Warning! This story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers.


It had taken Rip Cage several months of intricate planning and difficult tracking, but now the culmination of all his machinations was settling down to this very moment. There in his night vision goggles was the target of his hunt, a tall and slender ebony haired woman with stunning features strolling casually through the immense Central City Park after midnight.

She was Vampirella, the mysterious Vampiress from Drakulon.

The beautiful Vampiress was wearing a long open coat, and from the looks of her casual manner, Cage presumed she was awaiting some thief or rapist to accost her in order that she could feed on her attacker's rich blood. Vampirella had supernatural strength and so fierce in her defense during their last encounter that Cage had lost several good men. It had taken him a long time to search for and train the right team for this attempt. Now he was prepared, and vowed silently that he would have her no matter what.

As his heart thumped in his chest and adrenaline pushed through his veins, Cage whispered into his throat microphone, "Standby. Target approaching."

"Copy that," came the response in his earplug receiver.

"On my mark," Cage whispered, his gloved hands gripping the goggles with nervous tension.

As Vampirella passed between two groves of heavy shrubs and trees, Cage hissed, "Fire."

Cage watched with fascination as a puff of smoke exploded from the shrubs a few feet from Vampirella. He could barely make out the heavy beanbag as it struck her in the upper torso, knocking her sideways off the concrete path and onto the grass. As the man who fired the beanbag gun emerged from the brush, another of his men charged over to Vampirella, who was still stunned from the blow. As she began to get up, the man stood a few feet away, planted his feet apart and fired a taser gun at Vampirella. Although the taser gun was set for maximum voltage to counter her superhuman strength, Vampirella recovered quickly from the muscle numbing shocks and grabbed the man. With incredible speed, Vampi took a knife from his belt and slit his throat as Cage's team closed in.

"Snake, do you have a clean shot?" Cage asked his sniper, who was hidden in the trees nearby.

"Got her in my sight, Rip," came the reply.


Cage heard a soft 'pop' and watched through his goggles as Vampirella's hand shot up to her shoulder, unable to grab the dart embedded at the top of her back just out of reach. The dart contents, a heavy mixture of muscle relaxant and knockout drug, quickly brought Vampirella to her hands and knees.  All of Cage's men, now numbering six, seized the opportunity and began to zap her with electric prods until she passed out on the grassy knoll.

Weakened and barely conscious, Vampirella was swiftly stripped of her cloak, picked up and carried by the skillfully trained commandos toward a customized van where Cage was waiting at the open rear doors to receive his unconscious prize.  Once she was stowed inside, the driver sped away while the others disappeared back into the darkness like dark phantoms, recovering their fallen comrade along the way.

Cage wasted no time, flipping Vampirella onto her stomach so he could place heavy steel clamps on her wrists and elbows behind her back. Then he snapped a thick metal restraining collar around her neck. Finally, a heavy-duty chrome bar was connected through the rings on her wrists and elbow clamps to the back of her collar with thick locking bolts.

As Cage noticed Vampirella slowly gain back her senses, he hurriedly parted her resistant lips with a hard rubber mouthpiece, taking great care to cover her protruding fangs, and then strapped it to a leather harness around her head. He shifted the moaning Vampi and attached the bar behind her back to a custom made steel rack, which held the beautiful Vampiress down firmly in a horizontal position. He was now able to spread her legs apart to place her ankles into heavy steel holding clamps at each end of a spreader bar near the base of the rack.

When Vampirella recovered fully during the drive, Cage found that his restraints were successfully holding his captive securely. Vampi was totally unable to escape her bonds, despite her hard straining, twisting and grunts of anger. Cage wanted to take no chances, so he placed a specially made nose-shaped mask over her flaring nostrils. The clear plastic device was attached to a tank of ether by a tube, and Cage adjusted the valve to a slow mixture, emitting just enough of the sweet vapors to keep Vampi weak and drowsy.

Cage finally had time to relax a minute alone with his beautiful prize, taking inventory of all her exotic facial features, from her jet-black hair, blood red lips, smooth unblemished skin, arching eyebrows over long fluttering eyelashes under which peeked dark mysterious and now sleepy eyes. The skimpy red costume she wore with the bat insignia just over her groin revealed ample amounts of soft flesh and cleavage. It was accented with a white upturned collar, gold bat wing earrings, arm bracelets and black leather high heel boots. Vampirella was a site to behold, clearly one of the most unique additions to his collection. He couldn't wait to get her back to his compound, where he could avail himself to her obvious pleasures at his own content. In the mean time he took lascivious advantage of the situation to fondle her slumbering form.

As Vampirella moaned softly, unaware of what was being done to her, Cage removed his gloves and slipped one hand easily under the edge of Vampi's skin-tight costume to cup her soft furry mound. While he massaged her groin, he used his other hand to push aside the material covering her breasts and began to vigorously grope and fondle her taut melons, tweaking and pinching her nipples to hardness and eliciting a tensed reaction and soft moan from the unconscious Vampiress. Her body was incredible, and Cage took full opportunity to molest his captive while she was in her slumbering state.

Cage had a raging erection under his black fatigues. Breathing heavily through his nose and with a salivating grin on his face, Cage studied Vampirella's fluttering eyelids as her head lolled sleepily from side to side. Just as he began to unzip his trousers, a voice suddenly crackled into the radio plug inside his ear, interrupting his intense concentration upon the dark princess.

"We're at the plane, Rip."

"Copy that," Cage replied with a slight waver in his voice. His hard on would have to wait to be relieved.


The van pulled through the gate of a private airstrip owned by an old military friend of Cage. It rolled up the ramp door of the open bay of a cargo plane. As the driver parked and secured the van with hold down cables, Cage met with his team in a semi-circle near the plane. His commandos were all standing stiff and cross-armed, pissed because they had been reduced to seven thanks to the fierce Vampirella.

