Undercover of the Rolling Stone

Chapter 1: Undercover of the Rolling Stone

If you think that monsters are evil by nature, think again.

True, the history of monsters has been a history of misunderstandings. The main reason for human-monster clashes was mankinds insane reproduction rate. This led to biotope competition, even if you were a subterranean troll. If some fracking engineers blow steam into your house, you might send them an earthquake for politely hinting them to frack off.

In any case, declaring war on mankind usually ran into the fangs of their self-declared protectors, Vampirella and Pantha. More foresighted species made a truce: Rogue members were open for the hunt, and in return the one who "behaved" were kept from being molested. That way, a fragile peace had been kept for centuries, and the existence of monsters still was only known to a few adepts.

Vampirella was negotiating with the secret "Rolling Stone" service. "Trolls are behind the Slavery Ring? I already suspected some real big dicks, but trolls? Ah well, I owe you one..." "Bonus Hint: Start your search in the Lechuguilla cave. You can repay by shooing those annoying Stanolind workers off our territory." "Well, I'll pull some of my connections. No problem. It's a deal!"

Chapter 2: What we do is not gneiss

"Oh my godddddd!" Pantha moaned. "We're at the mercy of these monsters! They will rip apart our virgin vagoos with their humongeous pen0rs!" Vampirella hissed. Did Pantha just managed to *say* 'pen0rs', with a zero? She whispered: "Your overacting will blow everything!"

The two trolls, naturally, were too big to get the second part of the conversation. "Obsidian one talks too much", Gabbro complained. "Probably no longer when she's got a humongous penor stuffed into her gills!" Tuff quipped. Naturally, he did *not* manage to articulate a zero. "But vagoos first!" Gabbro retorted. "The last slave girl suffocated way too quick! No fun!"

Vampirella and Pantha fake-squealed a lot when the trolls rammed their humongeous pen0rs (look, I can do it too!) into their not exactly virgin vagoos. The next-to-last slave girl didn't survive that treatment either, but it wasn't necessary to rub the trolls big noses into the fact that they both were shapeshifters and able to adapt to even larger invaders. Vampirella leant back against her chains and thought of Drakulon.


"Noooo! YES! YES!" Vampirella sighed. That orgasm cry of Pantha clearly was *not* a fake. Horny bitch. Gabbro let out a grunt and began to snore. Oh happy day. So it was up to her again to complete the mission - picking the brains of these henchtrolls to get to the backers behind the slave ring. "Look deeply into my eyes...No, my eyes are up here!"

Chapter 3: Rock Bottom

Vampirella gave the enchanted troll a malicious finger poke, and Tuff keeled over with a mighty thud. "I hope you had some fun with my virgin vagoo, since it probably will be the whetstone for your balls." Vampirella flexed her muscles, and the rusty chains (obviously fakes too) flew popping from the wall. "Hey Pantha! Could you stop enjoying it for a moment? Our mutual friend just sang like a canary in a coal mine! The troll we're after is Bovey!" "The...ooooh!...washed up troll rock star?" "The same. I should have known better that rock stars have strange cravings. Well, the Rolling Stone will drum it into him, that's no longer our problem as soon as we bring them the news. Now, could you part from your lover?"
Pantha tried.
"Aaaaah! He cum-ented me! I'm stuck!" Pantha slowly awoke from her orgasmic trance and squealed again. "My womb! It's totally case-hardened!" "Well, now you know how Bigby felt. Protip: Use a condom next time. Stay put while I organize a jackhammer."