The Bet (Sorta Centaursex position guide)

Greek Mythology 101A or better recommended

It was the usual day on Olympus. Hera was jangling that if she would catch a certain part of Zeus just once more in a mortal woman, that certain part would end up like that of Granpa. Ares was doing his morning world domination plot, the rest was cabaling like usual, and Aphrodite and Demeter were at loggerheads with each other.
It's quite a feature to anger Demeter, especially involving loggerheads, but Aphrodite had to boast she was mankinds most needed and most beloved goddess.
"Oh yeah. Tell that the tenth hungry toddler to support," Demeter retorted sarcastically.
In about ten seconds they were refering to each others mothers, Aphrodite saying something nasty about Rhea, Demeter saying she'll be glad to have a mother at all and not being born from jizz.
Luckily, Aphrodite hadn't the nerve to refer to Demeters daughter too, because that would have been her end, immortal or not. Unluckily, they kept on bragging until...
"But I have the largest womb!" That was Demeters standard covers-it-all argument, about as pointless as Aphrodite referring to her beauty. "Yeah, you surely could screw a Centaur!" "Ha! You'd screw everything that is remotely screwable!" And before they fully realized, they had agreed to settle matters by a Centaur screwing duel.
Now they were stuck, so to say, and their codex of honor didn't allow a retraction. Olympian game of chicken.

"Lookie, lookie, Centaurs, here are two callow unwary Amazons waiting to be ra..." "Dite, you are overacting!" "Am not!" "Am too!" Two lassos came swishing from nowhere and coiled themselves around two voluptious figures.
"Now what have we caught here?" Father and Son Centaur were ogling their game. "Help! Heeeelp! This evil centaurs are going to ra..." "Shaddap, Dite!" Demeter hissed. "Or you will attract Xena to our rescue!" Son Centaur just heared the X word. "Wail as you like! Last time I heard, Xena and Hercules were on a mission to South Pole to save the world from the Ozone monster or whatchamacallit. No hero will save you from your fate! A fate fourty centimeters long and six centimeters wide!" "Make that sixty and nine!" added his father. (Editors Note: Of course they refer to their horse penises, not to their human ones which had a pretty normal 20/4, resp. 30/5 size. Centaurology never established at all whether Centaurs are hung back, front or both, and how long, so I take the poetic licence for the "both" option. It's a pr0n story after all.) Then they trussed up the goddesses, pulled out the ACME fellatio anti-bite gags (pat. pend.) and equipped Demeters and Aphrodites pretty mouthes. A mortal woman would now have had to shut up. (Or at latest with a penis stuffed beyond the gills.) The two simply switched to telepathic bitching.

Father Centaur hung Demeters tied legs around his neck and began to lick her clit. (Not that Centaurs are like Japanese tentacle monsters, always interested to please their victims, but it's more or less a must to sixty-nine first if you are hung selfsame. After all K-Y lube wasn't invented yet.)
Son Centaur followed the example. "Neener, neener, Daddy, mine is prettier!" "Neener, neener, Deo, I am prettier!" "Yeah, yeah, destroyed a florishing city to get a point across which was never in dispute ", Demeter yawned.
With an elegant swing of her pretty neck, Aphrodite gulped down Son Centaurs penis which hung in front of her pretty nose, an amazing aiming while being hampered by an ACME fellatio anti-bite gag (pat. pend.), and began to play around with her pretty tongue. "Gotcha!" "Dite, you fall out of your role! Some more resistance or they get suspicious"
"See, father, mine is already falling for my charms!" "It's the first you learn in Centaur school, son, women want to be ra...hey, swallow my dick too, bitch! I'm waiting! OK, OK, so you are the shy one, then." Father Centaur took Demeters head with both hands and shoved it were he wanted it. "Fallingoutmy role,Deo?" Aphrodite moaned. Demeter grumbled and gave Father Centaur some casual lickings. On Olymp, they usually treated her like a hick, but compared to these three lovelies, she was University grade material. Then she orgasmed, too.

A Japanese tentacle monster surely would have enjoyed the sight of a throbbing goddess pussy and drunken her love juices until being stuffed. (Acquired taste.) The centaurs merely decided they had exerted their tongues far long enough now and it was time to switch to Standard Position 2A. Which consisted in pulling first the tied legs and then the tied arms over their shoulders and receiving the goddesses with the front penis.
"Last one at the old oak is a dray horse!" Father and Son Centaur went into a gallop. With each hoof beat, Aphrodite and Demeter jumped up and down, the penises gliding out and thrusting in again. "And here they come into the last straight! Leader is Son Centaur! And he wins by a dick length! That's because he had the lighter jockey!" "Surely, Mrs. Anorexia Nervosa! " "You!Are!Just!Faaaat!" "Yeah, yeah, give the lucky winner his kiss, I know you can do that even while wearing an ACME fellatio anti-bite gag (pat. pend.)! " That was a blatantly lame attempt of switching the subject, but Demeter couldn't deny that as a fertility goddess she couldn't run around like Miss Potato Famine 1845. In any case, both goddesses were orgasming again, and their vaginal spasms made the Centaurs cum immediately. They whinnied (which sounded rather idiotic coming from a human vocal cord) and ejaculated like a fountain. They decided to crown the act with Standard Position 2B.

