Lesbian Raepspider

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The Rover steadily hummed through the desert of Hawth.
"I bet it's nothing but boring rock formations today", yawned Nyani. "%// (you'll never know)" retorted $!&$. An Earthling would have translated her name approximately as "Web of Science"...if he hadn't run away screaming, since $!&$ looked about like a two meter tall spider. She was of the Aranja (or better: &&%**) race, who made an alliance with Earth (after some initial screaming away-running, but it certainly helped in the end that the Aranja were technically much higher developed).
In any case, Nyani called $!&$ simply "Spider" since they were the only intelligent beings (sadly, even in 2103 computers couldn't be called intelligent) on the small Hawth exploring station. As Nyani apologized: "Sorry, as a Xhosa I belong to the few humans who get the ! right, but gets me a knot into my tongue..." "$ (A)?" "Whatever." In return, $!&$ called Nyani "*/* (Monkey)" which was, by light, even more racist, but the Aranjo-English (&&%*-<|*) translator ($!&$ could understand English perfectly, but try to get an "aeiou" from your mandibles) desperately lacked a P.C. module. And they were bestest friends anyway. In science, looks don't matter.
"%&* &&<> $%$ (Webtech has announced they finally engineered an affordable protection suit. It will come unto the market next year.)" "Fine, then I won't have to run around naked on Hawth anymore. Maybe you're secretly a Lesbian Raepspider!" (In absence of affordable protection suits for the chronically underfunded science teams, the low-tech solution, plus hundred water canisters in the trunk of the Rover, had proved to be the best countering of the unbearable heat of the Hawth desert. $!&$ had a natural advantage anyway, due to her exosceleton, which cut down water losses.)
The &&%*-<|* translator still struggled with the "raepspider". When Nyani finally had made the concept clear, $!&$ could only "<<< (bounce in the net laughing)". "*/* <|** &/&%* &&& <<< (Monkey, you Earthlings and your wacky procreation schemes!)" "Wacky?" "&&& |!! $!$ !!* $ (you let your young ones grow inside you, and then they even come into the world incomplete)" $!&$ stated firmly. Nyani grumbled. Spider had a point. No wonder they were the technologically higher race.

"Oh look, a particularly boring rock formation. My sixth sense says we should take a closer look at it. $!&$ found the sixth sense of the <|** most amazing, so they stopped the Rover and went out. "$ (just a load of shist)" she said and then heard a suspiscious noise and saw a flash from her eigth eye and... "!! (DOWN!!)" $!&$ pinned her friend to the ground with her giant body. Before Nyani could ask her if she WAS a Lesbian Raepspider after all, the Rover exploded.
"! (OWCH!) $&$ (Zombie flies!)" $!&$ pointed to the sky. "<< &<&< $<|*! &&%* $ !" (A giant solar flare must have overloaded the electronics! Shitty earth model! Ours would not explode!)" $!&$ let off a few more $ and & even the translator refused to translate, while Nyani cautiously approached the smoldering ashes. "Fuck! There went our water reserves! Antennas are completely ruined too! We're dead! Or at least I'm dead. If you take your eight legs in your hands and run, you might make it. Your heroic attempt to save me just gave you a scorched exosceleton. I'll be a dry husk even halfway to the station." "*<<< (dead?)" "Deadly sure. Hey, no point that you take risks. Use all resources! Only in a bad science fiction now some holiday cruiser took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and lands beneath us asking for direction. You can do nothing for me so kill me on the spot and suck me dry, I'm litres and litres of water! Earth HQ must know this technical flaw at all costs!"
"$&* <<<$ (Hey, I'm not a cannibal! Is this no joke?)" "I'm in dead earnest, dear friend and colleague." $!&$ let out the equivalent of a sigh. If */* even didn't call her Spider, she was in earnest.

Nyani couldn't move a limb. $!&$ had webbed her into a cocoon and now gently bit into her jugular. "*<<<* $<<<* &&% %%$ %$% */* (This is my strongest poison. I never had a prey that large. Monkey, you won't feel a thing...)" Then she slid down and squirmed her proboscis into Nyanis vagina. (Easily accessible and most wet. Suck Suck Suck!) "MMMMH...OOOH...just keep on...AAAAH!" "*/* "If this is heaven, it suspicuously looks like our good old station..." Nyani thought when she opened her eyes. $!&$ had improvised an infusion stand which gave back the liquid of life. "$&!$ *<<<* <%< %! //$ *<<$ (The cocoon was airtight and my poison kept you in suspended animation. Minimized water loss. Last resort wild guess. Hadn't even expected to be able to reanimate you. Thank our technologically superior medicine possibilities!)" "Message to HQ..." "% (Out.)"
"Oh my, you ARE some Lesbian Raepspider. The orgasm killed me, not your poison. Are you OK too?" " (Not quite.)" "But what..." "** /$ %/ <%% *%* %%|| (I'm carrying fertilized eggs. They overheated. I urgently need a place of constant temperature and moistness since they are not yet ready to hatch and lack the technical ressources!)" "You're a mother? Pregnant?" "*** (Mother, yes.)" "Ha, Earth HQ wouldn't have let me fly into space in that condition! Oh, your friend with the wacky procreation scheme has an idea. It's the least I can do for you when you saved my black ass even risking the life of your breed in return. Just hurry up while I'm conveniently numb since this ain't the standard procedure for Earth girls." The ovipositor felt almost as good as the proboscis...

Nine days later...
Nyani held her swollen belly. "It feels like your young are hatching. Quick, bring me to orgasm again so that my cervix opens! Earth births hurt like fuck and I anyway don't want your brood stumbling around in my innards asking for directions!" $&!$ webbed a string to Nyanis clit and set it into vibration. (She had used the spare time to study Earthling anatomy some deeper.) Nyani squealed. "Oh Gooood...they're coming out...little legs pitterpattering over my G spot..." "*** */*" the tiny aranjas clicked (if you fucking paid attention, you can translate it yourself) and jumped at Nyanis nipples. Since they were essentially grown ups, they evidently didn't need directions. SUCK SUCK! "$|/| %&/ (It's OK, as long it's liquid and nutritious our physiology is compatible)" $&!$ tried to dismiss the fears of...oh, little Monkey already "died" from orgasm again. Nevermind.

"Aranja HQ just sent the new Rover model. AND the new protection suits. Spider, did you know that your young ones can solve differential equations in their head within two weeks?" "|/ |* &&%* (absolutely normal for little Aranjas)" $%!$ smiled. "||* &$&$ (Time for your biology lessons!)" she called out. "// $$$ <$/ <<<*$ (And be gentle with her, the last time I nearly had to reanimate her again!)" Nyani might have said something but within seconds, she already was bound and gagged (for her health - last time she squealed herself hoarse) and at the mercy of a dozen curious spider junior scientists exploring all parts of her body.
Nyani "died" a hundred times. Just on that day. And on the following. Mind you, she laid back and let the Aranja kids do the science...

The End