hammered into her, causing her to moan at the torture. She ignored the discomfort, and tugged at her bonds again, applying every bit of strength and every amount of leverage she could summon in her condition. The rope binding her wrists finally broke. Gratefully, she unfolded her arms and let circulation returned to her arms.

“Well, when we get to the ranch, I’m going to hook you up really high from that rope binding your breasts. You’ll get a kick out of that!”

That’s right bastard, Vampirella thought, you just carry on talking like that. She reached down passed her thighs and tried to untie her ankles. It took a bit of work, especially with the vehicle bouncing up and down, but finally, she succeeded in untying the knot. She uncoiled the rope from around her ankles.

Next Vampirella reached behind her lower back for the buckle of the leather strap holding her to the trunk. It was not easy, especially with the lid of the trunk giving her very little room to work with. It took a little work, but she finally managed it. When the straps parted, she could lift up her butt a little, and this allowed her to untie the knot tying off the rope binding her neck to her knees. Finally, she could lift up her neck. This allowed her to lean down, and slip back a little, out from under the bond of the leather straps that had been over her shoulder blades. With that, she had only to break free from the trunk.

Just then, the vehicle came to a complete stop. Vampirella heard a door slamming outside the trunk, and muffled footsteps. A latch was thrown behind her, and something dragged out of the vehicle behind her, and dropped onto the ground. Then the trunk was pulled back on its wheels. It slid down a ramp of some sort and came to a stop. The latch shutting the box was pulled back, and the lid opened.

Vampirella rose out of the box like an angel of vengeance. She turned towards her captor. The man was no longer masked. In the instant before she leapt at him, she saw that he had flowing blonde hair. He was slightly shorter than she was in her heels, but he looked powerfully built in his white T-shirt and jeans. He was wearing a white cow-boy hat and a pair of shades that hid his eyes. What she did not notice, however, was that he had a small black box in his right hand. As Vampirella leapt off her feet, the man pressed a button the black box. The dildo and the anal plug in her suddenly started to vibrate. The vibrations were so violent that they sent shock waves through her body. She fell on the ground at the man’s feet, her limbs suddenly weakened as the huge monsters within her did their work. The man took advantage of her distraction. He took a coil of lasso made of thick rope he was holding in his left hand and uncoiled it.

The rope had a running noose at one end, and he skillfully threw the noose around Vampirella’s swan-like neck. He pulled it violently, yanking her head back cruelly. He quickly jumped on top of the woman’s body before she could get up, driving a knee into the small of her back, and tugged back the rope, tightening the noose further around her neck. He lifted up both her arms, pinning her body into the ground, and crossed her wrists behind the small of her back. The man wrapped the thick rope twice around her wrists, and tied it off. Vampirella writhed under him, both from the vibrating monsters in her, and from her struggle to be free. He shifted his body and sat down onto her long thighs, pinning them between his own thighs. He lifted up her ankles until her heels were pointing up. He used the end of the rope to bind the ankles together. He got up off her, leaving her in a very severe hog-tie. If she tried to lower her ankles, or pull on the rope around her wrists, the noose around her neck tightens its grip on her neck, strangling her.

“I had a hunch you would try something like that,” the man said as he got off Vampirella, “Luckily I took some precautions. How do you like the toys? I had the motors specially made to give extra strong vibrations.”

The man went over to a truck parked behind them. This was the vehicle he had transported the abducted Vampirella on. He took two lengths of heavy chains - those used to tow trucks - from the flatbed of the truck. Both had shackles fitted to the ends.

“Glad to see that I haven’t lost my touch,” the man said as he walked back to where Vampirella was squirming on the ground, “I was rodeo champion three years in a row, and can floor and bind a calf in half a minute flat. Now, let’s get you into something more secure.”

The man dropped the chains on the ground next to the bound vampiress. He took one of the chains and wrapped one end around her throat, just below the noose. He secured the loop in place with one of the shackles. He then lifted up her elbows. This placed a stranglehold on Vampirella’s throat and at the same time placed a painful lock on her shoulder joints. She could not resist what he was about to do. He wrapped the other end of the chain twice around her wrists, next to the rope binding them, and used the shackle on that end to secure the chain. He let go of her elbows, and easing the stranglehold.

Next, the man took the other chain, and turned to Vampirella’s legs. Lifting up the rope and shouldering it, he sat down onto her thighs again, clipping them between his legs. Once again, he placed a strangle hold on her throat which quell any resistance. He then lifted up her legs. She co-operated as this meant a relief in the tension around her throat. He wrapped the second chain several times around her thighs - just above her knees - until he could secure the ends together with the shackles. This bound her thighs tightly together. This also served to squeeze the monster toys inside of her deeper into her crevices, increasing her discomfort. Finally, the man got off the shapely body of Vampirella, and untied the rope from her ankles and her wrists, but left the lasso coiled around her throat. She remained firmly bound, this time by thick chains.

When the man pulled on the other end of the lasso and the noose tightened around Vampirella’s neck. He pulled on the lasso like a leash. The vampiress had no choice but to try to get up. The chains binding her hindered her movement, but the constricting rope around her neck forced her to obey. Slowly and unsteadily, she got onto her feet. She found that the chain binding her wrists to her throat were so short that it forced her to thrust out her breasts. The man smiled at this effect, especially at the way her breasts wiggled as she struggled to get up. She gave him a baleful stare.

“Still feisty I see?” The man said as he walked up to Vampirella, “I believe that we shall have to correct that kind of attitude right now. And I believe I know just the way to do it.”

The man tugged on the leash and pulled Vampirella away from the truck towards some structures nearby. She saw that it was an abandoned, run-down house situated right next to an equally ancient looking corral. Both were constructed of wood, which had long since been bleached to a sick gray. But whereas the house looked as it would fall over any time, the corral still looked solid, with all of its posts and railings all intact. The entrance to the corral had a wooden gantry over it from which a sign had been suspended. A wooden swing gate was shut across it. A single fit looking horse was inside the corral, staring at the strange things happening nearby.

The man dragged Vampirella to one of the two posts of the gantry. It had a large iron nail driven into it at face level, and bent to form a hook. He threw one end of the leash over the top of the gantry, and pulled on it. Vampirella was forced to raise herself on tiptoes to prevent herself from strangling. The man took this opportunity, and took hold of the rope binding her breasts, at the point where the rope crisscrosses the front of her chest, and slipping it over the hook. He then released both ropes, allowing the full weight of Vampirella’s body to be taken up by her chest ropes. This caused great agony in her breasts.

The man turned and walked back towards the truck. Vampirella turned her head to follow him with her hate filled eyes. Her blood turned cold when she saw him took a cat-o-nail tails from the back of the truck and came back towards her. He knew she was watching, for he flaunted the leather-braided instrument with relish for her benefit.

“This is what a slave gets for disobeying her master.” The man said as he walked up to her. With an expert blow, he landed a blow neatly on her right buttocks. The nine braided tentacles of the whip slashed into her skin, leaving welts in the smooth skin. She moaned into her gag despite herself. Satisfied with the response, the man assaulted her left buttocks, leaving more welts. She moaned again despite her best effect to suppress it.

