The Wedding Night of Ephiny and Phantes

Finally it was quiet again.
The wedding between the leaders of the Amazons and the Centaurs surely had been the event of Ancient Greece society, given that they had been arch enemies for a very long time. Even some Gods attended, incognito. (Or what they thought to be. Well, 'Dite drank too much and fell into the bowl, and Eris had to be the party pooper again, but Xena booted her out. And of course Phantes' fellow Centaurs weren't exactly role models for discipline. It had been turbulent, to say the least.)
"I wanted to redecorate the house anyway," sighed Ephiny.
"Make that rebuild", grinned Phantes. He kicked away a broken bowl which ricocheted from the unhinged door and flew outside. "Gooooal!"
"Let's get out to the stable. I don't think this desaster area is good for getting into any romantic mood," Ephiny said. Phantes lifted her into his strong arms, cantered to the shack, which was in a much better condition, and threw her into the soft hay.
"Now I wonder what can we do with the rest of the day," Phantes played the stupid horse.
"Well, I see some big possibility hanging before my eyes, " Ephiny retorted, threw off her gown and began to caress Phantes' human balls. "Phantes...please make me a centaur baby."
"Ephiny, you are barking up the wrong trunk, so to say. Mr. Proxima will be happy to make you lucky, but all he shoots is little human baby girls."
Ephiny showed a blank stare.
"Did you ever hear the true story how the centaur race came into being?" Phantes asked.
"According to...? Mythology isn't very reliable..."
"Then hear and understand."