"Okay, here's the situation, gentlemen," Cage began as he looked at each one of them in the eye. "I know you're all fired up about Snatch, but he knew going in the hazards of this job. All of you did. If it's any consolation, his share will be equally divided among the rest of you when I wire your accounts tomorrow."

Cage reached into a duffel bag and brought out a handful of hundred-dollar denomination banded currency and began tossing the packs of a ten thousand dollars to each man. "On top of that, here's your bonus. This is a big city. Stay here for tonight. Go out and get loaded, wasted, laid, whatever. I suggest a trip to the Moulin Rouge cathouse to take out your frustrations and release some of that nervous tension."

The men began murmuring and jostling each other as they warmed to the idea.

"You coming with us, Rip?" asked Cherry Popper.

"Some other time, Popper," Cage grinned back.

"Rip's gonna make his own action," Speedball giggled at the others. "Right, Rip?"

"That's right," Cage said with a wink. "I have to get her back to my compound."

"I'll fly you back, Rip," Razor said, "I don't want to hang out with these losers."

"Fuck you Razor," Slug growled. "We all know you want to get back to that stripper slut of yours."

"Pussy whipped!" Leech coughed under his breath as the other laughed and taunted.

"Goodnight, ladies," Cage said as he headed toward the plane.

"Hey Rip, this shit is fun. Who's next on the list?" yelled out Bolt.

"I'll let you know," Cage called back. He hadn't exactly decided yet. Zatanna was on his list. So was that hot piece of jungle ass, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. Pretty soon his team might even be ready to take down She-Hulk. His top buyer had been hounding him for months about the green-skinned beauty.

After the fallen Snatch was loaded inside a slick body bag and onto the plane, Razor fired up the props as the cargo door was raised and closed. The plane slowly began to lumber down the runway. Cage's team watched as it took off into the black night sky and then piled into their rented SUV to head back toward Central City for some well-deserved recreation.

Once on the plane, Cage looked at his watch as he climbed back into the rear compartment of the van to check on Vampirella. It would be a couple of hours before they made it back to the compound, so he decided to treat himself to a good hard fuck of his new prize piece of exotic ass. He removed her nose mask to allow her to recover from the effects of the ether. Sure enough, due to her unusual body makeup, the stunning Vampiress was quick to regain her senses. Her once heavy lidded eyes snapped open and flashed their mesmerizing colors as Vampirella realized her situation. The restraints held fast as she strained against them, and once she knew there would be no escape, Vampirella eyes met Cage's and gifted him with a piercing scowl.

Cage casually rubbed his chin and grinned back at her as he licked his lips, which infuriated the dark princess into another fit of struggles. Her voluptuous body arched upwards on the rack as she grunted into her rubber mouthpiece, "Unnnh!! Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnh!!"

After several minutes of vigorous but useless struggling, Vampi began to calm down, nostrils flaring to catch her breath. All she could do was glare at Cage with scorn and rage.

"I always wondered what it'd be like to fuck a vampire," Cage taunted as he reached over and squeezed one of Vampi's ripe melons, causing his bound victim to begin yet another bout of intense pulling and tugging against the restraints. With her super human strength, she managed to rattle the metal holding rack.

Cage enjoyed her struggles immensely, the way her rounded bubble tits bounced and her taut ass lifted off the rack as her torso strained upwards. With her legs conveniently spread apart just as he had designed his rack to do, Cage reached between Vampirella's legs and massaged her quivering crotch as he rubbed his own erection.

Vampirella could plainly see Cage's bulge and suddenly realized that her struggles were arousing her captor. She quickly ceased her unintentionally erotic squirming and stared hard at Cage. She thought that if she could only free herself, she would rip his throat out. Suddenly the thought of blood rushed into her brain. There was a faint odor of it in the air, which her heightened sense of smell could even detect from the body bag packed away elsewhere in the cargo hold of the plane. It had been long since she had last fed, and now she feared that her next feast would certainly not be coming any time soon. If only Adam were here, or even Pantha. As it was, all Vampirella could do was groan and bite hard into her stifling mouthpiece as her captor continued molesting her by digging his fingers inside her velvet walls.

"You're as dry as a desert well," Cage laughed. "But don't worry sugar, I can get you in the mood for my one-eyed trouser snake."

To make Vampi wet, Cage took a syringe from a nearby metal briefcase loaded with vials containing all manner of serums and drugs. He removed the plastic cap from the tip of the hair thin needle, shot out a stream of the contents to remove any air bubbles and then swabbed her shoulder with an alcohol soaked pad. As Vampirella growled with anger, Cage injected her with a strong sexual stimulant.

The supernatural captive suddenly tensed up as the chemical coursed through her voluptuous body. Cage watched intently as her nipples popped up through her skimpy red costume while the Vampiress seethed with sudden arousal. Her breathing deepened, and slowly but surely the ebony-haired beauty began squirming in her strict restraints, her shapely hips rising and dropping as she ineffectively fought the effects of the stimulant. With great distress, Vampi could feel her groin warming and becoming wet. Her eyes narrowed as she watched Cage reach under the edge of her costume to test the effectiveness of his drug. She couldn't help but grind as his fingers dipped past her lips and into the pit of her sopping moist opening.

"Unnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmph!" Vampirella winced and groaned as Cage invaded her most intimate area, seething with anger as Cage took obvious pleasure in her resistance. Her eyes opened wider with alarm as she watched her captor reach for his zipper and remove his full erection.

"That's right, bloodsucker," Cage taunted Vampirella, who continued struggling and squirming her hips in his firm grip. "You are about to get acquainted with my little friend. Say 'hello' to my bitch tamer!"


The beautiful Vampirella was in full distress. One minute she was alone in the park, hoping to find her old mentor and friend Mordecai Pendragon after months of trying to track him down.  He was last seen living in Central City Park, the recent victim of too many years of battling with the demons of alcohol.