The man took off his hat and then his T-shirt. The sun was beating down on the scene as he put his hat back on. As he struck out again, the solid muscles in his upper body rippled as he put his weight behind the blow. This time, he aimed for her upper back, just above her bound wrists. Vampirella did not make a sound this time, but her body twisted with the blow. The man followed it up by another blow on the back, this time higher. With methodical thoroughness, he worked his way round to her side, hitting the side of her right arm with the whip, allowing the tips of the whip to swing round and strike her breasts, once on each side. She nearly cried out again, as some of the tentacles landed onto her nipples. The man was clearly an expert with the whip. He worked his way down now, landing blows to the outsides of her thighs, before working his way up again, following the previous pattern of buttocks, backs, arms and breasts, and then her thighs. He repeated the cycle five times before he stopped. By then, the bound vampiress was slumped in her bonds, perspiration and welts covering her perfect body. The man walked up to her and pulled her head back.

“Had enough?” the man asked. He let her head dropped back, took off his hat and put back his T-shirt.

Vampirella nodded reluctantly. She could take no more. The man lifted her up and off the iron nail suspending her. He turned her around and smiled at the welts left on the outsides of her breasts. He then pulled down the lasso from the gantry, and tied the rope to a railing of the corral.

“Stay here.” The man commanded. He went back to truck and came back hauling a saddle and riding bit. He placed the saddle and bit on the railing to which Vampirella had been leashed. He opened the gate, took the saddle and bit off the railing, and walked into the corral, up to the horse. The horse seemed happy to see the man. The man patted it on the side of its neck and whispered something to its ear. He then placed the saddle and bit onto the horse. The man led the horse out of the corral by its bridle. He got onto the horse, and rode it up to the vampiress. He undid the leash and gave the horse a light kick in its flank. As the horse started to move, he tied the other end of the lasso off on the horn of the saddle. Vampirella felt the tug on her leash and the noose tighten around her throat.

“From here onwards, the trail will be impassable by even a four-wheel drive.” The man said as he rode off, dragging Vampirella behind him, “In case you are wondering, this is what they call the Badlands. There’s absolutely nothing her but desert, rock and shrubs. No gold, no water, nothing. No one ever comes out here anymore. This place used to be a minor stop for cowboys driving stocks west to the pacific. But it has been used for eighty years. There’s not a soul here to help you.”

As Vampirella looked around her, she noted with despair that the man had not lied. The corral was situated in the middle of a narrow valley flanked by steep rocky hills on either side. There were no roads within sight. Judging from the position of the truck, they had probably came from the wider mouth of the valley by truck. The man was now leading her towards the other end of the valley, where it becomes steadily narrower. As they approached the mouth, the man turned the horse to the right and up a trail leading to a cut in the hill. Through the cut, they entered a maze like series of narrow trails cut through the rocks of the hill, with the rock rising high above them on either side.

It would have been a beautiful sight if Vampirella had not been in such distress. Apart from the humiliation of her defeat and capture, her boots were not designed for walking over such harsh terrain. Her high heels were soon causing her feet to hurt. The chains binding her legs did not help. She was effectively hobbled and could only take many small steps to catch up, urged on by the chokehold of the lasso around her neck. On top of all that, the ropes binding her breasts and crotch were all still in place, with the dildo and anal plug still buzzing away in her. The ropes chaffed her skin as she moved, and although she was used to the powerful vibrations in her now, their size and motion still caused her considerable distress. Finally, her heavy exposed breasts - unrestrained by the front strips of her costume - bounced heavily up and down against her chest, adding to the discomfort.

The pair traveled for several hours, not stopping even once. Vampirella stumbled once or twice, but was determined to keep up as best as she could. Although the vibrators inside her had stopped after a few hours, their sheer size continued to make her very uncomfortable. The chains seem to grind themselves into her soft flesh and seemed to get heavier by the minute. She refused to allow him the pleasure of seeing her being weakened by the journey. Nonetheless, when they reached a sinkhole hewed out of solid rock by nature, and stopped, she sank to her knees gratefully, completely exhausted by the trip.

The man jumped off the horse and walked up to Vampirella. She looked up at him, unable to hide the look of exhaustion in her face. The man smiled, and tugged on her leash again, forcing her to get onto her feet.

“And now, my dear Vampirella, since you have been so disobedient, I must regretfully use some pretty harsh means to soften you up.” The man said, as he undid the leash from the horn of the saddle. He then pulled on Vampirella’s leash, and brought her towards an overhang jutting out from the wall of the sinkhole. An iron ring had been secured into the hard rock face of the tip of the overhang by a thick iron staple. A length of chain had been passed through the ring, and hung from it, the two ends dangling off the ground. One end of the chain had a snap hook fitted to it.

The man Vampirella to a point under the outcrop, and kicked her knees in, causing her to fall heavily to the ground on her knees. She grimaced with pain. The man took the snap hook and snapped the hook to shackle securing the chain around her wrists. He took the other end of the rope and pulled on it. This raised Vampirella’s arms up into the air. At the same time, it tilted her body forward. The stress on her shoulders was excruciating, and she had to raise her body as well as she could to relieve the stress. The man stopped only when her arms were pointing straight up into the air, and secured the end of the chain to an iron spike driven into the ground behind her with a shackle. This position also forced Vampirella’s butt up away from her ankles. It was a most uncomfortable position.

The man took out a knife from his belt, and cut the rope binding Vampirella’s breasts. It did not bring her the relief that she craved at first, for when blood circulation returned to her breasts, she felt like a million pins had pricked into her flesh there. The man then cut her crotch rope, and let it fall onto the ground.

“Now, let’s get rid of these.” The man said as he took the base of the anal plug and the dildo in his hand, and pulled both out simultaneously.

Vampirella’s butt bucked up at the pain of the rough withdrawals. She could not restrained herself from screaming into her gag. The man laughed at this reaction. Throwing the two objects down next to her.

“Well, now, it sure seems like a waste to let such nicely prepared holes go to waste, isn’t it?” the man said casually. Vampirella heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled behind her, followed by the sound of a zip being undone. She realized what was about to happen, and she started to squirm, determined not to let the man have his way with her. But it was futile. Her position made it impossible to resist his intention. It only succeeded in moving her butt erotically in front of the man’s face. The man laughed again as he took out his penis, which was hardening nicely into a large firm rod.

“After so many hours with that monster dildo in you, I don’t think your vagina would be much fun,” the man said teasingly as he knelt down behind Vampirella, “I think I’m going to go for your ass hole.”

Vampirella felt a finger touched her asshole there.

“It’s still nicely lubricated. That’s good.” The man said. The next thing Vampirella knew, she felt a hot stiff object enter her rear. She raised her head and screamed into her gag. While she was not a virgin, Vampirella had never been raped before, much less raped in the anus. As the man’s penis entered her, forcing her asshole open, the physical pain was intense, but the mental torture was even greater. She shook her head, flinging her head from side to side as the man moved his penis rhythmically back and forth in her asshole, shocking her to the core. The man only stopped when at last he ejaculated into her rectum. As the man withdrew his limp penis, leaving her asshole gaping, the sperm leaked out and trickled down her crotch. Vampirella dropped her head in exhaustion and humiliation.

“Well, I hope that was as good for me as it was for you.” The man said as he got up and zipped up his pants, “You might as well enjoy your sun tan. It’s only two in the afternoon now. There’s still four hours of sun left. I will be back when the sun is down.”

The man turned towards away from Vampirella and mounted his horse. As he rode away, his evil laughter echoed throughout the sinkhole. She was left alone in her position, exposed to the sun.

Chapter 3


The man had lied. He did not come back when the sun went down. A sun tortured Vampirella waited in vain for his return as thirst wracked her body. She had to spend a chilly desert night in the open. While in the day her breasts and crotch had been exposed to the merciless sun, at night, they were exposed to the equally heartless chill. Although she was much hardier than the average human, the torment of extreme heat and cold still weakened her body, already enfeebled from her physical and psychological ordeal. The cold and her cruel bondage position also prevented her from resting much.