"It all began," Phantes reported, "when Hades was feeling seriously under-fucked and had the oh so brilliant idea to ravish Persephone. Maybe he adored her because she was kinda the goth chick, maybe she was the only divine babe left that Zeus hadn't already claimed for himself. Her mother Demeter was pissed, to put it mildly. To and fro she searched the earth for her lost daughter, but didn't find her. It must have been Horny Olympians Day, because when she looked around the shore, Poseidon saw her. Now he's a guy who tends to screw anything female and on two legs, and the latter is probably only a weak condition. By chance, that day he carried Hephaistos chains that can bind a God, probably to shackle a wayward whale or whatever.
Even armed with that, in her normal self Demeter would have kicked his balls to kingdom come, but in her totally grief stricken state, she wasn't able to put up a fight, and before you could say "Sexual Harassment" Poseidon had tied her up helplessly and then raped her. In her anger, Demeter sweared to him that his dick was as tiny as his brain. Poseidon didn't like this assertion at all. In mid-fuck, he changed to his stallion avatar form, to humiliate Demeter even more. "Is that enough dick for you?" he whinnied. Then he galloped along the shore, the poor goddess tied under his belly. Each hoofstep impaled her deeper on thirty inches of battering ram, until she was stretched to the max when the dick flared up and litres of hot semen gushed into her uterus. Instantly, the fertility goddess was impregnated, and the offspring was destined to be the first centaur."
"This still doesn't explain..."
"The dire tale isn't complete yet. Demeter neither got even with Hades, as she got her Phonie back only for two-thirds of the year, nor did Zeus anything against Poseidon - they all were brothers after all and raping sisters was seen as sort of a family privilege. So Demeter put on a curse on the offspring that there never would be female centaurs. As usual, Olympian curses only hit on the innocent and those who weren't involved at all."
"So you centaurs are after every skirt because you have no centauresses to hop on?"
"Worse. Now, did you ever hear of the great nature philosoph Mendelos?"
(The talk is getting highly educational now, so the author translated the symbolic and mythic notions of the Greek into the language of modern genetics to make things easier to understand.)
"You mean his theory of split heirs...OK, don't help, I try to patch it together Demeter contributed a human x and Poseidon a horse Y... So Centaurs are xY...and similars attract so your x will land in Mr. Proxima..."
"...right, and Y in Mr. Alpha..."
"...I wonder why you give your dicks names, there is no real danger of confusion...indeed, I'm xx and Mr. Proxima makes me a baby girl. Now I understand...Can't you fuck a mare instead? Wait...that will either give xX, which is forbidden by Demeters curse, or XY, a horse stallion...and no female centaurs...oh bugger..." Ephinys eyes widened as she began to realize all the implications.
"Bugger indeed. The only way to make a centaur is to fuck a human girl with our horse dick, giving again xY as a result. So each centaur generation sees itself confronted with the brink of extinction, because hardly any human girl is built to take a horse dick, let alone that she wants to try. Do you still wonder why the more ruthless of our race are reknowned for rape?"
Ephiny crawled under Phantes' belly and eyed Mr. Alpha's five-inch girth carefully. She was a bit boozed herself, and her Amazon showing-off reflexes came through.
"I'm a trained amazon. I can take Mr. Alpha. Just don't pump so hard. Let me be your Demeter. Please." Ephiny found some rope in the edge of the stable and firmly tied together her feet at the ankles. "When I'm tied under you belly, I'm totally in control."
"Ephiny, do you know what you are doing? I remember some horror story Xena once told on the campfire - said she had it from Lao Ma - about some wife of a Chinese warrior always fornicating a stallion why he was off, and she through she was on the safe side when she tied the sheath of the stallion to a pole so he couldn't penetrate her completely. Man comes back home surprisingly, sees her, gets mad, cuts the rope with his sword, stallion jerks forward to have more fun...impaled her heart like Eros' arrow. Rumor says husband committed suicide because of shame, and now they are joined together in Underworld, he transformated to a stallion for her punishment and she fucked so deeply that the dick comes out of her mouth so she can give him an inverse blowjob."
"Ah, what a way to spent eternity!" Ephiny stuck out her tongue and licked around Mr.Alpha's giant glans, caressing it with opened lips. "With my hands tied against your back, I should be far enough away from Mr. Alpha so the dangerous part stays out."
"Ephiny, you are not Demeter, She who is so deep and wide that she might even do a spermwhale!"
Ephiny meanwhile had managed to tie her hands with a self-contracting knot. "Phantes, see, it's politics. I want a centaur baby to join our races and I want it now. Look, I'm totally helpless. You want to fuck me senseless. Let your Centaur instincts come through!"
"Don't taunt me that way!" Phantes cried. He lifted Ephiny up, threw her spread legs over his shoulders, holding her feet firm with one hand behind his back, and began to lick wildly over her pussy. Her head dangled in free air directly over Mr. Proxima, but she couldn't catch him with her mouth.
"OOOH, someone help me! A big centaur is raping me! AAAAH! (Phantes, you big oaf, my clit is a bit higher! Flunked Anatomy 101A?) MMMMH!"
"Yeah (slurp), cry together (slurp) every hero of Athens, maybe some idiot (slurp) really will stop us!" Phantes used his free hand to insert the one or other finger into Ephiny in search for her G spot, to prove he wasn't that inept. Suddenly she squealed and her moist walls spasmed around his fingers.
"And I thought it was only Man who could orgasm in one minute?"
"Ooooh...pant...I Amazons are thoroughly trained...gasp... we have so little time besides fighting!"
Phantes let her feet sink down to the point where his horse body began, and pulled her arms behind his back. Ephiny now rode on Mr. Promixa. Gently, Phantes kissed her and began a slow trot. Ephiny was jumping up and down, each thrust resulting in a moan. "Ooooh Phantes, I hope you are familiar with the art (aaah) of coitus interruptus?"
"Stop nagging and enjoy. And if it will lead to the conception of twins, so there. You'll better make yourself familiar with a cesarian, anyway . At least I don't know of any normally delivered...oh...uuh!" Phantes wasn't able to continue while Ephinys vagina again began to spasm in a firm grip around him. Quickly, he retracted Mr. Proxima to be on the safe side. Then he firmly grasped a stable post as now he had to move his front legs past Ephinys hips and hands, which was dangerous for equilibrium. But finally he had shifted to the new position where Mr. Alpha now was pressing against Ephinys vulva, and Mr. Proxima was swinging directly before her mouth. Phantes stripped a ring over the root ("so you don't bite any part off when you like him too much"). With an energic hip thrust, Ephiny swallowed both dicks and grunted lustfully when Mr. Alpha stretched her vagina muscles.
"Ah, you little bitch, that was the real reason, you wanted double of the fun!"
"Whatever you say. I warned you."
But Ephiny was past warnings now. Here body squirmed wildly to get everything of Mr. Alpha inside that was possible. She was so in ecstacy that she realized too late that while she let Mr. Alpha make contact with her cervix, due to her sandwiched position Mr. Proxima had to penetrate the same depth amount and advanced into her larynx, slowly cutting her air off. Quickly, she tried to retract a bit, but Mr. Alpha had already flared up inside the bulbous part of her vagina directly in front of her womb, stretching her to the max and being firmly stuck inside her.
"MMMMHHH!" Ephiny pedaled wildly to alert Phantes on her little problem, but Phantes was himself too excited to feel what was going on and probably thought she was before another orgasm. He closed his eyes and pressed Ephinys head firmly against Mr. Proxima.
Ephiny, in danger of suffocating, had the saving idea. She let out her amazon war-cry. Of course no sound came out due to her penis-gagged state, but this way her larynx turned into a vibrator. In seconds, Phantes came on both ends. Gallons of horse semen flooded her up to the ovaries. But also her lungs got filled. With a final asphyxated orgasm, she passed out.

"Uck! Ack!" Phantes pressed Ephinys big tits firmly to get all the cum out of her lungs. Luckily, he had managed to untie her hands just in time to place her upper body on a desk. Again and again he squeezed until she could breathe freely again.
"Oooh! That was a wild ride!" Ephiny squirmed back and the limped horse penis finally glided out of her, a river of semen dripping out of her gaping opening. "So, how do I get you erect again fast? I want to try whether I can take you even deeper in my ass!" She purred, caressed his balls again and rubbed her vulva against Mr. Alpha.
"Gimme a break, I'm only human!" Phantes sighed. It was to be a long night this night, and in the morning Phantes pondered whether he should declare war on the Amazones again, over all, fighting them being only half ardously as satisfying them sexually...

The End