Inju Sei-Zhaan

Authors note: Here is the truth about what really happened in the Farscape episode "Home on the Remains" and got censored away.

It was a noteworthy happening on Moya - the crew was in agreement.

The frellicious incident, in particular, was Zhaan lacking some vital minerals and blowing spores all over the place.
"Pilot, which is our distance to the next planet where Zhaan can be cured?"
"One lightarn!"
"Then what the frell is taking you so long?"
"Moya already suffers from the spores - we can't go into stardrive!"

"(Choo!) Zhaan, are you holding out still?"
" weak...must get...nourishment..."
"Does the blue slut feel like [choo] photosynthesizing no more?"
"Shut up, Rygel!"
"Yeah, us blue sluts shall stick together..."
"Shut the frell up, Rygel! PILOT!!"
"We could blow out the atmosphere into ka-choo space, but that's only a temporary solution..."
"Then do it! Aeryn, please help me carrying Zhaan into her room..."
"Hieve-choo! Zhaan, we would do anything for you..."
"Here, lie on your bed. Well, anything (choo) that doesn't involve a date with Scorpius."
"Frell yes!"
"Please...forgive me..."
Suddenly vines were shooting from Zhaans body. Before Aeryn and Chiana could react, they were tied and petal-gagged. The vines ripped off their clothes, and then another blossom with a thick red bud came crawling toward their helpless writhing bodies.
With wide open eyes (and that wasn't the only wide open thing) Aeryn and Chiana watched some small sucker tendrils clamping to their breasts and clits. At the same time, the petal in their mouths squirted some sweet goo into their throats.
It was some aphrodisiac so powerful that the captured ladies went totally limp and wet, enjoying the onbuilding orgasm. When the red buds delved so now you know why it's "Delvian", the author deep into their love-juice-filled vaginas, Aeryn and Chiana screamed in ecstacy.
Three female figures fell back, totally exhausted.

"MMMH!" Chiana arose, squirming in afterlust, and commented: "Great frell. But D'Argo frells me MUCH better."
Crichton entered the room, attracted by the ruckus. He grinned at the sight of three naked ladies. "Nice eemas, gals!" A little something for all the frell he had gone through recently. He watched Aeryn disentangle from Zhaans now limp vines and snickered: "Playing 'La Blue Girl', I guess?"
A deeply blushed Aeryn felt obliged to explain.
"Well, it's not like you think, eh, so, the substances Zhaan needed so desperately were, uh, contained..."
"Now what an improbable event. Fire-pissing Hynerians, cum-sucking Delvians... couldn't you ask the guys first? We are very willing to give..."
This got him an "We're not compatible, yotz!" from Zhaan, and Aeryn chased him through half of Moya swearing to quarter, frell and maim him until she realized that she was still naked and disappeared into her room, slamming the door shut.
"Frell!" said Moya.

The ever-frelling End