When at last the man turned up shortly after sunrise, Vampirella’s body was extremely uncomfortable, aching at a hundred places. She was almost happy to see him, despite her hatred for him. The man knelt down, and pulled her hair forward. He undid the leather collar holding the ball gag in her mouth, and removed the gag. She could close her jaws for the first time since her capture. The man came round to her front, carefully not to be within range of her teeth. He held something up to her face in the palm of his hand. It was a ring, about three inches across, hinged at one point, with a latch at a point opposite.

“I want to hear you scream when I put this on you.” The man said, showing her an instrument in his other hand. Vampirella recognized it as a puncture gun, the sort used to puncture holes in ears for earrings. She understood, of course, that it could also be used for other parts of the body. She did not want to speculate as to which part he was going for.

The man went round to Vampirella’s back. She felt a sudden coolness around the region of her vagina lips. She shuddered at what was about to come as she felt her vagina lips pulled back. Suddenly a pain shot through her system, despite the alcohol applied to the lips. Her body shook from the pain, and she screamed involuntarily. She reared back and then slumped forward. The man chuckled as he opened the ring, unhinged it. He had made a hole in each of her vagina lip. He slipped the ring through both holes, and closed it.

“How do you like the vulva ring?” the man queried.

“Fuck you.” Vampirella murmured. The man tugged the ring. It brought the desired reaction from the vampiress as she reared up in pain again.

“That should teach you to hold your tongue.” The man said. Vampirella looked up sullenly at him but said nothing. The man smiled and noted this improvement in her attitude. He took a thick leather collar and wrapped it around her throat, and buckled it tightly in place. The collar had a large D-ring in front, and a mysterious black box behind. The face of the box rested against her spine. He then went behind her and undid the snap hook holding her up, dumping her unceremoniously on the ground. She groaned and turned her body, secretly glad that she could stretch her legs and lower her arms.

The man let the chain run freely through the iron ring until it gathered in a pile on the ground. Taking the chain - still secured to the spike on the ground, he secured the snap hook to her vulva ring. The heavy weight of the chain and snap hook dragged on the ring, bringing Vampirella some discomfort. She knew that she could not move too much too quickly.

The man stepped away from Vampirella. He went back to the horse, and came back with a plastic water bottle and a metal bowl. It was made of clear plastic, and she could see the viscous red liquid inside. Instantly, she knew what it was. Blood. The man placed the metal bowl a few paces from her, and poured the liquid into the bowl. The smell hit the vampiress almost immediately, and she suddenly realized that she was hungry. Her imprisonment and torture had weakened her body. She needed more blood to strengthen her.

“Come and get it.” The man said, laughing. Vampirella debated for a moment whether to defy the man by refusing to take the food given by him. But she realized that it would be self-defeating in the end. She wriggled in the sand towards the bowl, dragging the chain hooked to her vulva ring. Then she realized a cruel fact - the chain hooked to her vulva ring and secured to the iron spike behind her was too short. She was brought up short by mere inches from the nourishing liquid in the bowl. She looked up in anguish at the man.

“Why?” Vampirella asked.

“Because someone paid me a very large sum of money to capture you and to break you.” The man said, “I must say, you have made yourself a very powerful and rich enemy. He must really hate you to want me to do all the things I’m about to do to you.”

The man turned towards his horse, and once more rode away laughing. He was clearly enjoying himself.

Vampirella was placed in a barbaric dilemma. In order to feed and satiate herself, she had to get to the blood. But that meant pulling on the chain. She knew that if she pull hard enough, the flesh of her vagina lips around the ring would probably break. It would be painful. And it would be self-mutilating. The viciousness of her captor shocked her.

As Vampirella lay there agonizing, the decision was taken away from her. A vulture swooped down, probably drawn by the scent of the blood and landed on the lip of the bowl. This upset the bowl, and the warm nourishing liquid poured into the desert sand. She screamed in agony, an animal scream that chased away the vulture.

However, more of the birds soon reappeared, brought to the area by the obviously distressed Vampirella. They circled the prostate vampiress, not quite sure what to make of her. Finally, a bolder one swooped down, and landed near her. It padded cautiously up to her, and lowered its neck to peck her. That was the last act it ever did. Vampirella struck out and bit down savagely on its neck. The bird cried out in terror as she sank her canine teeth in and began sucking on its blood. She finally let it go when it was drained. It was not enough, but it was better than nothing.

The man left Vampirella in the sun again for a whole day. At least she could crawl around a bit to seek shelter. In the morning, the shadow cast by the overhang could shelter her, but in the afternoon, there was no shelter within the radius of the chain. She had to endure the heat as best as she could.

The man finally returned in the evening. He saw with a glance the carcass of the vulture, already shredded and picked over by its fellow kind, and surmised what had occurred.

“I see that you are more resourceful than I had expected.” The man said as Vampirella got to her feet. Her lips were covered with dried blood, and her eyes were fierce. The man got off his horse and walked up to her. She took a step forward, and suddenly an electric shock ran through her spine. She fell onto her knees just in front of him, not understanding what had happened.

“Another precaution on my part. The little black box on your collar is like a stun gun, discharging electric shocks through two teeth in your collar. It’ll scramble your nerve system and stun you for a while.” The man took a mask and went to her back. He pulled her hair to force her head back and placed the mask over her jaws. The mask covered her nose and mouth neatly. The man dropped her head forward, and buckled the mask behind the back of her head. The mask did not gag her, but it did prevent her from biting. It also had a series of holes in the front over her nose and mouth, large enough for her to breathe freely but not large enough for her to bite through them.

“This should keep your jaws out of my neck for the time being.” The man said mockingly. He unsnapped the chain from her vulva chain, and snapped a leash onto Vampirella’s collar, and pulled on it. She got up onto her legs with difficulty, her muscles still disobedient so soon after the administration of electric shock. The man got onto his horse, and tied the other end of the leash to the horn of the saddle.

Once again, Vampirella was forced marched over a long distance, the difference this time being that it took place mostly in the cool of the evening, and the man seem to set a slower pace. But the journey was nonetheless challenging as the vulva ring was twisted this way and that by the motion of her hobbled walk. This brought much distress to the vampiress.

It was very dark by the time they got back to the corral. Vampirella could see clearly in the darkness, but the moon was so bright that it was not an advantage. The man did not need a light to see where he was going. When they reached the corral, the man got off his horse, tied it to the fence of the corral, and led Vampirella up to the fence. She saw that a thick hemp rope had been tied to a upper railing of the corral. It was tied at its center with two long free ends.

The man pushed Vampirella against the rope and took one free end. He passed the rope under her right arm, across her chest and under her left breast. He passed the rope around her back under her left arm, and pulled it around her back. He pulled it under her right breast, across he chest, over her left breast and under her left arm. Then he pulled tight on the rope, lifting her up on her tiptoes as the rope tightened around her. He tied the rope off.

The man then bent down and lifted up Vampirella’s legs. This left her body weight supported entirely by the rope around her breasts. The rope instantly constricted around her ample assets, applying pressure to them again. Vampirella moaned into her mask. The man climbed up the railing and lifted her legs up until her knees almost touched her face. He took the other free end of the rope, lifted it up and tied her ankles together with it. He got off the railing and looked at his handiwork.

