Light My Fire

"Bring in the Prisoner!" commanded Queen Koriand'r. The guards had their problems to tame the squirming naked woman, but any bondage fan would have been delighted. If looks could kill, Starfire would have gone up in flames, but as far as we know, they don't. (Unless Cyclops is involved, but that's another comic company.)

"You have been found guilty of crimes against Tamaran!" Koriand'r thundered. "And the High Council sentenced you to death!" The prisoner would have commented on this, if not for the gag in her mouth. "They said you were worse than a feral animal and a royal bitch, so you will be fucked to death by a feral animal!" Kory's look in the direction of High Council President Ouglar made clear what she thought of this logic. "Tie her to the Snu-Snu Altar!" The prisoner squirmed even more, but finally she was in position for the verdict, her gorgeous grebnacks accessible to anybody. "Now everybody out except Ouglar, who has to oversee the execution! And if I ever find a bootleg video of this on Youtube, the perpetrator will suffer the same sentence!"

"Even I can't change the sentence! And you are still my sister!" (Komand'r. Who else did you expect?) "And they gave me the right to choose the executioner. Well then. Beast Boy, you can come out!" A small green gadfly who had been suspiciously buzzing around the scenery changed to the familiar form of the Barely Legal Age Titan. "Wha..." stammered Ouglar. "This is cheating!" "Is not!" retorted Starfire. "Is too...he merely takes the animal has to lack intelligence..." Kory and Ouglar took a deep wordless look at Beast Boy. "HEY! I resent that rhetoric pause!" he protested. "Damn, you tricked me!" clamored Ouglar. "Well then, but I choose the species!" "OK, OK." conceded Starfire. "Do what the good uncle says, Milnip Wusserloop." (Beast Boy asked himself for the umptieth time if that was a good or bad thing.)

"Beast Boy! Change into a lion! Rip this Glubnorb to pieces with your spiny member!" "On my way, Mr. Melodramatic." Beast Boy crawled between the spread-eagled legs of Blackfire and began to lick her clit. "This is an execution and no romantic date! Willya skip the foreplay?" "I fuck Blackfire and you fuck yourself, will ya?" Beast Boy retorted annoyed. Blackfire couldn't be reached for comment, but it seemed she moaned for more. Then the giant lion mounted her. Ouglar soon realized that the rip-glubnorb-to-pieces-thingie wasn't working as expected and he took a close look. "WAIT! What a tiny dick... I thought a lion has a royal member..." "Still larger than yours! Look into Wikipedia beforehand next time!"

"Aaargh! This is getting nowhere!" ranted Ouglar, which was not quite correct as Blackfire was getting wetter and wetter. Rather than impaling her, the little spines turned out to be quite stimulating. "You quit this nonsense and turn into a horse!" "Now THAT'S what I call a proper size!" grinned Beast Boy, and Starfire murmured something about plinthorg. A muffled squeal came from Komand'r as her pussy was stretched to its limits. Luckily, those limits were far higher than that of an Earth girl. She quickly adapted to her intruder and tried to thrust her pelvis forward to get him deeper. Her cervix opened (another trick hardly any Earth girl can copy) and Beast Boy was engulfed in full length. His cockhead flared up inside her womb and they were locked together in eternal embrace. Did I say eternal? Blackfire was the one to cum first. Her throbbing vagina brought Beast Boy over the edge, and liters of horse cum filled her up.

Ouglar went rageguy. "Why don't you die, troq?" He ripped the gag out of Blackfires mouth. "Oh, I died from lust. Can't you see? Dead." She rolled her eyes, stuck her tongue out and threw all fours limp (as good as the shackles allowed). "You will not mock me! Beast Boy! Are you still erect again?" "Is the Pope celibate?" "Fine! You can stay in horse form, but this time you fuck her mouth until she suffocates!" "Oh no, I will bi... OOOH!AAAAAAH! MMMMPF!" Beast Boy slurped at her clit again with his big horse tongue. You should try this at home (preferrably NOT if you are hung like a horse) - the girls will become will-less in no time. At the next moan, Beast Boy pushed his dick deep into Blackfire's throat. She could only lie back and enjoy while Beast Boy's boner was reducing her oxygen level severely (which increased her lust even more, ask any asphyxia fetishist). With her last useful thoughts, she avoided drowning by guiding the horse dick deep into her esophagus. Then another liter of horse cum came rushing into her stomach, ruining her diet plans. She wanted to scream in orgasm but with horse dick stuffed deep into your gills this is difficult.

Little drizzles of cum were dripping from every orifice of Komand'r but she still refused to kick the bucket. "My whole family died in the Citadel attack!" cried Ouglar. "Beast Boy! Turn into a Killer Amoeba of Alberich IV!" "You made that one up, didya?" "Did not!" "Did too...oh, it seems that amoebas count as animals." How Beast Boy could speak in amoeba form was for him to know and for us to guess. "And now you engulf her and suck her dry!" Good that the Killer Amoeba of Alberich IV is of the polyfluorinated type, which means that its protoplasma dissolves oxygen readily. So Beast Boy could demonstrate the first observed case of lung fuck. He was everywhere in Blackfire's body. Little bubbles of air came from her mouth and exploded in lust screams when they burst on the surface of the amoeba. Starfire had seen enough. She was jelly (OK, jelly too, but I mean jelly), ripped off her royal clothing and took a jump-dive into Beast Boy. Now he could suck two horny girls dry, and those fluids were given very willingly. "This is a kangaroo court!" cried Ouglar, went out and slammed the portal behind him. "Not a kangarooOOOOO!" moaned Blackfire. "Purely rhetoric! Back to amoebaAAAAAA!" moaned Starfire. Beast Boy obliged, and the completely rutha girls were lost in happy shlorvaccs again.

Then from godonlyknows, Raven came in and declared it was a Titan emergency. "It's a Titan emergency! Yes, I see that you are occupied! Wait, isn't that a Killer Amoeba from Aaaaaa!" Beast Boy lashed out with a pseudopod. It took about one second to squirm through her undies and reach her clit, and five more to let Raven decide that the emergency wasn't so urgent after all and she could as well be sucked dry too. Yes, amoebas are THAT good in bed.

"I must have lost twenty pounds of weight!" sighed Blackfire, completely breathless. Seemed her diet plans weren't ruined after all. "By intergalactic law, any botched execution leads to pardonment. Of course I have to lock you in a cell for life anyway..." sighed Starfire. "If you just send in Beast Boy from time to time so it won't get boring..." sighed Blackfire. "Hey, why don't you sigh, Raven?"
"Shut up, this treatment brought my demonic personality to the surface and I have to do my best to control it! Speaking of control, good that this is no real Killer Amoeba from Alberich IV or we would have died a most gruesome death by now! Beast Boy, would you be so kind to get your protoplasma out of my ovaries?"
"Control? Who? Me? Oops, I think my Killer Amoeba instincts are getting the best of me! Sorry, girls, second round!" And before any Tamaranean girl could say "You Clorbag Varblernek!", they were helpless prisoners of Beast Boy again. (Note to Earth Girls: Unless you are a superheroine with super stamina, don't try to make love to a Killer Amoeba, even a fake one. Latest after the 239th multiple orgasm, you die from complete exhaustion.)
And if the emergency hasn't become even more urgent in the meantime, they are still being sucked dry.

The End