Centaur Punishment

The Oreads of Olympus were chitchattering as always.
"Zeus is holding a big convent again! Wonder what it's about this time?" "Oh, 10% more offerings, as usual..." "Look, even Hades and Persephone are coming! This must be urgent!" "Yeah, the Dark One couldn't care less about the offering business! Let's peek a bit..."

"You surely are asking what's so urgent that I called you all here..." Zeus began. "10% more offerings?" haphazarded Aprodite. "Cold, very cold. No, the news I have you will find most striking!" And with that, he fired a lightning bolt into the group of goddesses which conveniently were standing close together. Chitons burnt to ashes in a split second. Some goddesses squealed and hid their strategic parts beyond anything at hand (Athenas aegis shield came in very handy), some were not that impressed (Demeter couldn't care less about bad weather).
And then Zeus switched to his Will-be-heard-until-Athens voice. The Oreads outside jumped back ten stadions. "Do you think I'm fucking stupid? All this newfangled Womens Lib crap must have gone up your heads! If you think you girls can conspire against me without me noticing, think again!"

Hera looked guilty as fuck and feverishly pondered *which* of her conspiracies had keeled up.
Demeter just silently flipped Zeus the bird. As if she ever cared for the countless cabale on Olymp, she was always busy ginving mankind a helping hand.
Aphrodite tried to look very fuckable, that always worked when Zeus was throwing a tantrum. Maybe he was pissed about one of her love shenanigans?
Athena proved in five clear and concise syllogisms that the accusations were completely unfounded. This only annoyed Zeus more, since nobody likes a smartalec, especially when she's right.
Persephone pouted: "I'm too busy pleasing my Deadykins to have time for silly conspiracies!"
Artemis would have had some ideas how she would rule Olymp if women were in charge, but she'd never dare to resist a direct order of Zeus.
Nobody even looked at Hestia, as usual. Hey, you probably don't even know who she is unless you read Percy Jackson.

In the meantime, Zeus continued his great speech.
"So, I think you all need a little lesson where your place is! Poseidon, Hades, Apollo, Ares, Hephaistos, Hermes...let's have a little gangbang party! Maybe if we fuck this lil rebels senseless, they take some reason! Let's all change into centaurs, for a bigger message!"
Athene, Artemis and Hestia turned white as snow and protested vehemently. "You swore on Styx that we'll be eternal virgins! Break this oath and all Tartaros breaks loose!"
Zeus smirked. "Oh, I assure you that your *hymens* are not endangered..." Athene was the first again to add 1+1, a mix of panic and disgust written on her face.
And then the gods, armed with Hephaistos little gizmos like ropes from which even a goddess can't escape, or adjustable mouth spreaders, were over the goddesses who were still stunned from Zeus' bolt, their godhead power level under 9000.

"I'm sorry...eh, what was your name again...Hestia, but one doesn't ignore a direct order of the Big Boss. See, I'm even so kind to only use my front dick, which is much smaller."
Hermes was the talkative type, and it came very handy that Hestia couldn't comment, with eight inches stuffed into her gills. So much for much smaller. Hermes was the god of liars anyway, and he didn't deem it necessary to reveal the little detail that he, as Zeus' creative consultant, had had the idea for the centaur party in the first place. Being the cunning linguist, he managed to torment Hestias clit with his tongue and blabber on at the same time. "Just enjoy and think of Greece, tomorrow Zeus will have another plaything again and forget about the whole event." Hestia squirmed. Then she could no longer resist the labial assault and orgasmed hard. The nothingness inside her contracting vagina was almost painful. "Maybe eternal virgin wasn't such a good idea..." were her last thoughts before Hermes shot a giant ejaculation into her throat and her universe reduced to gulping, gulping, gulping for her life.

Demeter was really pissed. Not that she had anything against a bit of centaur fun - it's hard to please a fertility goddess with a megavagoo - but of all Poseidon! The jerk that raped her when she was helpless from grief for her daughter Kore! (She still refused to address her as Persephone.) "It's supposed to be a punishment, Deo!" Zeus exclaimed as if he had read her thoughts. Poseidon, in the mean time, had tied Demeter under his belly and began to thrust with his giant horsecock. Already some precum was dripping from the head, and cum had about the effect of crack on fertility goddesses. Demeter squealed and opened wide. With one thrust, the horsecock penetrated deep inside her, straight into her womb. At the other end, Poseidons front cock entered her mouth, pushed deep into her throat and finally passed Demeters voice lips. The cockheads flared up and Demeter, stricken with lust, let her walls contracting like a vice, locking the loving pair for eternity...or at least Poseidon filled her with a tsunami of cum into womb and lungs. Even when Demeter drowned in an ocean of jizz and passed out from a megagasm, her uterus kept it's steel grip until she sucked Poseidons balls completely dry, quite a feature given he was the god of the sea.