Vampirella was bent over in the opposite direction, with her feet pointing to the air. This exposed her vulva to his whim, which he took advantage of. He walked up to Vampirella and undid the vulva ring and laid it carefully aside. He then took off his pants and exposed his cock, which was stiffening up. This time, Vampirella could witness her own rape as the man made sure that she saw his penis as he walked up to her.

“No!” Vampirella said, shaking her head, “Please!” Ignoring her, the man parted her vagina lips, and placed started to toy with her clitoris with his right thumb. With his left hand, he reached around her thighs, and began to fondle her right breasts. He played with her until she could feel her body reacting. She could not understand how he had managed to make her body betray her like this, but the man was causing her to juice in her vagina.

The man tasted her vagina with a finger. Satisfied with its wetness, he inserted the tip of his penis into the mouth of her vagina. The height at which she was suspended was just nice for him to remain standing comfortably as he rammed it forward.


Vampirella’s scream carried into the night as the man moved his manhood to and fro, jerking her body vigorously. She felt the warm hard flesh slid up and down her passage, rubbing against her walls. Then, she felt the man climaxed within her and ejaculated. But the man had climaxed too early for her, and she had not been brought to a similar state of orgasm. As the man withdrew from her, she felt a sudden reluctance to have him stop. She wanted him to complete his work, and bring her to a climax. But she kept her mouth shut, her pride too much for her to beg, as the man took the vulva ring and put it back in its place.

The man turned to his horse, and came back with something he took from the saddlebag. He held it up so the raven tress vampiress could see what it was. It was a conical anal plug, similar to the kind that had filled her asshole when she was first captured, except that this one had a knob in its base. He lubricated it liberally from a tube, and went up to Vampirella and inserted it into her hole. Then, he twisted the knob in the base. Immediately, the plug came to live with a steady and strong vibration. Her body began to convulse.

“I thought I should leave you with a little toy to amuse yourself through the night.” The man said as he turned to unsaddle and unbridle his horse.

Vampirella could feel the strong pulsation of the plug vibrate through her crotch. The vibration was strong enough to effect her sex organs, simulating them. Yet, because the plug was not directly in her vagina, it only aroused her without causing her to climax. It was the same kind of tantalizing experience that the man had given her without satisfying her aroused needs. It was another fiendishly clever instrument designed to torment her. But no matter how much she moaned and writhed in her bonds, the man ignored her, continuing to tend to his horse.

At last, Vampirella could stand it no longer, and she called out, “Please, don’t leave me like this ... I ... I have to cum.”

Almost immediately after Vampirella said it, she felt the hot flash of shame flood her cheeks. She could not believed that she had lowered herself to such a level as to beg to be raped again. Worse, the man only laughed but did nothing. She had humiliated herself for nothing. Her punishment was to continue to suffer the emptiness in her. The man finished his business, closed the gate to the corral, and went to the house, leaving his captive to spend yet another night in stressful bondage.

Chapter 4


Vampirella had fallen into an exhausted sleep despite her painful position and the buzzing plug in her anus. The man emerged from the house in the morning, released her from her bonds and took out her anal plug. She slumped to the floor, completely drained of energy, weak from her ordeal and the lack of nourishment. She looked up at her captor, filled with hopelessness, waiting to see what he had planned for her next.

“I think it’s time you help out around here.” The man said, clipping a leash to her collar and pulling her up to her feet. He led her around to the other side of the corral. Vampirella saw a long trough made from cut steel barrels there, inserted through the fence of the corral, with one end inside the enclosure. It was slightly tilted towards the end on the inside, and that end was partly filled with water. The other end had a pipe to its bottom. This pipe was in turn connected to the base of a curious looking machine. The machine had a rusty iron bottom driven into the ground. Over the base was a round metal cylinder. The cylinder had a pipe wielded across it at its center. A long wooden pole was slotted through the pipe.

“This is an Archimedes screw,” the man informed Vampirella as he led her up to the pole, “It’s used to draw water from the water table deep below the ground. It’s the only source of water here for this corral. The cowboys would use a mule to push this pole round and round. This drives a screw which draws the water up from below. The water will come up here through the pipe into the trough. It’s a neat arrangement, except, of course, we have no mule. Which is where you come in.”

The man smiled as he said this. Vampirella understood what he meant. She was to be used as a beast of burden. She was pushed against the pole. It came up to a level just below her breasts, which somehow did not surprise her. The man took a piece of hemp rope and wrapped it around her arms, crossed its two ends in front of the wooden pole, up between her breasts, and then passed one end over each breast. He crossed the rope behind her back, and passed the two ends around to her front again, reversing the route he had taken previously until he tied the rope off behind her back. He used the remaining free ends of the rope to bind the two other strands of the rope crossing her back together. This had the effect of constricting the rope around her breasts. This lashed securely to the pole. Then the man stood back and slapped Vampirella in her right buttocks. This propelled her forward.

For a moment, Vampirella wondered if she should put up some display of defiance, but before she could decide, she heard the crack of a whip. In the next instant, she felt the sting of a whip on her buttocks.

“Move your lazy ass!” the man roared. Vampirella looked back and saw that he was carrying a bullwhip in his hand. He was flicking back his arm to deliver a second blow. She did not wait for it, but began to push against the pole. The machine resisted at first, but with a rusty grind began to turn. Nothing happened for a while as she pushed the pole under her breasts and walked in circles around the machine, turning it. Once in a while, the man - who had taken a seat on top of the fence of the corral - would crack his whip to encourage her to keep moving. His aim was good, hitting her squarely in her buttocks, in one of her breasts, then the next, adding more red welts to those already present from her earlier whipping.

The sun beat down onto Vampirella as she pushed. Perspiration covered her lithe body. She felt weak from the heat and hunger, but she could not stop for the moment she slowed down, the man hit her with the whip. It was made of braided leather, and the pain it caused was great. The high heel boots that she wore ground into her feet, adding to the agony. After a while, she began to wonder if there was any water at all. Perhaps the man had set her on this cruel and futile task to further break her down. If this was his intention, she knew that he was succeeding for she could feel her body’s strength ebbing away from her and with it her will.

Then suddenly, Vampirella heard water bubbling up from the pipe into the trough.

“Don’t stop, bitch!” the man roared, hitting her in her left breasts. She grimaced, and continued in her circular path. She looked ahead of her, concentrating on putting one foot ahead of the other, trying to keep out all the pains and aches throughout her body. The rope lashing her to the pole was tight, squeezing her breasts. As she moved, they twisted against the rope and pole, chaffing the tender skin there. The vulva ring between her thighs also caused her much grief as she walked.

Water continued to bubble up the pipe as Vampirella continued with her labor under the merciless supervision of the man until the trough was almost filled. Only then did the man allowed her to stop and unlashed her from the pole. He took her leash once more and led her through the gates of the corral into the enclosure. He led her towards the trough.

Vampirella saw that a rough sort of trestle had been set up next to the trough. It was constructed from four thick wooden poles that had been driven deep into the ground to form the legs. Two pairs were crossed about three feet apart, with another wooden pole connecting them to form the back of the trestle. Unlike the wood of the corral and the house, this wood was fresh and strong looking, being at least four inches in diameter. The poles were held to one another with tightly bound hemp ropes. She saw two thick leather belts nailed to each of the four legs of the trestles, one at thigh level, and the other at ankle level. An iron ring had been slipped over one end of the back, held in place by a large iron nail. The man pushed her towards the trestle.