Now here she was, the bound captive of a cruel stranger, flying over who knows where to an unknown destination where surely nothing good was going to happen to her. Her body was till sore from the attack, and on top of everything else, Vampirella was ravenous, hungering for fresh blood.

From the look on her tormentor's face, Vampi could only sense that he was interested in one thing and one thing only. She became increasingly alarmed as he climbed onto the rack, settling his body between her open legs. The thought of it repelled her, but her body betrayed her better instincts, and now her groin was on fire, itching to be filled.

"Welcome to the mile high club, sweet cheeks," Cage chuckled as he reached under Vampirella hips to grab the tight cheeks of her derriere as he shifted into position. All at once he stabbed her with his erection, filling her to the hilt and roughly driving his hips forward into the Vampiress until her back arched upward.

"Nnnnnnngggghhhhhhhhh!!!" groaned Vampirella as she bit hard into her rubber gag. The overwhelming sensations of his stiff cock inside her steaming hot walls pushed her into simultaneous fits of anger and ecstasy. One moment she stared hard at him as he grunted on top of her, filled with humiliation as Cage degraded her with his animalistic thrusts, the next moment her hips were bucking against him, urging him deeper and harder. Each time she realized she was succumbing to her own debasement, Vampirella would rage against her restraints and fight the erotic sensations she experienced through the sexual stimulants. In turn, it only served to arouse her captor to more vigorous pumping and grunting.

"That's right, bitch, I knew you'd get a charge out of Cage's tube steak," Cage panted as his salivating expression looked down lasciviously upon his dark haired exotic captive. While he continued to fuck Vampirella long and hard, he taunted her relentlessly, "There's plenty more where this came from. And once we get back to my compound I'm really gonna tame your sweet vampire ass. When I get done with you, you'll be begging for Uncle Rip's meatloaf."

Vampirella growled, livid with anger at her despised captor. She became even more infuriated as her body betrayed her natural hatred and succumbed to an intense mind-numbing climax. As her slender body tensed up, Vampirella shut her eyes and moaned, throwing her head from side to side. How could a mere drug make her feel this way? It was like nothing she had ever experienced.

Cage kept up his pounding assault during the next hour and a half until Razor's voice spoke into his earpiece. "We're landing in fifteen minutes, Rip."

By now Vampirella had experienced multiple orgasms along with the constant pawing and slobbering of Cage's hands and mouth on her tensed up body. Cage sensed another climax coming from the voluptuous vampire vixen, watching her face as Vampi closed her eyes and moaned passionately. He reached over to the nosepiece connected to the ether and quickly placed it over her flaring nostrils as she inhaled and exhaled. Cage began to erupt inside Vampirella as her striking eyes widened and then rolled up from the effects of the sweet vapors. She climaxed once more, her body quivering in resistance and then slowly Vampirella succumbed to the fumes as Cage unloaded the last of his seed inside her tight lamb pit.

Vampirella was incredible, Cage thought. He watched her lashes flutter prettily over her glazed eyes as the drowsy Vampiress let out a long sleepy sigh and then finally nodded off exhausted.  She was even better than his last conquest, the tall redhead Fairchild, the lead member of the Gen 13 team and now sold off to their strongest nemesis for several million dollars. As he climbed off the rack and zipped up his fatigues, Cage began thinking about how much he was going to enjoy training his new buxom beauty.


When Vampirella began to regain consciousness again, she looked around as her vision cleared to try and determine where she was. It was large round room with stone walls, which made Vampirella think of an over sized water well. It was dim except for the area where she was, as a ceiling created a spotlight effect on her. She was still bound to the same rack, but this time her arms were clamped in heavy metallic cuffs and pulled taut just above her head instead of behind her back. The restraining collar was still locked around her neck and attached to the rack so that she could barely move her head forward. The rack she had been originally bound to was now bolted on a larger platform that could tilt mechanically at any angle so that now Vampirella was almost vertical. Thankfully the rubber mouthpiece, which had left her jaws with a dull ache, had been removed. All that was left was a bitter aftertaste. As she tried to clear her dry mouth, all at once Vampirella was overwhelmed by hunger.

There was no telling how long she had been out, but the need for blood was much stronger than it had been since her capture in Central City. She had no idea where she was now. Her mind soon began to wonder about who Cage was and what devious plans he had in mind for her. All she knew was that he would not ever take her with her consent, and she silently vowed to resist his every detestable assault.

Right now, however, Vampirella had to put her worries about Cage aside as her lithe body seemed to shiver with pain from her ravenous state. She needed blood, and soon. There had to be some way out of this.

As she looked around to survey her situation, Vampi could see two huge intricately carved wooden cabinets on one side of her. Along the wall were a few valves, a hand sink, some rubber hoses and other types of tubing to which connections could be made. There was also a long ominous stainless steel cabinet on wheels with several drawers close by, the contents of which Vampi was afraid to guess at. The most worrisome object in the room was a lidded enclosure filled with water and made of clear thick plastic.
Vampirella strained her body outward, grunting as she arched her hips and back while yanking hard at the cuffs, but the spreader bar still holding her legs apart made it impossible to gain any leverage. All she managed to do was cause her wrists and arms to ache. The more time passed, the more anxious and distressed she became. Her mouth was salivating now with the urge to feed. Where was her cursed captor so she could confront him?

Suddenly she heard a noise above her and looked up. A square panel in the ceiling began to open and drop downward very slowly. Vampirella could hear the ratcheting sound of chains and pulleys, and soon she could see that the ceiling panel that was being lowered was holding her hated captor.

Rip Cage had left Vampirella alone in his specially constructed holding cell to tend to a few other matters, including instructions to Razor to take a backhoe and bury Snatch near a drainage ditch at the far end of his compound. The motion-activated cameras had signaled that Vampirella was moving and awake, and now it was time to make a formal introduction to her new environment.

Cage stepped off the platform and activated a remote device, which sent the panel back up so that now they were completely enclosed in the cell. Vampirella stared motionless at Cage as he stepped near her on the rack, not wanting him to sense how afraid she really was.