Ares had tied Athena under his belly, and waved his horsecock provocatively under her nose. "Cheater! Virginity is no anatomical thing! Rape me and I never tell you about my newly invented neutrino death raympfggl!" "Death rays are overrayted. Now suck my warhead, owlface, in war (especially war of sexes) everything is allowed!" It was a warhead of thermonuclear dimensions, I tell you. Deeper and deeper Ares forced it down Athenas anatomy. And since ancient Greeks didn't know fuck about anatomy, it managed to hit ground zero...in her vagina? (Don't ask me how.) "Hahaha! Now you can enjoy my love missile F-111 and stay virgin! Oh, and before you ask...oh, right, you can't ask at the moment, but anyway, the thing attached to your clit is one of Hephaistos little gizmos. I bet in ten seconds it makes you surrended unconditionally!" Athena squirmed, but when also Ares cockhead flared up, the pressure on her clit from inside and the vibration from outside was too much, even for a devouted virgin. She came for the first time in her life (unless she likes to secretly shlik off, which I don't know, or I had her gotten raped in another fanfic, which I forgot), her voice lips contracting in a silent scream. "Tighter, baby! Encircle my troops!" Ares grunted. His high pressure cum gun exploded and nearly blew out her hymen from inside anyway, but Styx oath is Styx oath, and she escaped orgasming, but undeflowered.

"Fuck yeah, Ares!" Hephaistos commented. "Maybe you can leave your cock out of my wife in future, then. No hard feelings, bro, just against this whore here who would fuck anything that moves. Now inside with you!" "What is this thing?" Aphrodite squealed. "Oh, it's an Iron Maiden. So to say. Of course for you, brightest of the prettiest, it's a Golden Maiden. And the inside also doesn't contain nine inch nails - you surely deserve - to give you some additional orifices - not that you wouldn't put those to use instantly, I guess - but instead of pain, they'll rather deal pleasure. Because I still kinda love you cocksucking bitch."
Hephaistos closed the Golden Maiden. It encased Aphrodite completely, except for two obviously placed holes. Which Hephaistos quickly filled with two dicks. Aphrodite had never learned Demeters womb lock trick, so the flaring horsecock stretched her at the end of her vagina instead. Orgasm-wise, it made no big difference, as Hephaistos' gizmos already brought her over the edge anyway. "MMMMMHHHGGGL!" Dite purred when gushes of love shot down her throat and out of her vagina.

"I am the Sun! You are just the moon! Prepare to be eclipsed!" Apollo boasted, with some lack of astronomy knowledge. (Good that Athena couldn't correct him, since she was orally inconvenienced.) "You pervert! I killed mortals for just peeking at my tits! Go on with this twincest and I don't speak a word with you for the next millennium!" "We'll see about that. You certainly won't speak a word for the next five minutes." And he thrusted into Artemis who helplessly hung under his belly. "Noooo! You took my maidenhood! You will collapse into a black hole for MPPPHGGGL!" Apollo pushed deeper and the dick at the other end shut Artemis up. "Didn't, sis. First, I'm below the Chandrasekhar limit..." (this fact he accidentally picked up from Athena and promptly brought it on) "...and second, your precious hymen is still intact. Do you know what a wormhole is? Hephaistos showed me this little trick!" And of course Hephaistos also had lended him another Drives-Even-A-Prude-Goddess-Insane clit pwner. "Oooh yes, baby, you like it, eh? Feel some red hot lava, cold bitch!" Against her will, Artemis also came hard, overflowing with hundred million degree plasma cum into throat and vagina. (Mortals, don't try this at home unless you want some nasty sunburn.)