A table had been placed next to it with several objects arranged on it, but before Vampirella could take a close look, the man pushed her against the back pair of legs of the trestle. He bent her body down onto the back of the trestle by lifting her arms up, pinning her down against the rough wood. Her chin rested just over the end of the pole where the iron ring was. She saw that the iron ring had been threaded through a large snap hook. The man took the snap hook and secured it to the D-ring in front of her leather collar. This held her body down over the back of the trestle.

The man then moved her left ankle to the outside of the rear left leg. This was difficult for her with her thighs still bound together, but the man was not deterred by considerations such as this. He strapped her ankle in place with one of the belt. He then turned to her right ankle. He pushed it towards the other leg. Vampirella had to twist her body slightly to allow it to reach that far. He strapped the ankle in place as well. It was only when she was thus secured that he took off the chain binding her thighs together. With her ankles firmly strapped to the legs of the trestle, there was little danger of her striking out at her captor.

Once Vampirella was secured, the man knelt down, pulled her breasts -using her nipples - and arrange them so that they fall neatly on either side of the back of the trestle, their ripe shapes hanging like melons below her.

When this was done, the man bent down, and unzipped her thigh high boots, unzipping the long zips along her inner leg. He then strapped her bare thighs to the legs of the trestle. Then, kneeling down, he unfettered her right ankle and took off her right boot before securing that ankle again. He did the same thing with her other boot.

Flinging the boots aside, the man undid her vulva ring and put it inside his pocket. He went over to the table. Vampirella followed him with her eyes. He took up two items. One was a ladle. The other was a sponge. He scooped water from the trough and poured water over her bound body. The water was surprisingly cool. She shivered slightly as the water dripped over her back. The man kept ladling water and pouring it over her until her whole body was wet. He dipped the sponge into the water and soaked it, then rubbed it all over her body, especially under her costume and her bound wrists.

The man then took a bottle of liquid soap and poured liberal amounts onto the sponge. He lathered the soap until it was thick and foamy. He began to rub soap onto Vampirella’s body. He began with her face first, as he wiped her face vigorously with the sponge, almost choking the vampiress. He then soaped her hair, and pulling the long strands along her back. He let the hair down to the left of her neck, and began to soap her back. Then he bent down, and began to soap the front of her body. He rubbed each of her breasts gently with the rough sponge. As he did so, he played with them with his soapy hands. Vampirella winced when the sponge went over the welts left on them by the whips.

Next, the man stood up and went behind her. He placed the sponge over her crouch and began to scour her private parts with the sponge, inserting a corner of the sponge through her vagina lips to cleanse the inside. When the sponge rubbed over Vampirella’s vulva, she let out a cry they had become quite sensitive as a result of the piercing there. He then moved on to her asshole, inserting a finger into the orifice for good measure.

The man completed his soaping by running the sponge down each of Vampirella’s legs. When he was done, he let the sponge drop on the floor, picked up the ladle again, and poured water all over her until the last traces of soap had been washed off her. When she was finally clean, he toweled her down, not neglecting to molest her once more at her breasts and private parts. “I hope you enjoyed that, slave.” Richie said. Vampirella scowled at him, but in truth, the wash had brought her much relief. Her body had become very sticky from all the perspiration and dirt accumulating on her body through her prolonged imprisonment.

“Now, it’s time to start dressing you for your training.” The man said. He took two objects and walked round to the front of Vampirella. They were thigh high boots of thin and highly polished black leather. But unlike her boots, these did not have stilletto heels. The general shapes of high heel boots were preserved, but the soles were single pieces of rubber of increasing thickness towards the rear. The heights of the back of the heels were three inches. Also, instead of zips, the boots had long lacing that ran up the outside of the legs. There were also D-rings fitted to the leggings, at the ankle, the calf and the thigh, on the inward side of the legs. He turned the boots so she could see the soles. They had large round tips, to which was fitted iron horse shoes.

“Yes my dear slave, these are pony boots. I’m going to turn you into a pony slave!” the man said, laughing.

“Bastard!” Vampirella wanted to curse as the man walked behind her, but she held her tongue. Standing against her buttocks with his to her, and he bent down and released her right ankle. He lifted the ankle back with the palm of their hands, like an iron smith would lift the rear leg of a horse when he was fitting an iron shoe. He slipped the boot onto her right foot. Clipping her lower leg between his own, he laced up the boot. It took him some time to lace the boot up to her right knee.

The man then lowered her ankle and strapped it back against the trestle leg. He undid the belt around her right thigh, and continued the process of lacing up her boots. He finished at the top which reached nearly to her crotch. He tied off the lace in a dead knot, cut the excessive material, then replaced the straps binding her thigh. The man repeated the whole laborious process with the other leg until Vampirella was wearing the pair of pony boots.

Next the man took a belt and buckled it around her waist. It was a made out of two iron rings joined by three leather straps. Two of the straps buckled up behind her back. When the belt was buckled around her waist, each of the iron rings rested slightly behind each of her hips. An additional leather strap swung from each of the rings. This strap has a buckle at its end. Each of the boots also had an additional leather strap attached to its top, on the outside of the thighs, just behind the lacing. The strap had eyelets pierced in a neat row in them. This strap mated up neatly with the strap suspended from the iron ring above. The man buckled both sets of straps together. Now, the boot tops were suspended from the belt. To complete the ensemble, the man took a short leather strap with snap hooks on both ends, and connected the two boots together, at a point just above her knees. Once this was done, the man released Vampirella from the trestle.

Vampirella got up carefully. The boots did not feel uncomfortable at first. But as she backed off a few steps, she found the boots awkward as a result of its heavy soles. When the man led her by her leash around the inside of the corral, she found that the strap linking her boots further restricted her movement, reducing her gait to an unsteady trot. They passed the horse, which looked at her in a bemused manner.

“A bit awkward, but you’ll get use to it. Now, to complete your costume for the time being.” The man said as he led her back to the trestle, he secured her to the trestle as before. He went to the table and took yet another anal plug. The unique feature of this one was a large plume of black horse hair cascading from the center of its base. He lubricated it. He came back to her, and shoved it into her asshole unceremoniously. The pain caused her to suck in her breath.

After completing his task, he slapped Vampirella playfully in her rump before going to the house. He soon returned with a familiar looking bottle filled with thick red liquid.

“Well, since you have been such a good pony today, I think you deserve a little reward.” The man said as he came up to her. There was a straw inserted into the bottle. He slipped the tip of the straw through a hole in her mask that rested just in front of her lips. She took the straw between her lips and sucked gratefully. It was not human blood. It tasted more like pig’s blood. It was a poor substitute, but it was blood. She drained the bottle completely.

“Excellent.” The man said. He went round to Vampirella’s back. She heard the familiar sound of his zip being undone. The man lifted up the plume of horse hair covering her vulva, and raped her again. This time, she hardly whimpered as the man filled her. And this time, she was allowed to climax.

Chapter 5


Over the next few days, Vampirella drew water into the trough, lashed in the same way to the pole. She was now wearing her pony boots. Within the first two days, she had become accustomed to their limitations, and could move quite nimbly with them. Indeed, they were easier to walk with, given their broader soles. The man had also removed the hateful vulva ring, which helped a lot.

When that task was done, the man would bring Vampirella into the corral. He would let her run around in the corral. She would run in the direction he ordered her to. If she was slow or seemed to be disobedient, he would enforce his will with his bullwhip. But in truth, her resistance had melted away with each passing day as the routine of hard labor, rape and feeding sank in.