"My name is Rip Cage. And you're in my world now, sweet cheeks." Cage stated with a cocky grin.

"My name is Vampirella," the buxom brunette corrected Cage in a deep rich voice, irritated by his demeaning nickname. "And what world is this exactly?"

"For one thing, it's different than any one you're used to."

"I've seen many worlds, even one that is not of this earth."

"I'll bet you have." Cage chuckled.

"Why am I here?" Vampirella asked, becoming impatient.

"That will all be clear pretty soon," Cage smiled.

Vampirella did not like the tone of that statement, and the anticipation of what Cage had in mind for her brought her nothing but consternation, but she was not about to let him know that. She gathered her resolve and told him, "I think you would do well to release me."

"Why would I want to do that?" Cage laughed. "I had a hard enough time trying to get you here. I have to hand it to you, Vampirella. You are one tough little bitch. But not for too much longer."

"Release me!" Vampirella suddenly shouted in anger and frustration as she bucked hard against her bonds, rattling the mounted rack and platform. "Or I'll tear you to pieces!"

"No can do," Cage smiled as he stepped closer to Vampirella and placed a hand on her plump left breast. He gave her a hard squeeze and told her, "You're my property now. And once I finish training you to be an obedient pleasure slut, then we'll discuss your future."

"What! I'll never! Get your hands off me you scum. I'll make you pay..." Vampirella growled, but her voice was cut off in mid sentence. Cage had activated the collar around her neck with a remote device in his pocket, which constricted the collar enough to choke off her words. All the stunned Vampiress could manage was guttural throat sounds of, "Urrrkk! Uccchh!"

Panic appeared on her beautiful features, and soon her facial skin began to turn a pinkish hue as life-giving oxygen was cut off. She stared at Cage wide-eyed with fury.

"You were saying?" Cage inquired maliciously as he enjoyed her distressed state.

Vampirella's mouth opened and closed with sharp fangs bared while whispered sounds came from within. Her fury was now slowly turning to pleading and mercy. After several more agonizing seconds, Cage deactivated the collar and Vampirella emitted a loud gasp as she sucked in precious air.

"Rule number one, bloodsucker," Cage said as he held up his remote device for Vampirella to see. "Threats are a big 'no-no.' From now on I'm going to teach you the meaning of respect."

Vampirella bared her teeth in animalistic fashion and snarled at her tormentor. No matter how hard she pulled at her stringent bonds, she was helpless to get at him, which infuriated her to no end. She tensed up as he approached closely and pushed the front of the skimpy red costume material aside to allow her bare both her ample mounds. Cage took them in his hands and mashed them together as Vampirella sneered with utter hate as he freely molested her.

"These are incredible tits," Cage commented as he pinched and fondled Vampi. "I thought you'd be cold, but you're actually very warm and soft. Before all this over, I'm going to have to give you a good tit-fuck."

Vampirella seethed and spit directly in Cage's face. Then she immediately regretted her action when Cage smiled at her sadistically and activated her choke collar again. Vampirella shook her head and whispered a panicked "no!" but it was too late. The metallic band tightened, cutting off the rest of her words.

Vampi's eyes rolled back as she tried to gasp for air, her mouth gaping like a fish. Cage quickly took the opportunity to take a thick leather harness bit gag from his cabinet of tools. He placed it between her opened jaws, careful to avoid her fangs, and then attached it behind around her head.  Then he deactivated the collar and the dark princess was able to breath again.

"Rule number two, sweet cheeks," Cage grinned as he wiped away the saliva. "No spitting."

Cage opened another drawer as Vampirella gasped from her ordeal. Her mind was beginning to spin from the lack of much needed blood. She could feel herself weakening with each passing minute.

"I guess you've decided to be uncooperative, which is understandable. I really don't mind at all. It makes my job that much more enjoyable. But I'm going to have to discipline you just a bit to get you in line," Cage said gleefully as he gave Vampirella's nipple a hard tweak, which elicited a loud angry grunt. He then went to his cabinet and brought out a pair of nipple clamps and dangled them from a chain in front of his Vampi's wide-open eyes. Increasingly panicked, Vampirella squirmed and then tensed up as Cage attached the clamps to her soft pink nipples

"Unnnnhhhhh!" Vampi winced and grunted as she bit hard into her thick gag.

"You look about a quart low," Cage said after Vampirella adjusted to the pain on her sensitive nipples and began to calm down. "Looks like you haven't sucked any blood lately. I'll bet you'd wouldn't mind a nice drink to quench that thirst right about now."

Vampirella stared at Cage with hate and wonder. He seemed to know everything about her. But what did he want with her? She was famished and needed blood badly. At this low point in her life, she was almost prepared to do anything to get it, but not at the expense of her pride. She would not beg this vile monster.

"Well, I don't have any fresh pints laying around, but I have the next best thing," Cage informed his dizzy prisoner. "Actually I think you'll like it even better."

Vampirella watched anxiously as Cage went to his cabinet again and brought out a liter bottle of dark red liquid. Her heart began to pound in her chest. Was it really blood? Was he going to give it to her? Her mouth began to salivate at the thought of drinking it.

"It looks a lot like the real thing, but it's actually a mixture of some unique chemicals that I whipped up just for you. It's has all the ingredients of plasma with a little something extra thrown in I think you'll like."

Vampirella watched anxiously as Cage replaced the cap of the bottle with a tube valve and the hung the container of liquid upside down near the rack by Vampirella's head. He then took the open end of the tube and forced it through a small opening between Vampi's drooling lips and the bit gag. Vampirella could feel the plastic tube near the back of her throat and gagged on it. Cage used his pocketknife to punch a hole in the top of the plastic bottle to vent it as he turned the valve to let loose the liquid, which shot down the tubing and entered Vampi's throat. She could not help but swallow the sweet syrupy liquid, swallowing instinctively as it gushed down her esophagus.