"2B" consisted in stepping through the tied legs with their own front legs so that the goddesses glid under the bellies. With a mighty thrust of the pelvis, the Centaurs impaled them on their horse penises. Each impact buried them deeper inside the goddesses until their mouthes could sheathe the front penises again. Aphrodite squealed. "Oh Deo! He's stretching me to the limit! " "Lie down and think of Greece! " Demeter advised. " How can you lie so quietly when he's even bigger? Oh, I see! You are accustomed to horse sex from Poseidon! Why don't you change your name to Mare-y? " "Don'tmentionthat dick!" Demeter for a second forgot that she would be going nowhere and squirmed, wanting to scratch Aphrodites eyes. Mentioning Poseidon to her was like mentioning the war to a German. " He's ripping me apart!" "Wriggle, lovelies, you won't find such fine dicks in all of Greece!" To annoy Aphrodite a bit more, Demeter opened her cervix to take Father Centaur even deeper. She nearly suffocated on his front penis which gained the same leeway. " Dite, can you do that too?" Both Centaurs were aroused to the max, and their penises flared up. This final stretch made the goddesses come in a super-orgasm. Their vaginas contracted in a vice grip around the Centaurs, who erupted like geysirs. Aphrodite did hardly manage to gulp down the cumshot into her pretty throat. Demeter just soaked it up like dry soil. At the same time the horse penises squirted liters of cum into the goddesses wombs. (Editors Note: A goddess can't be impregnated against her will unless by another god. Mortals should use a condom.)

"Son! Say something!" Son Centaur evidently had overestimated his stamina and was throwing all fours into the air. "Oh well, take a nap then. I always wanted the prettier one too." "Neener!..." "Don't!..." He untied Aphrodite from the rump of his son and tied her again in Position 3A, with her pretty back against his chest so he could take her pretty ass from behind. (It was a bit unconfortable, pretty arms tied around the Centaurs shoulder, pretty shanks bent up and backward, tied around the joint of human and horse body, but Aphrodite was past complaining. Demeter, on the other dick, was rather lucky about this turn of things as she could breathe freely again, and sneaked her tongue through the ACME fellatio anti-bite gag (pat. pend.), licking Aphrodites pretty clit. As a woman, she knew much better how to do it, and soon Aphrodite was protesting this position was unfair. After the third multiple orgasm, she ceased protesting and just enjoyed. Demeter meanwhile clinged her whole body around the horse dick and received cum load after cum load shooting into her womb, contracting in orgasm after orgasm...until Father Centaur also broke down exhausted.

"Father! You grow old!" Son Centaur now claimed both goddesses for him. "So you are lezzies too? This cries for Position 3B!" He tied Demeter and Aphrodite together into a 69, and then hung the pair under his belly. His smaller horse penis easily penetrated into Demeter to the last centimeter. (Now guess why she's called De-meter.) Being young and lithe, he bowed down deeply to make his front penis point backwards, thus being able to fill Aphrodites pretty vagina too. "Now it's paybacktime!" she cried triumphantly and caressed Demeters clit with her tongue. The goddesses went into a final licking fight, until Son Centaur decided that the goddesses vaginas were too worn out by the larger penis to have sufficient clingwrap factor for him, and poked through the ACME fellatio anti-bite gag (pat. pend.) (Now you know what a running gag is) instead. Demeter adapted easily, but Aphrodite now had a horse penis deep in her pretty mouth. And then the flare exploded and cut off her air. Liters of cum were gushing into her faster than she could swallow, filling her pretty lungs. Aphrodite literarily drowned in cum. As she lost consciousness, her body exploded into sparkles, an emergency transport back to Olymp. Immortal or not, too much is too much.
"Neener, neener, I win!" moaned Demeter and sucked Son Centaur dry, who soon fainted again.

"Bicbos! Teinibos! Are you alright? How often did we say that you shouldn't keep your catch for yourself? This is so e-go-is-tic! Look how silly you look with your tongue hanging to the ground! And just one elderly amazon did that to you?" "Elderly amazon?" Demeter wanted to explode, but it isn't easy to swear through a ACME fellatio anti-bite gag (pat. pend.) especially when it is fastly filled by a centaur herd where everybody wants to be first.
As an earth goddess, she couldn't sparkle out. Alas, poor Deo...

It was the usual day on Olympus. Zeus was threatening Hera that if she wouldn't stop kvetching, he would phone his buddy from the Japanese Pantheon to test the Giant Penis Monster on her. (A blatantly vain threat - he hated her like hell, but wouldn't stand the thought of another one screwing her.) Ares was doing his evening world domination plot, the rest was cabaling like usual. Aphrodite stood before the mirror, adoring her pretty body with the exception of her vaginal opening which still gaped ugly five centimeters and refused to close. Demeter had been carried home by Hermes Express Service (Persephone immediately grew suspicious when she did't receive her all-eveningly motherly control phone (now guess why she is called Perse-phone) call to Hell and alerted the Olymp), the about fifty liters of Centaur cum making her look like thirteen months pregnant. If you would have looked closely, you might have spotted a quiet smile on her exhausted face. There would be an exceptional good crop the next year...

The End