Buff Naked

The usual crew was hanging around the lib.
"OK, what do I have to fight this time? Mutant Chicken? The Pizza that walks like a man? The Killer Toothpaste?"
Buffy the Vampire Slayer evidently hadn't her most job-devoted day.
"This...isn't funny", murmured Giles. "In Japan the 666th Season of the Fox is starting. I'm just browsing through this book on traditional and modern Japanese monsters..."
"Yeah, yeah, your usual day on Hells Maw," mocked Xander. "Hey, what have whe here? The Inju, or Lust Demon. Wowie!" "Put that book down!", Giles interjected sharply." "Neener, neener! Hey, that's good. The Inju forces its victim into an endless multiple orgasm and feeds on its love juices. Must be very pleasant...Owch!!" Xander jumped on one leg, because Buffy had severely kicked against his other.
"And that must be very unpleasant," commented Willow. "Yuck to the max! Look at all those tentacles...", Cordelia said utterly disgusted. Xander gave some Little Red Riding Hood routine. "Oh Grandma, why do you have such big tentacles? So I can better tickle you...Owch!!"
This time it was Cordelia, and Xanders other leg.

No monsters were showing up the next day.

None on next-to-that, either. (The usual run-of-the-mill vampirous cannon fodder not counted.)

"Hi Xander!" "Hi, Flynn!" "Pssst! I've got some wild stuff from the videotheque. Let's go to some more quiet place..."
"Do you know Anime - Japanese animated cartoons? Ab-so-lu-ty radical, man. Here, Angel of Darkness..." Xander looked on the cover, where some nekkid schoolgirl was molested by a tentacled plant.
"Inju." "Hey, you never told me that you can speak Japanese! How do you know that the original title is Inju Gakuen..." "Well, there's more behind this pretty face that meets the eye. OK, I look at it..." "Five dollars renting fee." "OK,OK, you vile bloodsucker. Here are your bucks, and await a stake through your heart sooner."

Xander waited until his house was a guaranteed parent-devoid zone and then played the tape. His jaw dropped at the first scenes. He decided to watch the further story one-handed.
"Oh yeah, grab her and rape her! Oh, how I wish I could grab Cordelia like that. And maybe Buffy and Willow too! Damn, why have those buggers pixeled out the most interesting parts? He made his personal close-up to the video recorder. (Yeah, kids, wanking is bad for your eyes!)
"Oh yes, tie her up! Yes! Yes! AAAAH!" He better had watched where his gun pointed. Everywhere else, this would have ended in a short circuited recorder and a mess hard to explain away from Mom. But this was Hells Maw, home of Ridicilously Hackneyed Plot Contrievances. A light arc sparked from the monitor and directly into Xanders private parts. "AAARGH!"
Then an evil entity had taken over his will.

"Cordelia-I-must-show-you..." "Xander, cut that zombie routine! I'm looking by as soon as I'm back from the beauty shop."
"Buffy-I-must-show-you..." "Yeah, surely, you are the monster avised. Hang on."
"Willow-I-must-show-you..." "When you're gonna grow? I'm coming soon."

"Hi Buffy." "Hi Willow." "Hi Cordelia." "Xander must think we are his harem. I even cancelled my date with Angel. Better this is something urgent." "Come-in.I-have-found-the-japanese-monster..." "Xander!!!" An unisono protest flared up.
"And cut out that silly trick with the glowing eyes!" "...or better, it has found you!" Xanders body exploded in a mass of tentacles. Even Buffys lightning-fast reactions didn't help her, within second she was helplessly wrapped up just like Cordelia and Willow. Then the monster began to rip off her clothes.
"This can't be happening! That gown costed fivehundred dollars! You sliming me all over, and I just MMMPFFF!" Cordelia was the first to suffer from pod-in-mouth disease. "Aw shucks! And I have to explain this again to Mommmmhh!" Buffy followed. "Xander, can I get pregnant? UMMH!" That shut up Willow.
Meanwhile the girls were naked. Tentacles were wrapped around all their limbs. Then a suction-cap attached itself to their breasts and clits, and some very fine tickler tentacles began to torment them. Buffy also had looked in Giles handbook and knew that Inju monsters where perfectly equipped to arouse their victims. The knowledge didn't help her at all. Slowly, the girls got wetter and wetter. An inflatable knot was inserted into their asses for better control. Then the final nail was driven in her coffin (or more precisely, tentacle driven into their pussies). This tentacle had all sorts of bumps and appendages. Willow could have told them what drove them insane right now was called a G-spot, but she was too busy moaning. The bodies of the girls turned into a whole erogenous zone, and the Inju knew how to satisfy them. Orgasm after orgasm ravaged them, and slowly they got weaker and weaker.

Angel was unruly. That Buffy ditched him again was uncommon (oh, just nine of ten cases). But he knew something different was in the air. He could smell it. Hastily he followed the scent. It led to Xanders home.
"Now wait a minute..." Angel pondered. But his sharp ears heard muffled squeals from the house. "May I enter?...Well, what I hear could be loosely interpreted as a YES!YES!YES! said through a gag. I think that's an allowance by vampire rules..."
He went upstairs into Xanders room... and froze in shock. His vampire senses told him the girls could die from lust any minute now. He saw the videorecorder, added 1 and 1 and went for a shot into the dark.
"Xander! Stop it! You are still inside there! You love her, don't you?" Better don't ask, which one. "You are going to kill your love!"
The tentacles stopped for a moment. "Fight it!" Then an dimensional portal opened between the still running recorder (must have been a complete 3 hour Collectors Edition) and the Inju. A huge ectoplasmic explosion followed, and the Inju (which was probably stuffed to the gills with love juice by now) decided to hit the road. Four nearly lifeless bodies and some liters of tentacle jism lay peacefully on the floor.

"And then I threw you into Cordelias car and drove you to the next ambulance. I've taken measures that the doctor will not talk. No, not terminal measures. Ah yes, and Giles is just explaining to Xanders parents that some chemistry homework went kerbloie. Creepers, this monster cum won't go away even with Mr.Clean and Everclear combined."
"But..." "I checked that with the doctor. You are not pregnant, and you are even still virgins. Have you ever seen a squid going into a rock crack smaller than his tentacles?" "I can't hear the word tentacle anymore!" Buffy exclaimed. "And Xander, you might be innocent, technically, but if I ever see you with a tape of Anime again..." "Does that include Tenchi Muyo and Urusei Yatsura? Yaoaoaoiii!!!" Three legs hit unisono, and naturally one had to aim into a more middle area.

And they lived not-so-convincingly happy ever after, until the next fanfic.

The End