"That's it, my little vampire bitch, suck it all down," Cage chuckled as he watched her choke and swallow, dribbling some of it down her chin as her gag reflex kicked some of it back up. When it was empty, Cage pulled the tube out and stood back to watch Vampirella as she reacted to the liquid.

The beautiful creature of the night was gasping and breathing deeply through her nose, eyes closed as the drink began to course through her digestive system. Whatever it was, it was amazingly similar to blood, which she was more than thankful for. As her hunger slowly dissolved, her relief was overshadowed by the thought of what exactly the ingredients were of the satiating concoction.

Like a mind reader, Cage spoke up. "I'll bet you're wondering what it is I just gave you."

Vampirella opened her eyes and looked at Cage with trepidation. Did he just poison her? A flash of her ordeal with the vile von Kriest flashed through her mind and made her shudder with horror.

"It's a plasma synthetic. About 80% close to the real thing. Enough to satisfy all your vampire cravings," Cage informed her. "Here's the kicker though. There's a highly potent hormone thrown into the mix. Almost like what I shot you up with in the plane to get you all wet and sticky. But this one is even more powerful. Within a few minutes you're going to get hornier than a bitch in heat. Not only that it's highly addictive, and the first one's free as they say. The next time that craving hits and you drink more, not only is it going to quench that natural blood thirst of yours, but you're also going to be even tamer and hornier at the same time. That's means the more you drink, the more you want, and the more willing you'll be to get it. Of course, you could refuse, but I guarantee, after awhile you'll do just about anything to get some."

Vampirella began to become flushed as Cage spoke, her body warming while distinctive sensations began strumming through her body, making her bared flesh seem hypersensitive to the air. Her nipples distended to plump pink berries as her clitoris became engorged. Vampi tensed up as her supernatural senses began to respond to something strange and unforeseen, opening up some long hidden pent up sexual energy from within. She closed her eyes and tried to fight it, but it only seemed to react to her resistance with even greater force. Eventually she stopped moving and tried to relax, and it seemed to help. Slowing down her breathing and heart rate hindered the process of whatever was reacting inside her to make her body become highly aroused and alive with intensely pleasurable sensations.

"I thought you'd try that," Cage said, speaking from experience. Almost all of them had tried that before, and he knew just the remedy. As Vampirella concentrated on her calm state of mind, Cage reached into one of his cabinet drawers and took out a large chrome vibrator out of her eyesight. He carefully coated it with a sensitive itch gel and then brought it over to where Vampi was strapped to the rack. Vampirella, with her eyes closed and breasts slowly rising and falling as she breathed shallowly, was totally unaware of what her captor was doing until Cage shoved her costume down to bare her pubic area and deftly inserted the pleasure device before she could even react.

"Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnh!" Vampirella opened her eyes and gasped loudly with surprise as her virtue was violated with the cold metal vibrator. It slid in easily with the slippery gel, and Vampirella began to grunt and squirm vigorously as Cage forced it into a snug fit and then slipped her elastic costume over the end to keep it from slipping out. It caused the sheer material to creep into her derriere cheeks like a tight thong.

Cage looked directly into Vampirella's outraged face and smiled lasciviously right before he turned it on.

"Ummmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmph!" Vampirella bit into her gag as her eyes went wide from the sudden sensation of the vibrator buzzing violently inside her now highly sensitive opening. The itch gel was now beginning to react to her warm body temperature, and her inner walls seemed to heat up like an oven. Her pussy was itching like mad now and she involuntarily squeezed her legs together onto the vibrator to satisfy the arousing prickling sensation. "Erruuummmmmmph! Unnnnnnnnnnnnngggh!"

Cage enjoyed watching his captive squirm and squeal as the huge vibrator hummed away between her quivering legs. There was no way she could relax now, and soon the chemicals would begin their diabolical work on her system.

"I'll leave you alone for awhile to enjoy your new friend," Cage taunted cruelly as he activated the ceiling panel. "I'm going upstairs to grab some supper. I think Lorelei is making steak and potatoes. I'll come back down later and check up on you and make sure those batteries didn't run out or anything. Maybe by then you'll be ready for some real action."

Vampirella glared at Cage, livid at his callous taunts. Then when she realized he was actually leaving her like this, she gave out a muffled moan and attempted to plead mournfully with her eyes. Then she cursed herself for being weak, and her emotions changed just as quickly back to hatred. She wouldn't beg, she couldn't. But as she watched Cage disappear up toward the ceiling, leaving her alone in the cell, her defiance soon turned to overwhelming arousal as the vibrator pounded her highly sensitive sweet pit. After a few minutes that seemed like an eternity, the first of what was to become many orgasms ravished her body like nothing she had ever felt before.

Lorelei tensed up when she heard the pulley mechanism begin to shudder, knowing her master would be coming back up from the cell. The statuesque and busty young blonde, wearing a black and white vinyl maid's uniform with sheer hose and frilly garters, had been waiting patiently for her Master to return so that she could serve him dinner. She scurried across the tiled kitchen floor, her high heel pumps clicking on the slick surface as the short thin chain attached to ankle cuffs allowed only short quick steps. The chains attached from a ring on her bondage collar and connected to her wrists cuffs were longer and allowed her more freedom to remove the warmed up dinner tray from the oven. Lorelei promptly brought the serving into the large ornately furnished hall and set it at the head of the table just as Rip Cage entered.

Cage promptly sat down and began to eat his meat and potatoes while Lorelei stood stock-still, watching with tense anticipation.

"Is everything all right, Master?" Lorelei asked hopefully. She so wanted him to be pleased.

"Yeah, it's great," Cage mumbled between mouthfuls of food.

Lorelei waited patiently in complete silence until Cage was nearly finished. "Is there anything else you need, Master?"

Cage seemed to be thinking for a moment and glanced over at his submissive bondage toy. She looked hot in that maid's uniform, her toned legs and thighs perfect, sweet ass peeking out from under the ruffled skirt, plump cleavage bulging out the top with just a bare hint of pink nipple. The gloss of red on her lips caught his eye.

