Game of Snooker

"Your roommate is a vampire."
For the umpteenth time, Linda Danvers pondered about the anonymous message she found in her mailbox. What made this thing so suspicious was the fact that the assertion didn't make the slightest sense. Her roommate was Ella Normandy, a pretty young lady that didn't look undead at all. She dressed before the mirror. She walked in the sun like any red-blooded human. Linda once even showed her a little silver cross she bought as a gift for a friend, and Ella did not crumble to dust or the like.
"Your roommate is a vampire."
Admitted, there was something not-of-this-earth about Ella. She made some mysterious disapperances, and she had an almost magical power over men. (At least over a certain part of their anatomy.) Linda decided not to think about it the umpteenth-and-one time, but to do a little spying. After all, she was Supergirl. What could a vampire do to her invulnerable body anyway?

"I have some urgent business to do. If someone calls me, it's nothing special, just saving the world." Ella laughed her dark scary laughter and vanished into the night. "You're not the only sneaky gal", Linda thought and changed to X-ray vision. But what was that? The X-ray shadow of Ella changed into... something eerie...a bat? With superspeed, Linda followed her. "So it is true? But how...anyway, I can fly too!"
It proved extremely difficult to follow Ella. Even for a Supergirl. She nearly lost her. But then...a death shriek from a nearby alley! Linda came too late to the scene. Ella was holding some corpse in her hands, blood dripping from erect fangs over a likewise red costume. " abomination!" Linda cried. Ella reacted like a cornered animal. She went to Lindas jugular with a speed before even Linda could react.
"Eeeeaugh! My teeth!" "Bitten off more than you can chew, eh? Now die, vampire scum!" A heat ray scorched Ella, turning her into ashes.

"Ella the vampire...Ella the vampire...Now where did I heard that before?" Linda did some research in the Transdimensional Almanac for Heroes and Villains.
"Gotcha! Vampirella...Bad Girl...fights supernatural enemies...immortal..."
"I see you found out about me." Yikes! Not even with her super ears, Linda could have heard Vampirella coming. "But...But..." "Can you kill a notion? As long as fanboys wet their underpants, I will be alive. I'm mankinds guardian angel from the deepest depths of hell, and thanks to your intervention, some dangerous demons are still running amuck in the streets. And what matters you..." "Listen, I'm sorry for my error, but when you want it rough, Good Luck!" Linda turned into her Supergirl outfit.
"Think I can't hurt you, arrogant bimbo? Look into my eyes and see the opposite!"

"A staring duel? Hahaha!" Supergirl now made a stupid error. She should have read the article about Vampirella thoroughly, especially the part with her great hypnotic powers.
"What?...Nooo! Must...fight..." "How is that, superditz? I can't hurt you, but you will hurt yourself plenty. Now would you please spank yourself, you nasty girl..." "Ouch! Ouch!" "And now use your heat ray on yourself..." "Auwghhh!" "That's fine. Hmmm, what will we do next?" "Iiiieeee!" "Oh, that must have hurt badly. Now look, your costume is ruined. And at such strategically important points...What's peeking out there?" "Nooooo!"

Supergirl writhed in disgust. This was also noted somewhere in Vampirellas file - she was bisexual and highly dominant.
"Hmmmm, don't you like my caressing? I think your body says otherwise. I'm a sex machine in town, baby!" Vampirella did some James Brown karaoke. "And do you know what? We girls from hell all know a little trick! Now look what we have here...Mmmmmh, that's good!" Supergirl watched in panic Vampirella stroking her clit which grew and grew and grew...until the thing would have more befitted a stallion.
"Incoming!" And then Vampirella began to rape her. "OW!OW!OHHH!UM!MMMMH!AAAAAAA!"

When Vampirella was done with Supergirl, she left her lying on the bed, legs spread wide, pussy dripping wet, and with a sign around the neck, "Fuck me, I'm a superbitch!"
"I think that is now enough humiliation for one evening. When my mood has lighted up, I even will let you out of my hypnotic spell." She slammed the door. Ten minutes later, someone else came crashing in.
"Feetals Gizzard! Looks like my little plan worked fragging perfectly. You stupid whores are so predictable. Baby, now you'll be in heaven!"
"Noooo!" Supergirl squealed in panic. (Next day, a surgeon had to remove a hook from Lobos asshole in a very painful operation. But how it came that is a completely different story!)