Vampirella no long disobeyed or defied him on purpose, but instead seek to obey his command as best as she could. She had long gotten past the stage where she would resist for the sake of resisting. It was a futile gesture that would only earn her the wrath of the man. Aside from the whip, she was also afraid that he would not feed her at the end of the day. There was another reason which she still would not admit to herself. She was afraid that he would not fill her at the end of the day, and leave her to spend the night empty. At the end of the day, if she had been obedient and done well, he would lead her back to the trestle and bind her to it. He no longer had to force her down. She opened her legs wide willingly and bent down on her own accord, for the man to enter her.

The man noted this progress with pleasure. Slavery was as much about will as about the body, mental subjugation as well as physical bondage. Vampirella had come to accept the man as master not only in the sense of having to obey his will or face punishment, but more importantly as the sole source of satiation of her appetites - both physical and sexual ones. It did not matter whether she knew this. It only mattered that sub-consciously, she had accepted this fact.

At the end of the sixth day, the man brought Vampirella back to the trestle and secured her neck and legs to the trestle. She saw that the table had some new objects laid out on them.

“I think you are now ready to move on to the next stage.” The man said as he unchained Vampirella’s wrists. She stretched her arms gratefully, the first time she could do so in days. She made no move to assault to man. There was no point as the man could retreat easily to outside striking distance, and she would surely be punished for it.

The man took a leather object and showed it to Vampirella. It looked like a mitt, except that it was shaped to hold a fist rather than an open hand. It also had a long sleeve with laces.

“Form a fist with your right hand.” The man ordered. Vampirella obeyed automatically. He slipped the sleeve over her fist until the end slipped over the fist. The sleeve went all the way up to her armpit. The sleeve had laces that ran from the wrist all the way up to the top, on the outward side of the arm. He tightened the laces, and tied it off at the top. He took a second mitt and put it on her left arm. The mitts had D-rings attached to them at two points, one at the elbow level, and the other at the wrist, on the inward side of the sleeve. The man took a short leather strap, roughly the same length as the breath of her back, and joined the two mitts at her elbows. He then took a double-ended bolt snap and secured the mitts together at the wrists. He then released her collar from the snap hook.

“Stand up.” He ordered. When Vampirella complied, he took the leather collar off her neck. He took another collar and encircled it around her neck. This collar was at least four inches thick, and it forced her to raise her head. The collar was buckled in place with two sets of buckles, one above the other.

“Comfy?” he inquired mockingly. Then he did something she had not expected. He took the front of her costume and ripped it forward savagely. She almost moved her arms to try to stop him, but her arms were bound together. Then she saw how absurd it was to try to stop him for this act. Her breasts and crotch had been constantly exposed since the day of her capture. Her costume had become irrelevant as physical cover. The stripping away of her costume had not exposed her any more than she already was. But as the man cut the material of her thong stretching over her two hips, she knew deep down inside that it was not merely the costume that was being stripped away from her. It was also her identity as Vampirella of which the costume was a big part. He was replacing that identity with one of his choosing. She was to become what he wanted her to be, and she had no choice in that matter. Nothing up to this point - not even her rapes, humiliations and tortures - reinforced her understanding of her situation as the act of stripping away her costume. As the man ripped the cut costume away from her and fling it casually aside, she knew that she was no longer Vampirella. She was the man’s pony slave.

The man moved her body back a little to clear her crotch away from the trestle. She saw why in a moment. He took up a black leather chastity belt, and strapped it around her waist, just above the belt with the iron rings. The leather belt buckled on her two sides. A thick strap ran down from the front and another from the back, the latter being longer than the former. The back strap had a leather tube sewn to the strap from which a thick plume of black pony hair emerged. The end of the strap had a row of eyelets that would mate up to the steel buckle at the end of the front strap.

The man pulled the back strap deep down between her buttocks, then tight over her vulva, before pulling it up and mated its end to the steel buckle in the front strap. He pulled up the strap through the buckle until it was tight before securing it. This left the plume of black pony hair squarely in the middle of her loin.

Next the man took up a black waist clincher. He wrapped this around Vampirella’s already narrow waist. It had lacing up the front. He laced it up tightly. The way her waist was encircled made her hips seem even more curvy and sexy. The waist clincher reached up from her hips to under her breasts.

The man unhooked the double-ended bolt snap linking her wrists. He guided her lower arms forward, and folded them under her naked breasts. He used a double-ended bolt snap to connect the right wrist of Vampirella to the iron ring behind her left hip, and another bolt snap to secure her left wrist to the iron ring behind her right hip. This kept her arms folded in front of her. The strap linking her elbows behind her back further restricted any movement. The man bent her down again, and secured her collar to the iron ring again.

“Now, for the centerpiece” the man said as he bent down behind the table to pick up something that he had hidden from her view all this while. He lowered it into Vampirella’s field of vision. She stared into the face of a helmet shaped like that of a pony. It was constructed from black molded leather, placed over a light steel frame. It was very realistic looking, right down to the patch of black hair at the top of the helmet, between two very life-like ears. Just behind the hair, there was circular opening. Further down, a slit ran down the entire back of the helmet. A series of leather straps with small eyelets in them ran down one side of the slit. Leather straps with small buckles ran down the other side. The bottom of the helmet ended in a thick collar, secured by two sets of thick buckled leather straps.

The muzzle stretched away from the top of the helmet, ending with the nose. Two holes had been pierced in the leather to resemble nostrils. Below the nose, the shape of a mouth had been formed by two pieces of leather stitched to simulate the jaws, but there was no actual opening where a mouth would be.

The man placed the helmet on the table and took up a comb. He combed her hair back, and away from her face and the side of her head. He tied her long raven tresses into four separate bundles using short strings, one on the top of her head, and the other three in a row down the back of her head. He took off the mask covering her face, and picked up the helmet.

The man brought the helmet in front of Vampirella’s face and pull the slit in its back wide open. She looked inside to see that there was a thick rubber bit running across the inside. As the man pulled the helmet over her head, he ordered, “Open your jaws and bit the big.”

Vampirella obeyed, opening her jaws to accept the rubber bit as it was forced in between her jaws. The man then secured the collar of the helmet behind her head. He took the top bundle of hair and fed it through the opening on the top of the helmet. He then arranged the other three bundles of hair through the slit, and began to buckle the small straps running along the side of the slit.

Vampirella felt the helmet gripped her head as the straps were tightened. When the man was done, he untied her hair, took a brush, and arranged her black hair until they fell back on the back of the helmet, and covered the leather straps. When this was done, all signs of leather straps were hidden, and it was almost as if her head had been replaced with that of a pony head, one with long black mane.

Vampirella found that there were two holes where the eyes of a horse should be, but some sort of black lenses had been fitted to the holes to simulate the eyes of a horse. Given the off-center position of the holes - more towards the sides of the helmet - her field of vision to the front was limited. If she wanted to look directly ahead, she had to lower her head slightly to push down the muzzle. The tainted lenses cut down her view even further.

She could not see through the “nostrils”, as a sort of lightweight fan had been fitted to the far end of the muzzle, allowing for air flow that cooled the inside of the helmet. The lining employed some sort of material that allowed her skin to breathe and perspire. Altogether, Vampirella must admire the high-tech set-up of the helmet.

“How do you like your new head?” said a disembodied voice to her right. Vampirella realized that the material just over her ears did not cut off all sound. It was thin enough for her to hear louder noises such as a command.