"Get down here and service me," Cage ordered as he turned his chair sideways.

Lorelei jumped to attention and promptly moved down to kneel between her master's open legs as she absently licked her lips. Her body tingled with excitement. It always aroused her to no end when her master requested oral pleasure from her. It was her most favorite thing in the world to do for him. She could suck him for hours and hours at a time, and sometimes did. Within seconds the luscious Lorelei had Cage's pants open and her plump moist lips wrapped around his cock and deep in her salivating mouth, pumping her head eagerly up and down, using her tongue to tease him mercilessly while she gently fondled his balls with one hand and stroked the base of his shaft with the other.

"That's a good slut," Cage sighed before taking a sip from his ice-cold beer while he used his other hand to clench her silky hair and guide her bobbing blonde head up and down to a nice rhythm. Cage closed his eyes and began to get into the intensely pleasurable sensations of his sub's tongue bathing. He suddenly remembered Vampirella. Cage was sufficiently worked up when he cruelly yanked Lorelei's head up.

"Clean this table," Cage ordered as he stood up and shoved his wet cock back into his fatigues.

"But Master, I'm not finished," Lorelei whined as she looked up at him with a stunned look.

In a flash, Cage reached down and seized the chain attached to Lorelei's collar and yanked up hard. "Do what I tell you, slut. Now, or you know what will happen."

"Y-yes...M-Master," Lorelei choked, shuddering at the thought of Cage's idea of punishment. While she enjoyed his mild discipline and bondage play, he could be very extreme when he was angered.

Cage stalked away and left the profoundly disappointed submissive alone to tend to her duties.


Vampirella couldn't take it any more. She never realized how many orgasms her body could take in such quick succession, and each one seemed to intensify as time went on. Whatever it was her tormentor had given her made her highly sensitive, and she felt like she was going mad with arousal. Vampi damned her captor for leaving her alone in this situation, completely helpless and vulnerable to climax after blistering climax. Vampi had long since stopped wondering when he would be back to release her from this degrading and cruel contraption. Her pussy was ravaged beyond reason, her muscles tense, her skin covered with a moist sheen of perspiration.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Vampirella screamed as she bit into her wet gag as another orgasm made her wince and thrash in her bondage restraints. If only she could free herself, or at least remove this uncomfortable gag from her mouth. It was making her salivate so much that it dripped down her chin and onto her heaving double d breasts. When the height of the climax passed, she could already feel another one starting to build. Another one was sure to send her into blissful unconsciousness.

Above her, the ceiling opening platform creaked open and began to lower into the pit. Vampirella looked up anxiously to see Cage coming down. Surely he would allow her a break from this numbing sensual torture.

Cage chuckled as he stepped off the platform and sent it back up. He strolled over to the thrashing vampire and smirked at her, "You look like you're enjoying yourself."

Vampirella gave Cage an angry look with her darkened narrowed eyes as she strained against her bonds, her ample chest heaving as she gasped hard from her erotic ordeal. Cage reached up and unleashed her stifling bit gag to see what his voluptuous and defiant captive might say.

Vampi expelled a sigh of relief once the gag was removed. She was thankful, but only for a small moment. Then she hissed at Cage, "Release me! Now!"

"Not yet, sweet cheeks," Cage chuckled. "You aren't properly tamed to my satisfaction. You still have a little too much spunk for my taste. When I'm done with you you'll be the perfect little pleasure slut. Nice and eager to satisfy my every desire."

"Never!" Vampi shot back. How dare he make such an assumption!

"Yeah, we'll see about that," Cage grinned with amusement. They always said that. But after a few days they always changed their attitude.

"Now, let's get your little toy out so we can get down to some real training," Cage said as he removed the buzzing dildo from between her sopping wet thighs. He tauntingly held up the dripping device in front of Vampirella's face and remarked, "Looks like you had a hot little old time, you blood sucking whore."
The livid Vampi burned with humiliation, baring her fangs at him. His degradation knew no end. But her anger was short lived when she made the incredible realization that she was somehow aching for the device between her legs. She felt a sexual emptiness that could not be explained other than the fact that her tormentor had created this sudden need with his deviant drug.

"Wait...please..." Vampi heard herself whispering as Cage set aside the dildo. She shut her eyes and tried to fight off the deep desire, but it was too strong. How could this be happening? She had to resist.

"What's that?" Cage inquired with a smirk.

"Please, let me go," Vampirella begged. She immediately cursed herself for allowing herself to plead, but it couldn't be helped. "Whatever you've done to me, please stop it..."

"I don't think you really want that do you?" Cage said as he reached up and palmed her ripe breasts. Vampi gasped and shut her eyes. The touch of his hands made her body tingle with intense arousal. Her body began to squirm as his hands roamed freely over her supple form, exploring every inch of her soft flesh.

"Please..." Vampirella gasped, not even knowing whether she wanted him to stop or continue. His hands continued to massage and tease, just inches from her itching pelvic area. Her mind could not comprehend how she could desire such and evil being. At this point, all she knew was that she wanted more than anything in this world. But she could not let him know that. All she had now was her pride.

"Please what?" Cage taunted.

"Don't..." Vampirella moaned.

Cage was pushing his groin into hers now, his erection rock fully hardened. "I think you're ready for a good hard fuck right about now aren't you, bloodsucker?"

"Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnh!" Vampi groaned.

"I thought so," Cage grinned as he began to unbuckle his belt and unzip. Within seconds Cage had his stiff cock out and was pushing aside the red material of Vampirella's sheer costume to reveal her wet mound. He placed the head of his cock at her slit and rubbed the opening, teasing her mercilessly, until her hips were arching forward to receive him. Then he grasped her taut ass cheeks and slammed his cock inside her tight pit until he had fully impaled her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Vampi screamed loudly as she felt Cage plunge inside her to the hilt. Her body tensed up from the mind-altering sensations she experienced. His cock seemed to light her insides with a fiery warmth, and aroused her to near climax even more pleasurable than the vibrator had elicited from her.

