Wild Hunt: THE PRICE OF PASSION (unfinished)

A light breeze caressed Randall Savage's face as he lay sleeping. He snuggled down in his sheets and blankets further, pulling the sheets up over his head to try and block out the chill wind. He heard the doors to the balcony close, and he knew his lover had just returned from her nightly hunt. Then he heard her close the latch, locking the two doors. Then the curtains were drawn.
Vampirella walked across the plush carpetting to the bed and sat gently down on the end, letting him know she was really there. She pulled off her black boots and tossed them in the corner. She reached up to her neck, unclasping the two red strands of her costume from the gold ring, letting the extremely skimpy top of the one-piece outfit fall from her large breasts. She pulled off the white collar, tossing it aside, forgotten. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of the bottom of her suit and pushed the suit down her legs, stepping out of it, kicking it with the rest of her brief costume in the corner.
She went over to the side of the bed and drew the covers back, kissing her lover on the cheek, feeling the pulse of his blood. She had not been able to feed this night, and that was dangerous. But she had some spare blood downstairs in the refrigerator that she would have to use. Vampirella saw his eyes fluttering sleepily, and she put her hand over his eyes, silently telling him to remain asleep for awhile longer. She went to the door and made her way downstairs to the kitchen, the air cool on her naked flesh. She stroked her nipples gently, causing the dark red peaks to harden. She continued to stroke them until she felt a bit of fluid begin to leak from them. Her milk would satisfy her lover. Only when she found herself extremely aroused did her body produce milk. Otherwise, she was always dry. She found it amazing what her vampiric heritage was capable of doing to her body.
She went to the refrigerator and opened the door, looking inside. She swore vehemently. She had drunk the last of her blood supply the other night. She would have to get replacements from somewhere. But for now, she did not know what to do. The hunger called, and the only source was Savage. She refused to take from him because she never took from her lovers. Sighing, she went looking around, wondering if she had been smart and hid a supply of blood somewhere. But she could not think of anyplace, so she guessed she had not. She shrugged, wondering what she could do now. She guessed she could hold off until Savage could get her some blood tomorrow if he went out.
Vampirella returned upstairs, going to the bedroom. She snuck across the floor quietly and drew the covers of the bed back, slipping in beside her lover. She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her moist breasts against his back. Savage came awake at her touch, and he rolled over so he was facing her.
"Hey, pretty lady," he whispered, not wanting to disturb the silence of the room. "Did you have an eventful night?" "No," she said, shaking her head slightly. "I didn't find anyone who I could take blood from."
He sat up, looking down at her. "Are you all right?" "I should be fine. I have a few more hours to play with from my last bloodlust. But you'll need to go to the bloodbank tomorrow and see about getting me some."
"I'll see what I can do," he said, kissing her, his hand caressing a nipple, feeling it squirt a little. Vampirella smiled. "A bit aroused, are we?" he asked.
"Will you make me dry?" she asked, laying on her back and thrusting her heavy breasts in the air.
Savage rolled over on top of her, laying down between her thighs, his mostly-flaccid organ beginning to gain some life. He sat up partially, his hands cupping the undersides of her breasts, squeezing them gently. He bent his head to her left nipple and took the hardened peak into his mouth, sucking gently on it, nursing at her breast. Her milk started flowing into his mouth immediately, and he continued to feed on her, enjoying the taste of her milk. As he fed, his cock grew a bit harder, pressing into Vampirella's stomach.
She reached between them, taking his cock and adjusting it so it would be more comfortable for them both. She closed her eyes, a sense of calm coming over her as she let her lover nurse. She wondered if mothers felt this same peace when their newborn babies nursed at their breasts? Whatever troubles she had no longer mattered to her as she felt the tingling in her breasts spread throughout the rest of her body and to her glistening wet cunt. Nothing else mattered. Just being this happy--this contented--was all she cared about.
Savage released her left breast and moved his mouth to her right breast, but she put her hand over the nipple before he could take the hard peak into his mouth. She smiled at him, her fangs showing briefly. He kissed her, and she tasted her milk on his lips, that thought sending a shiver through her. She wrapped her arms around him, holding his body close to her.
He snuggled close to her, using her breasts as a pillow. He heard her heart beat once, just enough of an indication that she was alive. It would beat again in a few minutes, he knew. He was in no hurry tonight just as he knew she wasn't in a hurry. It surprised him because she usually could not wait to have him inside her.
"Anything wrong?" he asked as she stroked his hair and moved her hand down his back.