Vampirella felt the man undid the snap hook holding her collar to the trestle, and she stood up slowly. The heavy head took some getting use to. When the man released her fully from the trestle and led her away, it took her awhile to adjust to the added weight on her head and her limited field of vision. She was dependent on the man to guide her.

The man brought Vampirella to a point at the fence of the corral where he had set up a tall mirror. He placed her there, and let her see her own reflection. From what little she could see, she could not recognize herself at all. Her head was completely covered by the helmet, with her black hair forming the “mane” of the black pony head. Her long legs were entirely shrouded by her pony boots. A plume of black pony hair shot out from her loin. The effect was uncanny. She had never thought it was possible to transform anyone so completely into a caricature of a pony.

“Do you like what you see?” the man asked. Vampirella could honestly have told him that she did not know what to say.

“I know you could not open your jaws, but you could whinny without doing that. Give me a whinny now.” The man commanded. When Vampirella hesitated, he brought a riding crop down across her buttocks. Instantly, she let out a tolerable imitation of a horse whinny by blowing through her nose.

“Good.” The man said laughing, “Let’s go for a ride.”

Tying Vampirella’s leash to the fence of the corral, he fitted up his horse. When he was done, he led both her and the horse out of the corral. She caught the horse eyeing her in a bemused manner. It probably wondered what manner of creature she was, with her head like a pony but the body of a human. She was not sure if she knew herself. The man climbed onto the horse, and tied the leash to the horn of his saddle. Then, they set off in a trot.

The pace was moderate and Vampirella could keep up quite easily as the man rode through the area around the corral. She found her new head to be heavy but with good ventilation. She could breathe quite easily through it. The waist clincher restricted her breath more.

When both the horse and her worked up a good sweat, the man brought them back to the corral, where he watered them down from the trough after they had cooled down.

“Excellent, excellent,” the man said, clearly pleased at the day’s work. He looked at the tall woman standing before him as he poured water down her curvaceous body. She was truly a marvelous sight. It had taken him longer than most to wear down, but the efforts had been worth while. He could not help but fondle one of her breasts, and was met with the very gratifying response of a pleasured whinny.

“Get down onto the ground slave.” The man commanded as he loosened his pants. Vampirella got down onto her knees, sat back then laid back on the ground of the corral. He smiled at how compliant she had become when he saw her spread open her legs automatically without command. He undid the straps of the chastity belt covering her crotch.

“Since you have been such a good girl today, I’m going to reward you.” The man said, as he lowered his pants and sank down over her.

Chapter 6


Days turned into weeks at the corral as Vampirella settled down to her routine as a pony girl. In the morning, she was put to work drawing water. The day after her transformation, a new task had been added. She had been brought to another machine set up behind the house. This machine was a generator. Electricity was generated when a wheel at the top of the machine was turned. A pipe had been wielded to the top of the wheel, and a pole inserted through it - like the Archimedes Screw. Vampirella would be lashed to the pole, and she would turn the generator round and round. The electricity generated were stored in large car batteries behind the house.

In the afternoon, Vampirella would be brought out to exercise. At first, she had to follow the horse, leashed to the saddle. Then gradually, the man left the leash at the corral, and just let Vampirella ran alongside his horse. He noted how much she had progressed. She was an inherently fit woman, and she could maintain a very quick pace for a long time. She could even keep up when he galloped the horse a bit.

At the end of the day, Vampirella was led back to the corral, where she was leashed to fence and her ankles strapped together for the night. If she had performed all her tasks well - which she usually do - the man would feed her, then bend her over and fucked her.

Vampirella had not imagined that she would have adapted so well to being a pony slave. Compared to her previous life as a huntress and avenger, her pony slave life was uncomplicated and settled. She did not have to move from place to place, constantly seeking out monsters and villains to eliminate.

It was a life that had been devoid of satisfaction. Every monster or villain killed did not bring her closer to the end of her task. There were always more out there. New ones would replace old ones. And there was no one there to appreciate what she had done, no one there to reward her when she had done well, and no one there to comfort her when she was hurt. Indeed, to even those she seek to help, she was a monster - someone to be feared. She had not realized how tired she was of that kind of life. She had not realized how lonely she had become.

Here, in the corral, Vampirella only had to concentrate on the few tasks set for her. If she performed them well, she knew she would be rewarded. She would be fed, and she would be fucked. Above all, it was the fact that someone actually appreciated her that gave her the most comfort. It was clear to her that her captor enjoyed using her. After the initial violence of her capture and the first few days of breaking her, he had become almost tender. He had treated her like the way he treated his horse, with an amount of genuine affection. It was truly strange that she had wear a pony head and pony boots, and bound tightly, to become cherished by someone.

“How are we this morning?” the man asked, breaking Vampirella’s chain of thought. She whinnied in reply, one that indicated that she was happy to see him. She was, as the man had gone off the night before without using her. He had driven off in his truck, which he did on occasions, to get supplies from the nearest town or to run some other errands.

Vampirella got up off the ground as best as she could, with her ankles still strapped together. The man knelt down and undid the strap to free them. She shook her legs a few times to warm them up, and stretched her body as well as she could with her arms bound. She shook her head to loosen her mane, to tidy them, but also because she knew that the man loved to see her do that. He patted her on the side of her neck.

“Good, good. We are going to do something different this morning.” The man said. He showed her a strange looking object. It was curved like the shape of the letter J. It was covered with black leather. A thick belt was riveted to the part of the J just before it curved. The belt was secured with two buckles. Two straps ran from either side of the belt. She saw that each of the strap had a stirrup secured to the end. Two other belts - thinner ones with shoulder pads on them - ran from the top of the J. These had snap hooks at their ends that mated up to D-rings on the front of the belt. To complete the set-up, the curved portion of the J had a padded seat that looked like that of a bicycle.

“This is a J saddle, but it’s not meant for horses.” The man said. Vampirella instantly knew that it was meant for her. She grew excited that she was to be given a new task. The man buckled the thick belt around her waist, then pulled the two thinner belts over her shoulders. He pulled them down the front of her chest between her breasts, inserted them under her folded arms, and secured their snap hooks to the D-rings in front of her.

The man walked around her to see that the J saddle to make sure that it had been neatly installed. Then he walked round to her back. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he inserted his left foot into the left stirrup. Then he lifted himself up and swung himself into the seat.

Vampirella did not disappoint him. She was a strong woman, and could lift his weight easily. She had to move her body a little to balance herself when he got on, and then lean forward when he was seated, but she did not fall. She felt a bizarre sense of pride at this - at the fact that a man had successfully ridden her.

The man took out a coiled bridle that he had tucked under his belt. This had bolt snaps on either end. He attached the bolt snaps to two attachment points on the sides of her pony head. These two points corresponded to the two ends of the rubber bit crossing her mouth. He tested the bridle, pulling them this way then the other. Vampirella turned her head in accordance to the motion.

“OK. Let’s go for a test run.” The man said, pulling on her bridle. Vampirella turned to her left, and began to trot off. The man was not as heavy as she thought, and she could move at quite a good speed. The man rode her out of the corral, and off into the surrounding area. He had a riding crop in his hand, which he would tap on her rump to get her to speed up. He would pull back on her bridle to slow her down, and turn her head using the bridle to head her off in a new direction. Given her limited vision, he had to guide her with these commands.

The man was completely ecstatic. He had some doubts as to its success. Normally, the J saddle worked best on male pony slaves for they are better able to lift up the weight. But Vampirella was a strong woman, and she was carrying him easily even over rough ground. And he liked the view from where he was. He could not help but keep looking down on her large bouncing breasts. He took the bridle in his right hand, reached over and fondled her left breast with his hand. Vampirella whinnied with pleasure as he played with her nipple.

