Another night with Dite&Deo

The Olymp got the Internets.
Doubtful whether that was a good idea.
But it certainly increased the lulz.

"This is unbelievable!" Calling Aphrodite a n00b would have been an insult for any n00b. With infallible instinct she had found the muddy backalleys of the Net, something Athena hadn't foreplanned when she had installed the system. But after all, by definition Athena was the goddess of all mad scientists either, and what would science be without surprises of all kind? In any case, Dite didn't like what she saw. "Look at THIS, Athena! Five new perversions I never heard of! Even worse, five old perversions I invented myself - and I'm not getting credited!"
Athena avoided to look at THIS. If there had been a goddess of censorship bars, it surely would have fallen into her ressort. "Well I'll be...! This is a website entirely devoted to unbirthing!" "Unwhat?" "Unbirthing, genital vore, crawling back into the womb..." Athenas face began to show the hue of a n00b who just had been goatse-ed. Dite of course didn't grasp the concept of a rhetorical question and kept babbling on. "Sounds fascinating! I should give it a try. I just wonder who..." "Aphrodite, births fall into Demeters area. Would you excuse me, this theme surely is interesting but I just found a new proof of the Riemann hypothesis and have to write it up!" And Athena made a Greek leave with a speed that would have made Artemis jealous.

"You want to be WHAT?" Demeter didn't believe her ears. No-brain Dite came to her? This impertinence! She still had a grudge against her, after all, hadn't Hades fallen in love with her daughter...Well, it surely sounded like fun to teach that ditz a lesson. "I mean, how should this be possible anyway? Isn't there a size problem?" Dite hit the persisting problem of all fetish setups - unbelievability - on the head. That is the most brilliant logical deduction you made this year, Demeter thought. "Ehm, we're goddesses. I do this with my daughter all the time when she was a bad girl again. Just a matter of know-how."
And so they were lying on Demeters flower-bed and Dite was busy licking Demeters clit, partly because Demeter declared it to be a requirement, partly for the fun of it. "Ooooh...your technique is satanic...I'm coming...I'M COOOOOMING!" Just when Demeter was on the peak of her orgasm, she suddenly grabbed Dites head with both hands and pressed it against her gaping opening. Before Dite knew what happened to her, she was drawn into the maelstrom of Demeters pulsating vagina. Each throb pulled her deeper in, and in no time Demeter had sucked her into her womb. When her orgasm ended, the cervix closed again and sealed Dite in.
"Eh. Wow. And that is unbirthing?" Dite asked telepathically. "I mean, Deo, we are about the same size, of course you are fatter, how did I fucking fit?" Demeter gratuituously ignored the thing with the fat. "It's my womb magic, as a fertility goddess. Athena once said something about a space warp field, but neither did she like to elaborate on the theme nor have I ever studied general relativity. It works, so what?" "Yeah. Whatever. So can I get out again now?" Dite pressed her head against Demeters cervix. When she was through, Demeter suddenly let her cervix contract around Dites neck. "But Dite, if you had watched that UB webpages more closely, NOT going is the whole point of it!" Annoyed, Dite tried to unmaterialize. "Sorry, no sparkling out in MY womb! Here only my rules are valid! Magic a.a.o.! Enjoy your stay!" Dite wanted to use her hands to free herself, but suddenly Demeter, who was the goddess of snakes too, conjured two giant pythons crawling down her tubes and tying up Dite. Dite couldn't move a limb anymore, her big breasts being squeezed. And then one python began to torment her clit with a forked tongue, while the other glid into her vagina and began to squirm. "No...No... YESYESYES!" Soon, Dite exploded into an orgasm herself. "Ohhhhh... I had enough fun for a day...pleeeease let me go..." "And skipping the rest of the program? No wayyyy!"

Ladon was the big dragon-snake or snake dragon or whatever (all greek dragons are essentially snakes; cf. Wikipedia) who guided the apples of the Hesperides. It was a boring job. Nobody ever was so idiotic to even TRY stealing them. So he didn't think twice when a goddess offered him a little leisure. Preggers had strange craves anyway. He wrapped his large body around Demeter and tied her into a knot such the she could lick her own clit. Which she did, of course. Any mortal would have caught a prolapse. "Eh, I see you're enjoying it, but that wasn't the idea! That's the partners duty!" "Very...OH!... thoughtful of you, and what is slurp MMMH the idea?"
The idea was that Ladon, as a reptiloid, had a double penis and wasn't fond of anal sex. So this was the only position where he could use his double header simultaneously. "Mmmmf!" said Demeter, as member #1 locked itself in her throat. (Reptiloid, inflatable. Very practical.) Now that it was assured that Demeter couldn't alert any jealous Olympian with her orgasm squeals, another godly clit fell victim to the caressings of a forked tongue. Finally member #2 slid into the goddess. Ladon inflated...and inflated...but such was the magic of Demeters vagina that even 100 p.s.i., which would have ripped apart even Tiamat or Hine Nui Te Po, just added to her lust. "So there. Maybe you like it in depth, then." Ladon pushed deeper and deeper...just to be get locked in another throat. He didn't complain. (Kids, don't try this at home! Fetus porn is outlawed in 239 countries!) Dite complained much, though. Nothing against fellatio, it was one of the perversions named above, but getting suffocated by an inflatable hemipenis in your larynx was the wrong way. How could Deo take that intruder up to the gills, anyway? (Well, firsthand due to the space warp, causing Dite to gobble on a much larger size, relatively. If I could, I would make you a drawing.) Deos and Dites conscious thoughts were washed away by another orgasm. Then Ladon came too and the goddesses literarily drowned in cum. Convenient that they were immortals, or that would have turned into a case for CSI Olymp.

Ladon pulled hard to find out what he had caught. Conveniently Demeter was out cold and the iron grip of her cervix had loosened. "The love goddess? My lucky day! Eh, little brother, would you vamoose? Tying up is my job!" The python quickly glid back in Demeters vagina, making the situation perfectly symmetric again. Then Ladon wrapped around Deo and Dite, pressing together their big boobs. (Many cabals on the Olymp had started, BTW, on the question which of the two had the larger pair.) And he could now torture two clits with his tongue at the same time. The goddesses awoke just to be in throes of another orgasm. Well, Ladon surely had stamina. Tons of cum were pumped in their throats before he called it quits, and the pythons in the goddesses vaginas still kept squirming. "Ooooh Zeus, another orgasm and I lose my brain!" sighed Dite. Demeter was too exhausted to make the obvious comment. At last, Ladons hemipenes wimped out. He pulled them out and commented: "Enjoy yourself and the snakes, I have some apples to look after."

"LADON!!" The mighty dragon-snake (or snake dragon if you prefer) hastily followed the call of his mistress' voice. It would be a neat crowning of the day if he fucked Hera too, but probably Zeus would object with 100 megavolt, and judging from the sound, he feared that he would be the one to be fucked. "WHERE ARE THE APPLES?" "No idea, I wonder what all gods have with those apples..."
There was barely left enough of Ladon afterwards that Zeus could transfer to the starry sky...

The End