"Where is my plaything?" growled Fchch-UARGH{cough}, or, since the name is rather inedible for the human tongue, let`s call him Firehose which is a (very approximate) translation from Dragon language.
"Fuck your plaything, I need some love too! AAAAH!" moaned AAAA-mmmh{pfrch} (or "Burning Desire"), his hen. (Yup, female dragons are technically 'hens' but I hauntingly suggest not calling her that way face-to-face.) "Aw bugger it, better fill her up before she gets mad at me..." Firehose thought, rather henpecked, and mounted her.
But where was the plaything, AKA the fair maiden Migraína who had been sacrified to the dragons and been the subject of many rescue attempts (which of course ended as dust in the wind)? We have to turn back time a bit to know.

"Oh, yes, baby, squirm harder!" Migraína was riding Firehoses humongous dick. Such were the terms of the little non-aggression pact - pleasure your master and you're not served at barbecue. From the way Firehose was rolling his eyes, she might have run away now, but the dick was stretching her to the max, and its scales were firmly anchored in the creases of her vagina, so she was tied to him until kingdom cum. Migraína was just a poor peasant girl and educated to the "If you can`t run away from your boss, at least enjoy it" maxime. So her finger searched for the clit (as if you'd need a map) and when Firehose flooded her with dragon cum, she orgasmed too. He singed a few hairs of her when her vagina contracted around him in a vice grip and he had to let off steam. Then the pair collapsed exhausted.

Burning Desire wasn't amused. Since Migraína made Firehose a happy dragon, he definitely neglected her. This cried for some action. Firehose snored, big smoke clouds coming from his nostrils. Burning Desire pulled Migraína off the limp cock like a glove from a hand. "Now I will play a bit with you too!" Before Migraína could protest, a special gag cut off her cry. A big dildo and a clit tickler completed her outfit. (It's amazing what you find in the harnesses of traveling knights.) Migraína went limp as her lust flared up anew. Burning Desire now started to stimulate herself by pressing her clit (which was of the size of a little human penis) through the slitted gag into Migraínas mouth. She was a natty girl and immediately began to lick it. The anticipation of her sneaky plan quickly brought Burning Desire to an orgasm. Her womb began to pulsate. Just when the cervix had opened maximally, with her last conscious act she shoved Migraína feet-first into her vagina, deeper and deeper. She had chosen the moment such that the cervix closed around Migraínas neck, locking her firmly in place. The human dildo helplessly pedalled inside Burning Desires womb, and Migraínas head stretched her vagina exactly at a very erogenous spot. Burning Desire stopped thinking and started orgasming for a sheer eternity.

Flashback end. Firehose found the twitching Burning Desire just at a moment where she was in a refractory phase, but she couldn't utter much more than the above love call. Then she laid back and let Firehose penetrate her deeply. "My love, you have to understand, you are my mate, but, ehm, how shall I put it, my plaything is, uuuh, much tighter, and as a man..." Burning Desire wasn't interested in an earful but in other orifices. Her pelvis thrusted forward. Suddenly, Firehose felt moist lips engulfing his dickhead, and then a tight throat welcomed him. "Ooooh! I think I found back my...AAAH!" Two dragons and a girl went into ecstacy at the same time. Then Migraína drowned in cum.

"Boohoo! Sniff! We killed our plaything!" Firehose cried big crocodile tears over the lifeless Migraína. "Stop whining, and help me resuscitating her! We are no monsters!" Burning Desire snapped and began to squeeze out the cum from Migraínas lungs. Luckily, her efforts were successful. After some hacks and coughs, Migraína began to breathe again. "Burning Desire, my true mate, I have learnt my lesson, whatever it was, and will shag your brains out more regularly, and I'm in the mood for right now!" Then the two dragons did it like rabbits. The earth moved. Literally.

"Well I'll be...The unthankful plaything just made a French leave while we two were busy with each other and took my massive golden cockring with her!" Firehose hissed. Burning Desire just snickered.
"Just let her go, I think it's a fair reward for what she had to agonize. And by the way, do you also spot this knight in shining armor coming for trouble? He will make a great dildo!" "But I will, forget it, the thought alone is so gay that...brrrrr!" Firehose shuddered.
Well, while they surely didn't live happily ever after, they had much fun together (the knight probably less). At least for a while. But there is a large surplus of overzealous knights anyway...

The End