"No. I'm just wondering about the wisdom of making love tonight. I want to--believe me, I want to--but I am afraid my arousal will trigger my bloodlust."
Savage pushed himself up, looking down at her. "I'm immortal. Besides, I'd love to feel your special kiss. You've never taken blood from me."
She caressed his cheek, smiling sadly. "Have you ever wondered what would happen if I drained you?"
"Not since the first night we met."
Vampirella laughed, throwing her head back. "I had forgotten about that night! Tell me honestly--were you at all scared?"
"Let's see--a beautiful woman I didn't know comes into my bedroom, takes off a robe to reveal a body Aphrodite would be jealous of, slinks onto my bed and tries to attack me. No, I wasn't scared. Intrigued, maybe, but not scared. I don't think you ever told me why you tried to kill me."
Vampirella shrugged her slim shoulders. "I did, you probably just forgot. Someone told me you were an agent of Chaos. Let me tell you, I was glad the rumor wasn't true. You were much too handsome to kill--and fantastic when you took me." She snaked her right hand behind his head, bringing his head down and kissing him on the side of the lips. "Do you really want to risk it?" she asked.
"For you, I'd risk death a thousand times over." He kissed her, slipping his tongue inside her mouth. Vampirella responded in kind, arching her back, pressing her body against his. His arms slipped around her, holding her in a gentle embrace as their mouths moved over one another. Savage pulled away and attacked her right breast hungrily, hearing her gasp, her body shudder. His hand sought the juncture of her legs, rubbing against her hairless crotch. He parted her lips, seeking her clitoris, rubbing it with his thumb, bring it to life. Vampirella moaned and squirment, forcing moere of her breast in his mouth. Savage pulled away then, keeping up his relentless stroking of her clit, watching her gasp and writhe. Vampirella once told him vampires had extra-sensitive skin, and he believed her. He knew she was close to coming. He decided to increase the torture and slipped two fingers into her opening flower. Vampirella's pelvic muscles spasmed, drawing his fingers deeper into her, her lubrication coating his fingers. She arched her hips up, needing to feel more of him. She cried out with each penetration of his fingers, feeling her arousal growing to a maddening pace. She pushed her hips harder and harder against him, letting his fingers slide deeper and deeper into her.
Just as she reached the brink of orgasm, he pulled his fingers out, and Vampirella moaned with frustration, her eyes tightly shut as she tried willing herself to the orgasm he denied her. She felt his fingers stroke her lips, and she smelled her own musky aroma, taking his fingers into her mouth and licking him clean. She felt his stiff cock brush her naked thigh, and they groaned together.
Vampirella opened her legs wider. "Please," she begged. "End my torment!" Savage laid his hands on her hips, bending down and licking her stomach, his tongue circling her naval relentlessly, more and more groans escaping Vampirella's lips. He moved further down, licking her inner thighs, drawing close to her wetness but avoiding it. He moved down her legs, kissing her knees, detecting the light smell of leather clinging to her legs. His lips traced along her feet, then he sucked each of her toes into his mouth, lashing them with his tongue.
Vampirella cried out, feeling herself cum, her wetness sliding down between her firm ass cheeks. She bounced her hips on the bed, needing to feel something between her legs. Her hand went down between her legs, smearing her juices over her bald cunt, feeling herself beginning to relax a she satisfied her own need while Savage tended to her toes. Savage looked up when he felt her relax, seeing her stroking herself, her lips glistening with her lubrication. He dropped her foot and climbed over her again, looking into her dreamy eyes. He took her wrist, forcing her hand from her cunt, bringing her glistening fingers to his mouth so he could taste her, clean her.
"I need to cum again," she told him, and he so liked it when she was vulnerable and begged.
Savage knew his need was as great as hers. He spread her legs and placed the head of his cock against her cunt, pushing it in and pulling it out, teasing her. Vampirella grabbed the sheets, bunching them up in her frustration. Then she spread into her, feeling Vampi tense up and then relax with a low growl. He arched into her twice, knowing he wasn't far from his first orgasm. He had forgotten how good her body felt around him. He pushed into her again, Vampi's eyes squeezed shut, concentrating on the pleasures her body was receiving.
She sat up and rolled them over so she was on top, taking charge of the situation, her hands placed on his chest for balance and support. She forced her hips against his, squirming against him with each downward thrust. Now it was Savage's turn to squeeze his eyes shut. He thrust up into her, knowing he was close.
He looked at her, and their eyes met. Her green eyes were now red with lust--both bloodlust and emotional. Vampi began crying out in passion, her head thrown back, her fangs lengthening. She orgasmed again, screaming, and Savage finally came within her, flooding her womb. Vampi's long nails clawed at his chest, and Savage's blood flowed freely. Vampirella was lost in the sensation of her orgasm and the smell of blood, and she plunged her fangs into Savage's neck, draining him . . . .

