1 Another girl has disappeared mysteriously. Supernatural Investigator Vampirella is on the trail. She tracks the perpetrator down to a hidden cave.
2 Vampirella is distracted as she sees in horror what the monster does to the girl.
3 She better should have watched her own pretty backside as something creeps up from behind.
4 The monster catches Vampirella unaware with its slimy tentacles and rips off her costume.
5 Vampirella squeals as she sees the familiar form that 1JPG">.waits to probe her.
6 Even Vampirellas superhuman strength can't free her when she is kept firmly in place by a 2knot swelling in her ass.
7 Vampirella squeals even more as the other lusty tentacle squirms into her vagina and begins to stimulate her clit.
8 The monster now tightens its grip and catches Vampirellas big tits.
9 Vampirella panics as she recognizes this is a Cuntslurper Monster which feeds on the female juices. Her resistance is futile as the tentacles keep her helplessly tied to the monster.
10 To control Vampirellas metabolism and even make her milk flow, the monster injects her some potent hormones.
11 To suck every drop out of Vampirella, the monster wraps her into its slimy skin.
12 Vampirella begins to feel her clit itching from the injected aphrodisiacs and the stimulation of her whole body and begins to moan lustfully.
13 Vampirella can't hold back any longer. Here juices overflow as she is stimulated even inside her womb and she orgasms.
14 The squirming of the tentacles everywhere inside her body makes Vampirella go crazy with one multiple orgams after the other.
15 As the monster sucks her dry, Vampirella slowly orgasms to death for a virtual eternity.
16 Years later, the remains of Vampirella are found by a military patrol.