by T.C.

Vampirella descended into the inner reaches of the tomb. She remembered the news story that brought her here: an Egyptian tomb described as belonging to a Queen Hatiti had been discovered, but what was initially hailed as the archaeological find of the New Nillennium was now plagued by supernatural incidents, or at least by rumors and complaints thereof. Naturally, Vampirella had to investigate. (Why? Because I said so. Nyah. :b)
Soon, Vampirella reached the inner sanctum. Gold, jewels, and trinkets lay in piles on the floor. And in the middle of it was a gold-inlaid, bejewelled sarcophagus. Too bad the archaeologists never reached this part, thought Vampirella. They'd be millionaires a dozen times over!
But Vampirella was uninterested in wealth. This supernatural mystery was of greater import. Then, as she approached the sarcophagus, the heavy stone lid moved. It lifted away from its inner part to reveal Queen Hatiti.
Vampirella had to raise an eyebrow. Queen Hatiti was no mummified corpse, but a voluptuous goddess whose wrapping had strategically decayed (hint, hint!). Her eyes flashed open. "Who dares invade my inner sanctum?" she thundered in funereal tones. "Who disturbs my eternal slumber?"
"I am Vampirella," announced the beautiful vampiress. "And aren't you being a little melodramatic?"
"Such insolence will not be tolerated," said Hatiti angrily. As if to drive the point home, several asps slithered out from between the wrappings that loosely decorated her buxom form. The snakes lunged for Vampirella. She leaped out of the way and demonstrated superhuman agility in the way she somersaulted and flipped over to Queen Hatiti.
"Now who's showing off?" smiled Hatiti.
"If the leather boot fits, Hatiti," said Vampirella in a businesslike tone, "kick someone in the head with it!" She demonstrated with a karate-style kick to the head, which Hatiti dodged.
Suddenly, one of Hatiti's serpents leaped for Vampi's boot and sank its needle-like fangs into the soft leather, penetrating it and cutting into her flesh.
Damn! Vampirella cursed as she went down, caught off-guard by the snake's attack. Should've had the foresight to buy snakeproof boots!
More asps slithered over Vampirella's scantily-clad body, biting her with venomous fangs. "Your death will be quick but painful," smiled Hatiti.
However Hatiti had not quite counted on the exact effect her magical serpents' venom had on a vampire's biology. Vampi's nubile body tightened with pain, and then...ecstasy, as the venom hit her not-so-undead [Since Harris rewrites Vampi every year, modify to actual origin valid - Shokoshu] nervous system, causing her to have an orgasm. She gasped, then throbbed with pleasure, the orgasm releasing endorphins that cancelled out the sting of the teeth.
Hatiti watched Vampirella throb and squirm, her breathing a series of gasps and moans. At first she thought Vampi was dying an agonizing death. Then she began to notice something...familiar about the movements, about the sighs and squeals.
"You...enjoy this??" she exclaimed in disbelief. "You should be in agony! How can this be?!" "I'm...ahh...n-not exactly...ohhh...mortal," gasped Vampirella.
"You are like me, then?" asked Hatiti. "Undead?"
"A-approximately,"[See above - Shokoshu] smiled Vampirella between gasps of pleasure. Then she came, crying out with orgasmic delight.
"Hmm," said Hatiti thoughtfully. Maybe her asps couldn't kill Vampirella...but perhaps orgasm addiction could make a willing slave of her. A being with her (Vampi's) powers, obeying Hatiti's commands in exchange for hours of ecstasy...
"What isss thisss?" hissed a voice. "What commotion arousssesss me from my hibernation?"
Vampirella and Hatiti turned to the source of the voice. Something that resembled a full-breasted woman came toward them, sliding out of a crack in the wall. As it got near the light, the "woman" was revealed to be a creature with snakes for hair, a humanoid upper body, and a serpentine tail.
"Who are you?" demanded Hatiti. "What are you?"
"I am Gorgona of the Lamiasss," snarled the creature angrily. "I wasss taken from my homeland to be an oddity for the amusssement of the man you know asss the Pharaoh. I essscaped my enssslavement, and I chossse thisss plasssce in which to hide. I must have hibernated."
Suspended animation? Vampirella managed to think despite the non-stop orgasms. Then her higher reasoning whited-out in another explosion.
"You mean to say," accused Hatiti angrily, "that you have been desecrating this holy tomb for centuries?! Leave this place at once, demon, or feel my wrath!"
"Not till I have had my revenge!" refused Gorgona hotly. "And I ssshall take it out upon you, last of the Egyptiansss!" "You'll not find me easy prey!" screamed Queen Hatiti, and they lunged at each other.
For a moment, Hatiti seemed to have the upper hand, as she wrestled the Lamia's upper body. Then the constricting tail wrapped itself around her beautiful body and tightened, even as Gorgona's hair-snakes bit into her.
For long moments, Hatiti grimaced as the venomous fangs stung into her. Then she found that the warm feeling of the venom and the squeezing was starting to feel good. For, like Vampirella, Hatiti's undead nervous system reacted to the venom in...unpredictable ways.
"Wh...what's happening?" Hatiti wondered. "This feels good!" The fire rose within her loins and her breasts and buttocks. Her pussy itched, and Gorgona's scale-textured tail was the perfect thing to rub it against, vigorously. "What are you doing?" inquired Gorgona, noticing Hatiti's unusual reaction.
"Let you..." Hatiti managed to gasp out. The asps slid from her bandages, biting Gorgona's tail.
"Your ssserpentsss sssting, woman," said Gorgona. "But their poissson cannot harm my kind." She paused, then realized, "Asss a matter of fact, thisss feelsss gooooood..."
Hatiti began to rub against Gorgona's tail, even as it rubbed between her legs. The fires within them were stoked to infernos, and then...explosion, as they orgasmed simultaneously, howling their delight.
When it was all over, Hatiti lay in a pool of Gorgona's coils and said luxuriatingly, "I've never had one like that before."
"Neither have I," said Gorgona. Then she looked over at Vampirella, who was still shuddering and sweating through her own repeated orgasms. "What about her?"
Queen Hatiti looked at Vampi. Then she smiled. "I have an idea..."

And so Vampirella found herself locked in a sexual embrace with Hatiti and Gorgona, engaged in the kinkiest menage a troi ever, with a serpent tail crushing the three of them together as they fingered each other's pussies, with the snakes biting their beautiful bodies, and with Vampi's fangs sinking into either Hatiti's or Gorgona's neck. The lesbian S&M orgy ended with all three turned-on women exploding into orgasms so powerful they lost consciousness.
The next night, Vampi had to leave. "I hate having to leave you, as well," she said. "But until you two are ready for the outside world...this can be our little secret."
The three women shared a knowing wink.