Flower Power

"Given that your father is the 'heir of the universe', he could have donated us a better trip for our 500th wedding anniversary than this barren planet. Or did he get a visit from the I.R.S.?"
Demeter was bored, and that was a disease the long-lived ones only knew to well, especially the female ones. Mike Rhodan's mood wasn't very well either. "And you got a visit from P.M.S., eh? I just wanted to get away from all this cosmic responsibilities, all the galactic politics. Just getting a fucking rest." Don't give me a lip, or you'll indeed get a fucking rest, Demeter thought. The look out of her green eyes could have easily punctured the energy shield of a battleship.

"You want to go out there naked? Not that I won't appreciate the looks, but security..." "You are silly. The computer said that the local lifeforms cannot harm us. And I won't thrive to death in a SERUN space suit just because I'm paranoid." "May I point out that a SERUN is fully climatized and you won't thrive", the computer interjected.
"Oh yes, you'll fit together, you two. Don't try to argue with me rationally! I'm no little child!" Demeter undressed her white toga and threw it into Mikes face. "Do what you like, I'm going out and become one with nature." She waddled outside. "Bad temper, but nice ass." "I heard that!" Too bad that spaceship doors couldn't be slammed.

Mike at least decided he would go out there too. Just doing a little bit of science. With SERUN on, of course. Like his father liked to say, "You've seen horses throwing up!" He made himself on the way to the next oasis. Strange how these flowers could survive this desert climate. They should have more problems than the local animals, which could seek the few waterholes. And even with some occasional rain providing water, the nitrogen content of the soil was near zilch. He looked around more closely and grinned. This particular blossom looked like - a cunt.
"Go have your headache, my goddess", Mike thought. "Meanwhile, I do some pollinating." He opened his SERUN and mated with the alien entity. The blossom clenched tightly around his penis. Mike began to grunt like a Homo Neanderthalensis...

Demeter was wandering through the local dasies, her iridescent silver hair glowing in the merciless sun. Silly Mike, may he toast in his SERUN. She stopped at a strange phallic-looking flower, with lots of vines. "Seems you are not the only dickhead on this planet," Demeter giggled. She bowed her head to get a whiff of the - how to describe it - yes, animalic, but pleasing scent of the flower. The computer had said that no poisonous species existed on the planet, and she softly touched the rod with her lips. The taste was a wonderful blend of sugar and aromatic oils.
Demeter laid herself flat on one of the giant leaves of the plant. (Surely a fat earthling would have crashed to the ground, but not a small and lithe Wyngeress like her.) She grabbed another rod and gave it a 'blow-job'. Some vines came crawling toward her.
"Uh-huh, that tickles!" Suddenly the leaf rolled itself in and the vines tied around her naked body. Within seconds, she was completely bound. (Naturally, a fat earthling could have torn the plant to shreds, but not a weak Wyngeress.) Her astonished cry was quickly subdued by the rod that penetrated deep into her mouth. More vines spread her legs open and began to tickle her clit. Immediately her lust flared up. Another rod slid itself into her already wet vagina and began to pulsate.
"I'm raped by a plant" was her last conscious thought, then ecstacy swept her away. Orgasm after orgasm ravaged through her helpless body. Demeter was overflowing with her womanly lust secrets, and the plant sucked her dry drop by drop.

"What the fuck I am doing? Buggering the lawn?" Mike shook his head as if to get his mind clear. "Now let my dick go!" The plant still tried to milk him a bit more.
"Suck this, plant whore!" Angrily he fetched his blaster and gave the plant more light energy than it could photosynthesize. The sap exploded, but a rest of the sucking organ still clinged to his tip. Swearingly he took his vibro-knife and cut himself free carefully. No point of bobbitting himself at the last moment or let the medbot do it. Demeter surely would laugh at him for the next lightyear if she caught him pants down. He corrected his clothing and began to search for his wife. With all the hitech gizmos he quickly found her trail. He went around the corner...and stood horrified before the sight of a body helplessly hanging in the coils of another of these damned plants. "Mike to Basis! Send a spacejet with a medbot here immediately!"
The plant made obscene noises as he cutted it to shreds with his raygun. Disgusted he plugged all the rods out of her body. Demeter lied there still, her face white as death. (The normal face color for a Wyngeress.)

"You worthless piece of scrap! She could have died!"
"Error: I'm not made of metal. And death by perpetual orgasm wasn't programmed. But you can talk to her now."
Demeter opened her eyes and whispered: "I should have figured this out by myself before. This is the way the plants get their nourishment. Normally they stick to the local fauna. Probably their aromes contain some aphrodisiacs that made us horny like terranian rabbits." "The irony of it: The Goddess of Plants fucked to death by an overgrown venus fly trap." "Don't call me that way, you know I don't like the memory. All these primitive Earthlings worshipping me...But I'm only flesh and bone and well, we all die some day. A man with an anti-aging device donated by a supraentity, or a woman made ultra-long lived on behalf of the plans of a crazed ultra-high-tech-robot. Yes, cosmic responsibilities and galactic politics, but fate will never be stopped. Beside this, there are worse way to die."
Mike's anger flared up again. "You liked it, eh? Say that I'm better! Say it!" He ripped off his clothes and seized her like a primitive Earthling, ramming his penis into her farthest depths. Several alarm lights on the medstation flared up. "YES! YES!" Men. Primitive but cute. Demeter concluded she would be a bit more careful the next time. A wave of orgasms swept her away, and she didn't care who was responsible, her man or the thing growing inside her womb...

The End