"Deadikins, it's no proper punishment if you put your nefarious horsecock into my megavagoo!" (Like her mother Demeter, Persephone already had managed to make spermwhales feel too small.) " Put it in my throat until I suffocate!" Hades sighed and pulled out his nefarious horsecock again, also reluctantly bringing his front cock out of reach of the loving strokes of his wifes tongue. He would have done everything to please her. "Fine. And what shall I do with this unused erection now?" he said and tied Persephone under his belly the other way round. "Oh, if you hadn't me, you'll still be a dull skeleton, sweetums. Did you forget *again* that we are only limited by our imagination (resp. the one of he who writes this sick perv stuff)? Turn it into an ovipositor! Lay some womb-bursting Alien eggs into mMMMMMHHGGL!" Hades needed no further encouragement. Zeus shot him an annoyed look since Aliens didn't fit into the Centaur themepark, but Hades just put on his helmet of invisibility and showed his brother the middlefinger. Persephone, in the meantime, enjoyed her "suffocation" (after all, she was dead and didn't have to breathe...OK, like any of the goddesses had to breathe, technically) and the wombbursters who desperately tried to burst womb. (*Nothing* can hurt the reproductive organs of a fertility goddess!) When Hades filled her lungs with eldritch cum, Seph had a really deadly orgasm. The wombbursters used the short moment of her cervix opening to leave her in the proper way and hitched a spaceship to Calpamos.

Zeus grumbled. "Somehow I thought this all would be more... punishing. Ah well. The leaves us two, I guess. Time for Mrs. Won't-Get-The-Message-Of-An-Anvil-Tied-To-Feet." Hera was already frolicking as he had tied her along the "right" direction. As Goddess of Boring Marriage Life she naturally hated blowjobs (and almost any deviations). "Finally, the old nymph-fucker will put his lightning rod into *my* home again!" she jubilated. Unfortunately, the joy was premature. Wide-eyed, she saw Zeus horsecock swelling to majestic proportions. One brutal thrust, and she gagged when the giant penis spitted right through her and came out of her mouth again. (How? Well, like with Ares and Athena, just in exactly the opposite direction.) "%&%$!" she swore, and of course *she* was denied Hephaistos gizmos. "Nah, nah, words like and don't befit the queen of the Gods!" Zeus mocked.

In the meantime, the nymphs were fighting for the best place at the keyhole at Olymps door. "Hestia?" "Orgasming!" "Demeter?" "Awakening again and orgasming!" "Athena and Artemis?" "Furious but still orgasming!" "Aphrodite?" "Eternal orgasm!" "Persephone?" "Can't see a thing but judging from her muffled cries, she died again!" "From orgasm?" "No, from old age! Of course from orgasm, you twit!" "Am not!" "Am too!" And since the Olymp front door was suffering from old age (Hephaistos would probably have repaired it by now...if he hadn't been too busy inventing new orgasm gizmos) they crashed into the party. A very nonplussed Zeus stunned them with low-voltage bolts (no gratituous violence against girls you might be able to fuck later on) and declared: "Those who storm a centaur-rape party without a valid invitation card are inclined to participate! I can see a lot of idling cocks that could be brought to better use!"

Quickly, the hapless nymphs were distributed. Rose, who was randomly declared as leader of the ruckus, had to gulp down Hermes' horsecock, and being only a half-goddess, she soon nearly died with a lung full of cum. Good that Hades was busy otherwise and didn't intend to claim her. Marigolds throat was forced to play rocket silo for Ares' front cannon ("now you know the meaning of Tagetes erecta" he quipped), which was only marginally less choking. Heather, seeing the fate of her gang, quickly impaled herself on Apollos flare (as in sun flare, not as in horsecock flare...the girls aren't the only that begin to suck) to save her mouth and enjoyed some hot love. Myrtle got the best end, or more precise ends. Zeus shoved the surplus cock end which still poked out from Heras mouth into her vagina, and his front penis into her mouth. The king of the gods laughed homerically. He was cheating her wife with a nymph who pressed the vaginal evidence right into her face! A mixture of Zeus' and Myrtles love juices were dripping into the mouth of a fuming Hera. If her powers hadn't been so drained, she would have exploded like one of Ares' H bombs.

After a seeming eternity of orgasms, the goddesses were half-dead (except for Persephone who was multiple dead and Hera who was fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...) and the nymphs were three-quarter dead. Zeus called it a day. Totally limp dicks were withdrawn from equally limp girls. Since you can't impregnate a goddess against her will, none of them were inclined to take a souvenir home from the party (Demeter would have...if it hadn't been that asshole Poseidon; Persephone would have... but she was dead and couldn't get pregnant; noooo cum for Hera anyway). The nymphs, then...*all* had to mother a centaur (impregnation through the throat - of course that works...what did I say about Greek anatomy?). And as if having a foal in the oven isn't enough, Hera of course punished the innocents (since she couldn't do anything against Zeus - save from migraine) and denied them the help of her daughter Eilytheia, which is by the way the goddess of birth (now you wankers learned something again). I tell you, being a Greek nymph means no easy life...

The End