It was a moonlit night. The amazons slept in her tents, only a single guard on patrol. The young Zeta firmly grasped her sword. Did she hear the sound of hooves? Too many false alarms this week, so she cautiously peeked through the underwood. THWACK! A stun dart hit her right into the jugular. She tried to cried out a warning "Centaurs!", but a unstoppable sleepyness forced her down. "Truly a master shot, Bicdykos!" the leader of the centaur army whispered. "She is yours. Carry her away, while we surprise the rest of the girls."
Zeta slowly awaked. Her arms and legs were firmly tied together, and a strange gag (with her tongue she could feel a slit in it) stopped all her cries for help. She knew she would be raped now. She opened her eyes and saw that she was completely naked, her legs hanging over the shoulder of the centaur. With one hand he held her feet where the horse body began. Her head dangled freely downward, and from the corner of her eye she could see his man-penis waiting for action. She felt a strange tickle at her clit. The centaur was quickly stroking her clit with his tongue. She desperately writhed in her bonds. Then with his free hand he slowly inserted a finger into her vagina and began to massage her walls. Her eyes opened wide with panic as she felt that she became sexual aroused. Bicdykos answered her unspoken question. "A little addition to the stun poison. You will love it!" Then he began to lick her clit again, faster and faster. Zeta felt a hot wave going through her vagina. She tried to set her mind wandering, but it was of no use. Within minutes, the orgasm came over her. She uttered little cries against her gag. As she became completely wet, the centaur grabbed her arms, pulled them upside, toward his head, and then suddenly let her feet go. Her body immediately fell down a metre, and he had planned this manouvre so aptly that his high erect penis caught her vagina and penetrated deep inside to her. Now her arms and legs were firmly clenched around his man-body, and he kissed her, his tongue making some game-like expedition through the gag into her mouth. Then the centaur began to stride. Zetas body hopped up and down, her vagina dancing upon his penis. "Now how do you like that?" Zeta moaned. With a last effort, she tried to avoid another orgasm, but then she had to let go. Wild spasms of her vagina clenched around the man-penis. Bicdykos grunted: "Ah. That feels nice. But now it's getting a bit complicated." He lifted his left front hoof and carefully inserted it through the space between her right arm and leg. With a slurping sound, the penis went outside her and rested on her belly. Then the right hoof followed on the other side. Zeta was now hanging below the horse body.
"And now, ladies and gentlemen: the parade!" Bicdykos suddenly let his front body jump into the air. Zeta sled backwards below him...until his huge horse-penis stopped her motion cold. The big glans parted her cuntlips, but rested there first. Meanwhile the man-penis hung before her mouth. "And now for the real fun!" The centaur repeated the "parade". Now the glans pierced through her vagina opening. It reexpanded inside her and stemmed against the ripples of her vagina. Zeta threw her body back and forth, but she couldn't get it out again. Instead, every movement helped to push the horse-penis deeper into her vagina. Meanwhile the man-penis had made it through the small slit in her gag and lied upon her tongue. Zeta tried to bite it, but to no avail. Bicdykos now went galloping. Every bump let her feet slide downwards to the horses tail, the horse-penis stretching her vagina nearly beyond limits. Deeper and deeper both penises went inside her. A strong pressure pulled her clit downward. It was tickled by horse hair. As her body accommodated to the penetration, her lust flared up again. Her muscles went limp, and she gave in to the extasy running to her clit and vagina. Bicdykos made a huge jump. The shock of the landing threw her feet over the horses end, falling downward. The horse-penis smashed against her uterus, pushing it back a bit and nearly ripping her apart. The man-penis thrusted down her throat into her larynx lips, almost suffocating her. Her cry of lust couldn't get outside, but instead let the lips vibrate. The centaur grunted shortly. Then he exploded and overflew her uterus and throat with thick loads of cum. Horse-penis and vagina, man-penis and larynx lips were pulsating in an unisono harmonic orgasm.
Cum was dripping from all of Zetas orifices. Her vagina gaped widely open, useless to any puny human now. Her will broken, she looked around to a gathering of centaurs. Each one had a lifeless-looking tied amazon stuffed between his penises. Gently Bicdykos opened Zetas bonds. "That's the only way we can sustain our race. Don't you amazons commit heinous acts to the same goal? In nine months, you will give life to a fine centaur filly. Don't panic, if the act of procreation hasn't killed you, the birth won't either."
"Uh, Bicdykos..." "Yes, Zeta?" "Too bad you haven't a third one, for my ass..."

The End