Cage was careful to keep his distance from Vampirella's deadly fangs as he thrust into her vigorously. He grinned as he watched her thrash around, her ebony tresses tossing as she flung her head from side to side in ecstasy. When he felt her vagina grip tight his cock and seem to pulse on him, he hammered her even harder and deeper. Cage took great delight in plowing the once defiant Vampiress. Now she was just like the others, screaming to be fucked long and hard. The only surprise was how quickly his drug had affected her, and he guessed it was due to some deep-seated erotic desires as well as her vampire makeup.

"No! Please! Wait...Stop...Yes! Aaaaaaah! Yessssssss!" Vampirella squealed and hissed as Cage nailed her against the tilted platform. Then when he began sucking her tits and biting her erect nipples, she bucked her hips hard to meet his thrusts and screamed even louder, "Yes! Yes! Don't...stop!"

Just when he had Vampirella on the verge of climax, Cage pulled out and laughed cruelly as he watched the look of desperation and shock on Vampi's humiliated face as she saw him walk away to leave her alone again in the cell. For the next several days, Cage would return and repeat the same process, using his addictive plasma mixture just when he knew Vampirella was on the verge of starvation, and on some days he also used many different tools and methods of sexual torture on her pliant body.

It wasn't long until Vampirella was completely dependant on Cage's mind and body control drug. She was distressed to find that she was also under Cage's own will as he took her forcefully each day. But at each and every session he still denied her desperate longing for complete sexual release.

"Don't stop..." the Vampiress whimpered as her body quivered and ached for orgasm as he rode her again and again. "Please..."

"You're going to have to show me that you earned it," Cage informed her with a lascivious grin.

Vampirella shut her eyes and groaned with disappointment. Why was he torturing her so? Her will was now broken. After so many days of this, there was no way now to resist his control. It was too difficult. It was much simpler and easier to give in. Now she didn't care about her pride. Her defiance had now been eroded and replaced instead with complete and utter compliance.

"I'll do anything you ask...please!" Vampirella begged.

"Of course you will, slut," Cage said with satisfaction. After a long cruel pause, Cage finally told her, "I think you're ready to be released."

The realization was overwhelming. Finally! She would be out of this cruel bondage.

"Not completely of course, I still have to maintain some control, just so you don't get any ideas."

"No! I promise!" Vampirella assured him.

"Because if you do, then we'll have to start all over again," Cage warned. "Then it will take twice as long."

"No," Vampi whimpered. The thought of it made her shudder.

"Good, now let me tell you the rules. I'm going to let you out of this, but your collar stays on. Keep in mind I control the collar and what it can do to you. One false move and I use it to crush your neck. Understand?"


"Next, rule," Cage continued. "From now on, it's yes, Master."

"Yes, Master!" Vampirella said quickly, eager to get on with her release.

"The next few days you'll spend in my private chamber. Whatever I tell you to do, you'll do with pleasure. The word 'no' will not be your vocabulary. You live to please me now slave. I am going to degrade, fuck, humiliate, use and abuse you in every way possible, and if you are properly subservient, I just might let you have what you really want."

Vampirella gasped at the thought. She found his words oddly thrilling her inside, and she felt herself becoming extremely wet and aroused. "Yes Master! Please! I'll let you do anything you want!"

"That's a good little bitch," Cage grinned. "Now, let's get you out of this."


Rip Cage sat up against the large mahogany backboard of the huge bed in his ornate bedchamber. The nude and collared Vampirella was crouched between his splayed apart legs with her head slowly bobbing up and down in his lap. He watched with complete satisfaction as his latest conquest pleasured him orally while he smoked a cigar with one hand and used the other to run his fingers through her black silken tresses. After several days of training, Vampirella was now the eager expert, using her tongue and lips to lick and suckle like a seasoned whore. At first he was wary of her fangs, but stern warnings seemed to frighten her enough so that she would not even think of doing anything to harm him. He would have her suck his cock for hours at a time, and then take her repeatedly, mounting her in whatever position he ordered. Her stamina and flexibility enabled her to keep up with his rigorous demands until finally he allowed her to mount him on top and ride him until she screamed with shuddering orgasms.

When Cage was tired of fucking Vampi or had business to take care of, he would attach her collar chain to the bed, leaving her alone to ponder when he would come back.  The Vampiress was a shell of her former self now. She only lived to please her Master, and she was careful to obey his every whim and command so that he would allow her blissful release. She only wished she could be with him always, and her body ached when he was away, even for a few minutes. At night when it was time for him to sleep, she eagerly suckled him as a human pacifier until morning, when she would pleasure him until he exploded in her mouth. His thick juices made her hungry for more each time.

It was after a week of such bliss, and Vampirella could not fathom that her new life could get any better than what it was. After Cage returned from breakfast one morning, she sat up eagerly.

"Are you ready to fuck me again Master?"

"I've got something different in mind this morning," Cage informed her, and then turned to the open door and called out, "Lorelei, get in here."

Vampirella watched with surprise as a buxom curly-haired blonde entered the room, wearing a red velvet corset, diamond studded collar, g-string panties, garters, stocking and glossy high heel pumps.

Vampi's first instinct was deep jealousy, and her face flushed with anger. Lorelei stopped cold when Vampirella bared her fangs at her. Cage was amused to see the fear on Lorelei's face. She had already been hesitant to join Cage and his new slave. She hated to share him with anyone, but orders were orders, and she could not even begin to think about refusing anything Cage desired.

"You've been a good slave," Cage told Vampirella. "I'm going to let you have my slut Lorelei for awhile. I'm just going to sit over here and watch.

"But Master," Vampirella began. "I don't want her. I want you."

