Angel of Fraggness

Red was nosy.
As always.
And boy, was she pissed.
She had tried half an hour to squeeze out from Cotterpin for what use that giant lenghty vibrating thingie was made for. But try to squeeze something out from a Doozer. Cotterpin just bombarded her with technobabble specifications - resonant frequency 50 Hz, automatic energy transformation, blathis, blathat..., and then she transported the big thingie over the border to Gorg territory. Red was nosy, maybe, but not suicidal. She watched from a safe distance that Ma Gorg transported the thingie away.
Five minutes later she heard the most gruesome squeals in her life that would have made even Uncle Matt running away in terror.
And Red didn't know what in Blundigs name was going on, and it drove her up the cave walls.
She had to find out any random secret to sooth her nerves. Any. Whatever.

"Mokey, why is Langford called a Night-Blooming Yellow-Leaved Deathwort ?" "Well, you see his yellow leaves?" "Yes." "And have you ever see him bloom at night?" "No, because I usually don't see anything at night", remarked Red snippily. "But why Deathwort? He couldn't kill a spiderfly. In fact, he just sits there all the day" "Photosynthesizing?" "Yes, whatever. And neither can he be poisonous because I once saw a toetickler caterpillar eat a fallen leaf. So, why..."
Mokey was hesitating.
"Ah, I knew it was a secret! WannaknowwannaknowWANNAKNOW!"
"No, I can't tell. I think you are still too young..."
"And I thought you were my best friend! WannaknowwannaknowWANNAKNOW!"
"Okay, okay, I tell you tomorrow. I have to do some urgent gardening now."
Mokey hoped that Reds attention-disorder would make her forget the whole thing, but that should turn out to be a miscalculation.

It was pitch dark. Only the caged firefly gave a dim light when Red sneaked into Mokeys sleeping chamber. Langford sat on a cave wall like always. Red came closer and held the firefly up.
"Oooh!" whispered Red. Langford was blooming with big violet... Pebble Pox und Fraggle Flu! Red swore silently. That bloom looked exactly like Cotterpins gizmo! A conspiracy!
Slowly she came nearer to scrutinize.
"Huhaha!" Langford wound some vines around her legs. "Hu-hi-no time for tickling games, haha we will wake Mokey!" The vines pulled taut. "Now be a nice plant and MFFFF!" Suddenly, Red was gagged. And then she felt another bloom entering her yoni. She had always wondered why Gobo, Boober and Wembley hadn't one, too. Did this mean that... "MMMMM!"
Strange feelings were racing through her body, very pleasing feelings... Squirming wildly, she shook her head free. "OOOH!" Her lust cries finally woke up Mokey. "AAAH! I'm dying! I'm dying!" Reds last thoughts were "So that is why it is called a Deathwort!" when she finally collapsed orgasming. Langford sucked her wetness dry to the last drop.

When Red opened her eyes again, Mokey stood over her like some kind of Fraggle Demeter trying to protecting her daughter from the neccessities of nature. "So you know my little secret now. I think I better tell you a bit about birds and bees and essential minerals, but don't tell the boys..."

The End