She awoke, crying, Savage laying lifeless next to her. She had not meant to drain him so completely, but she had been lost in the bloodlust. He was either dead or he would rise again as her creation. She wasn't sure even his immortality could save him from what she did to him. She drew her legs up and clutched a pillow to her, her body on fire from her passion. She was still orgasming a little. Her breasts hurt from the amount of milk produced by her arousal. This had been the best and worst night of her life.
She jumped when her shoulder was touched. She turned quickly, seeing Savage laying propped up on his side. The wounds in his neck were gone, as were the gashes down his chest.
Vampirella brushed her long, black hair out of her face, looking at him with wide eyes. She leapt into his arms. "Savage! Are you all right?" she asked.
"I'll live," he told her. "You did quite a number on me. It'll take me awhile to recover, but I'll be fine."
"Thank goodness," she said, stroking his face. She laid down with his right arm around her, drawing the sheets up over them both. She laid her head on his chest, and they both closed their eyes and went to sleep.

Andrew Roller: (Excerpt from 'Amsterdam Damsels')

A little, Becky said. Inspired, she put a hand between her legs and rubbed herself. Even though Iím not supposed to. She flashed a glance at Cybil. Our hostess, however, had lifted up her top and was struggling to free herself from it. Her breasts, unprotected now, jiggled softly on her chest. Her nipples were as hard as my own.
Itís alright, dear, Cybil said. She got off her shirt, tossed her mane twice. It was lovely vampire hair, her breasts like Vampirella.

Clue Master: (Excerpt from: 'My Niece Rita Part 2')

Within minutes, I was finished and so was Rita. She was already in bed reading what looked like a movie-star magazine when I slid in beside her. I looked at the cover to see what it was. I'd always ignored those kinds of rags myself. This one was a little different. The artwork was quite good. Perhaps too good. It was Titled Vampirella and had as it's main character a very scantily clad woman with long flowing black hair standing over a near-naked man. I leaned back against my pillow and smiled to myself thinking about myself at that age. Even after I started the sex play with Sara, I still got off looking at the girls in comics. I'd buy Archie's just to see Betty and Veronica in their swimsuits! But I had never seen magazines like this!

REZRCH: (excerpt from 'SLAVETRADE')

I will admit that I knew something about her before I approached her that fateful night. Everyone knew something about her. They called her Vampirella behind her back, and told horror stories about her leaving men broken and emotionally crippled. A lot of guys said she was a lesbian, or that she hated men, and that she was constantly trying to get back at them. She was also rumored to be a professional mistress, a dominatrix of some sort, but I had seen her working at the lab downtown so I kinda doubted that.
She certainly looked the part: She was six feet tall, with a set of streamlined curves that could stop a train. Her skin was pale, and her hair dark and angular, always cut sharp and severe. She wore little makeup, except for the blood red lipstick, and she always wore some sort of skintight outfit, a fetishist's dream really: all buckles and straps, leather and latex. And heels, thick six inch heels, which never stopped her from gliding across a room. She looked like a cross between Brigitte Neilsen and Morticia Adams, starring in a 1930's silent movie. I could hardly help myself.