The Curssssed Casssstle

"It can't go on this way! We already sent ten qualified heroes to the evil magicians lair! None we ever heard of again!"
The mayor of the little village was about to panic. "Let's move away from here!" "I say we surrender to the magician!" The townpeople were panicking, too.

Naida wasn't panicking.
Naida was the daughter of some peon. She always dreamt of making a career as an amazon warrior. Evidently, there were not that much open appliances for amazon apparentices in a small rural town like this one. Oh, all those heroes with shiny armor, brute force and an overinflated ego!
She would show them all what a little female cunning could do.

Veiled by the night, Naida was sneaking to the sorcerers castle. The drawbridge was down, the door was open. Naida smiled. Everything screamed Come in, I'm a trap! so loudly that only a hero with a brain size smaller than that of Groo the Wanderer could fall for it.
Which was exactly the reason why she went in directly this way. On the inside wall a torch was burning lazily. She took it from the holder. Which was not a such brilliant idea because this move opened a trap door under her feet.
"OK, so it was a traaaaaaaaa..."

Luckily, Naida landed softly. Unluckily, she saw on what she landed. This was the local snake-pit, and of course the snakes were not amused being used as a cushion. Naida concluded that this was the right time to faint out.

"Oh, anoththther one!" "Letssss kill it!" "Itssss already dead." "Thatssss jussst a trick!" Then a small snake was crawling over Naida.
"That one looks different. Hasn't even weapons or armor."
"Ssssurely, Missster Can't-even-sssspeak-correctly knowsssss it better. Ssssurely the weaponssss are hidden insssside the clothes!" "Then undress it, for God's snake! Hey Uncle Py, tie the human up in your coils so that our big leader doesn't get hurt!"

"Feetalssss Gizzzzard!" "It'ssss a female!" "Can I releasssse her now? My mussssclessss are getting lame!" "No you don't! I heard femalessss have a sssspecial placcccce to hide thingsssss! You can't be careful enough!"
The big leader slithered between Naidas legs. Then, with a single stroke of his head, he pierced into the girls vagina.
"Shall I hand you the torch in, o big leader Rattler?" Only a muffled "Cob, you bigmouthththth brat..." could be heard. And then, an even more muffled "Shshshshit, I'm ssssstuck! My ssscalessss won't go back! HELP!"
The as big as stupid leader tried to bite, but Naidas vagina walls were so tight he couldn't open his mouth wide enough.
"Don't panic! I have an idea!" Cob stuck his tongue out (it wasn't forked, thus his little speech impediment) and slowly began to lick Naidas clit. Soon, she began to writhe and was becoming wetter and wetter. She was approaching an orgasm and moaned silently.
"Quick, grab our leaders tail and pull!" (It was a bit difficult, all without hands.)
This was the moment Naida decided to awake again. Well, being tied up by one snake, licked by another and penetrated by a third would have sent her out cold again, but all she cared for now was her climax. A bare second before her vagina contraced with the force of a vice, Rattler escaped.
"Cob, you lunatic, ssshe could have crushshshed me like an anaconda!" "Timing, 'tsall timing!"

"Yessss, of courssse we hate the magician too!" "It'ssss a curssse! We don't remember anything about our previoussss livesss!" "Nearly anything." "But the heroes..." "Lady, if some bloke crashes into your home pit and begins to hack around with a sword and slices your aunt in two, do you ask questions before you bite him?" "Point taken. But the magician..." "I have a plan. It's a bit uncomfortable for you, but it will be a lot more uncomfortable for the evil magician! Whisper,whisper..."
"I shall do WHAT?"

"Well, what is a nice girl like you doing in a snake pit like this? Shoo, you beasts!" The magician leashed out some eldritch energy-ropes that heaved Naida out.
"I know a better resting place!" He carried her to his sleeping room, threw her on the bed and used the energy-ropes to tie her to the bed-posts.
"I promise you will die from lust!" he declared and impaled her with a boner that could have killed a vampire.
"Aaaargh!" The evil magician made a quick retreat, as Cob hacked his fangs into his dick. "You see, a very tiny bit of my poison will open the female womb. Old midwife recipe. So I could hide where you wouldn't expect me. On the other side...oh, you are already dead, yep, that's exactly what I wanted to tell you. Ohhh, I'm feeling so strange..."
Before Naidas eyes, Cob turned into a human again.
"The spell is broken! Now untie me and we go to the next preacher...oooh, what are you doing...mmmh!" "See, my tongue is still the same! And you've gotten a promise that you die from lust..." "AAAAA!"

Well, unless the tenth multiple orgasm hasn't killed Naida, she and Cob probably lived herpily ever after.

The End