"It's not a matter of what you want. It's a matter of what I want. And right now I want you both to get it on while I watch."

Vampirella and Lorelei both hesitated. Neither was particularly fond of one another at the moment. Vampi saw Lorelei as a threat, and Lorelei looked at Vampi as someone who was taking her Master's time away from her. But at the same time, both realized it was more important with what their Master wished. Lorelei finally approached the bed and gingerly climbed on it, her body tense with fear. The fangs frightened her.

The look on Cage's face told Vampirella all she needed to know. He was becoming sexually aroused by the two of them together. If that was what he wanted, she would be more than eager to satisfy his desire. Suddenly, the thought of taking the beautiful blonde made Vampi wet, and not just because it was what her Master desired. She felt a strange Sapphic urge like she had never felt before. Was this really happening? She had never desired a woman before.

Lorelei gasped when Vampirella suddenly grasped her by the back of the neck and pulled her into an embrace, locking her lips on hers and immediately probing her mouth with her pliant tongue. It wasn't long until Lorelei, who resisted at first, slowly began to succumb to Vampi's intoxicating kiss, returning her tongue and using her hands to caress Vampi's soft arms and shoulders. Their hands began to roam to other places, Lorelei cupping Vampi's supple ass cheeks and Vampirella slipping her palms over Lorelei's plump breasts. Their kissing became more impassioned as the minutes ticked by. Soon, Vampi grasped Lorelei by the shoulders and tossed her down flat on her back. Vampi pinned Lorelei down and straddled her hips as she continued kissing her. Then she locked Lorelei's wrists above her head with one hand and slipped the other hand down between the voluptuous blonde's creamy thighs.

"Unnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!" Lorelei groaned as Vampi's fingers pressed through the sheer material of her panties and into the tender folds of her vagina. Her body arched upward at the touch of the seductive Vampiress. She squealed and wiggled as her new lover suckled her neck and then moved down to her breasts.

As the two slaves made passionate love, Cage lit a cigar and rubbed his crotch. You just couldn't get this kind of entertainment on cable TV. He grinned with delight as his two pleasure sluts squirmed and slithered on the bed, changing positions at his occasional encouragement. Then they seemed to take off on their own, switching all the way around until they were in a sixty-nine position. By now, Vampirella had virtually stripped Lorelei of all her lingerie. They had both their mouths buried in each other's sopping muffs, tongues stabbing into each other's slits.

The room was filled with gasps and moans, the temperature rising noticeably a few degrees from the hot lovemaking that was taking place on the plush bed. After each had brought the other to the first climax, they turned and twisted their bodies so that their legs were in scissor position between each other and their pussies were pressed tight against one another.
Cage smiled as the blonde and brunette humped and bumped vigorously, their rhythm building and building until they were both screaming and thrashing on the bed. After several more minutes, the sexed up women could not take the intensity any more, and both exploded simultaneously with shattering climaxes that made them nearly pass out into blissful unconsciousness.

Once they both fell back on the bed, gasping and exhausted, Cage got up from his chair and climbed into bed with them. He waited until they both recovered from their mind numbing experience and nuzzled up to him. Then he took out his erection.

"Okay, sluts, now it's time to care of your Master."

Vampirella and Lorelei smiled and licked their lips, tingling with excitement and both thrilled that they had not only pleased their Master, but that they were now allowed to pleasure him once again. At first they were competitive, each trying to outdo the other to show their Master who was better, but he sternly scolded them and soon they began to work in concert to satisfy him to the fullest.

After an hour of ball licking and cock sucking, Cage splashed in both their ecstatic faces while they fingered each other into yet another orgasm. Afterwards, they all showered and Cage spent the rest of the afternoon fucking one and then the other, allowing them to fuck each other in between his breaks.

And so it went for a full month as Cage used both women to satisfy his every carnal desire. Vampirella was now completely and totally subservient. Now it was time for the payoff.


"I have a big surprise for you," Cage told Vampirella after he had fucked her the third time that morning.

"Yes, Master?" Vampi asked, pleasantly surprised.

"Yep, I'll be right back."

Cage got up, got dressed and left Vampi alone once again in the bedroom, still chained to the bed. Her body tingled with anticipation. What was her Master going to bring this time? He had done so much for her. Yes, sometimes he was cruel and harsh, but that didn't matter. All that mattered was pleasuring him.

Minutes ticked by, then hours. Was this another cruel exercise? Why did he do this? She couldn't wait another minute.

Then she heard footsteps outside the door approaching. It was her Master! Please let it be her Master!
The door opened and in stepped Cage with a crooked smile. "I have some great news."

"Master, where have you been?" Vampi asked, nearly out of her mind.

"I went to meet your new owner."

Vampirella was stunned. What did he just say? No. It couldn't be true.

"" Vampi began to whimper.

Then Vampirella's saddened eyes opened wide with terror as a figure stepped into the room beside Cage.

It was her hated nemesis, Mistress Nyx.

The beautiful but evil looking woman smiled with delight as she watched Vampirella's expression. Finally she would have her enemy once again in her clutches. This time there would be no escape.

The memory of their encounters flooded Vampirella's memory, and a profound sense of dread overcame her to the point that she nearly fainted. Adrenaline and fear was all that kept her conscious.

"Master, please, you can't..." Vampirella began to plead.

"For what she paid I sure can," Cage laughed. "But I have to admit, I was tempted to keep you around. But your Mistress Nyx here convinced me differently."

"What's the matter, my dear Vampirella, aren't you glad to see me?" Mistress Nyx taunted.

"Master, please...she'll kill me."

"I ain't your Master, anymore bloodsucker," Cage told her as he came to unlock her chain from the bed and then handed it over to Mistress Nyx, who took it eagerly. "Say 'hello' to your new Mistress."

"Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" Vampirella screamed as tears flooded her eyes.

"Come along, Vampirella," Mistress Nyx said as she took Vampi's chain and pulled her close. "You and I have a lot of catching up to do."