For the next few days, Vampirella was ridden after her morning tasks were completed. The man would ride her off, far away from the corral into the hills, where he would show her some spectacular views. He would find some shady spot where he would take off her saddle, lay her down and use her. He would then ride her back to the corral. She grew to anticipate the daily rides.

Then, one day, the man left the corral on his truck again, and was gone for almost two days. The man had fed Vampirella and the horse. Then he had used a thick chain to chain her neck to a post in the fence. This was unusual as she had not offered any resistance for a long while. Then he went off, leaving Vampirella to brood over whether she had done anything to displease the man. The man got back in the middle of the night, and went up to Vampirella, and patted her on the neck.

“Sorry I was gone so long,” he whispered in Vampirella’s ear. She whinnied with pleasure at his touch. She was about to get down onto her back for him, when he knelt down and strap her ankles together. Instead of using her, he saddled up his horse, and rode it out of the corral, leaving a confused Vampirella alone at the corral. The man only came back in the morning. He did not come to her, but went straight to the house. He did not emerged until late in the afternoon.

By then, Vampirella was frantic with anxiety as to why the man was behaving so strangely. But her heart quieted down when she saw that he was carrying the J saddle and the bridle. She whinnied and turned her back to him. He fitted the saddle to her back, put the bridle in place and got on.

“Let’s go for a little ride.” The man said.

Vampirella trot out of the corral and at the direction of the man, set off towards the hills. She soon recognized the route they were taking. It was the route she had been brought upon the day she first arrived at the corral, the route leading to the sinkhole where she was tortured. The memory brought up some unease in her, but she trotted onwards at a steady pace.

When they arrived at the sinkhole, it was already evening time. When the man brought her to a stop and got off, Vampirella saw a sight that made her start. Right where she had been chained that first night was another woman. She was a blonde with a long curvaceous body, but petite when compared to the tall Vampirella. She also looked older, probably in her thirties. She was wearing a black set of lacy bra and panties but nothing else.

Like Vampirella, she had been chained with her arms up in the air, raised painfully behind her back. Hanging with her butt in the air, her breasts swung like melons below her body. She turned at their approach. Her eyes expressed the shock she must have felt when she looked upon Vampirella in her pony girl costume.

“How do you like her Vampirella?” the man asked walking up towards the girl. She had been gagged with a leather ball gag and she could only make noises that sounded like pleading. The sound seemed to cut into Vampirella’s heart. “Well now, our District Attorney isn’t so tough all of a sudden, huh?” the man said. Vampirella saw tears stained the face of the blonde. Dissolved mascara ran down her cheeks in black streaks. She looked terrified beyond words.

“Well, we’ll leave her here for one more night, just to soften her up a little.” The man said, laughing as he got on to Vampirella again.

On the ride back to the corral, Vampirella was flooded with conflicting emotions. Memory of the torment, the fear, the humiliation of her capture and her breaking, came flooding back into her mind. These emotions clashed with her new sense of being cherished and loved. But most of all, she was torn by the look of terror in the woman’s face. Then she became aware that the man was talking.

“Well, I regret to say that our association is coming to an end now. It has been a most enjoyable month for me. You are by far the best slave that I had ever trained. I would have kept you for myself if I had known how good you are. But I’ve already been paid for my services, and I really can’t afford to offend someone as powerful as my employer. So, I’m afraid I’ll have to ship you off to Europe in the next few days. You will be sorely missed.”

Vampirella’s mind was plunged into further turmoil at the words. As they turned into the corral, and the man secured her for the night, her mind suddenly became clear. She saw what she had become - a mere slave to be bought and sold. She had allowed herself to become a submissive - a true slave at heart, depending on the whim of another person for her own pleasure and meaning. She felt an intense sense of loathing for herself ... and a renewed sense of hatred for her captor, for capturing her, for torturing her, for humiliating her, for raping her, but most of all, for turning her into a true slave.

Vampirella began to struggle with her bonds. She had not truly tried to break free since the man had put the pony costume on her. She found the bondage too tough to break. She began to look around for a way to escape.

She saw a nail driven into a post in the fence near her. She got up onto her feet, and bounced towards the post. Kneeling down next to the post, she maneuvered her body against the post. Using the nail, she tried to push back the latch of the double-ended bolt snap securing her right mitt to the belt. She had to try a few times, pushing her body against the nail before she succeeded.

Vampirella turned around to check that the man had not detected her attempts to escape. The house was dark. She turned back to her task. She used a finger joint of her right hand to push back one of the latches on the bolt snaps holding her left arm to the belt. Now both her arms were free, though her hands were still trapped inside the bondage mitts. Using both her fists, she manipulated the snap hook holding her collar to the leash. It took a few tries, but it came off.

Vampirella bounced a few steps along the fence until she came to the trough. It was still half filled with water, but she was not interested in the liquid. She knelt down next to one corner of the trough. The corner had a sharp edge. She tilted her body and placed her right arm against the corner. She tried to use the edge to cut the laces holding the mitt to her arm. As she could not see what she was doing owing to the helmet, she had to do it by feel. At the third try, she managed to severe the lacing near the top of her sleeve. Using her left fist, she broadened the breach, and felt the sleeve loosen around her arm. She flexed her hand, and allowed the sleeve to slip off. Then she used her freed hand to undo the knot on the laces of the other sleeve, and took the mitt off.

Finally, with both her hands free, Vampirella unbuckled the heavy helmet and took it off her face. She dropped the object to the ground next to her, and took in the fresh air of the night. She stretched her body, luxuriating at the feeling of freedom. Then she turned and walked to the house.

Vampirella kicked the door in with her heavy pony boot and walked in. The man had been sleeping. He woke up with a start and jumped up in the bed. She leapt onto him, and slammed him into the wall with a hand.

“Hello, missed me?” she asked, snarling and exposing her canine teeth.

For the first time, the man looked terrified as he struggled in her grip. Vampirella smelt something and looked down and was amused to see that he had wetted himself.

“So, you are a coward after all,” she mocked. She threw him across the room, slamming him against the other wall. She sauntered up to the cowering man.

“Who hired you?” she asked, standing over the man.

“Please... please... don’t hurt me.” The man said.

“Who hired you?” she roared.

“I don’t know. We just correspond by email.” the man said, gesturing towards a lap-top set up next to a SatComm set on a table next to the bed.

Vampirella snorted in derision and turned towards the laptop. The man leapt up quickly, and lunged for something in the corner. It was a shotgun, but even before he could reach it, Vampirella had gotten to him. She sank her teeth deep into his throat. When he was drained, the beautiful vampiress dropped the body onto the ground. It was the most satisfying meal she had in a month.

Vampirella quickly searched the cottage. She found her cut costume and her boots folded neatly in a zip-lock bag. It was labeled with her name, the date and time of her capture. She could not wear it. Neither could see wear what she had on. Luckily, she found other feminine clothing there, also neatly folded in zip-lock bags. How many women had he enslaved? Vampirella wondered as she chose a small red tube dress. She took off the rest of her pony slave costume. Then, she put on the dress and her boots.

Vampirella took a bag and slipped the laptop into the bag. She slung the bag across her body and walked out of the house. The moon was just rising. It was a full moon again. Its light lit up the desert landscape. She raised her arms, and a pair or large leathery wings spread behind her. She leapt into the air and flew towards the sinkhole, on her way to rescue the blonde.

End of Part 1