Greek Gift


"Hey, what do you have there?" "La Glauke Kore!" "Hey, gimme that eye!" "Me see first!" "Shaddap both of you!"
The Fates had an idea for some action.

The Olymp Meeting Hall was overcrowded.
"Only item on the agenda today: Yearly increase in offerings and new distribution key. Ah, I see, everybody is here to claim some," Zeus remarked. Hermes noted Homerical Laughter for the protocoll. "As I said..."
Knock Knock!
"One being always too late...Who's there?" Zeus grumbled.
"Your uncle!"
"Uncle who??"
"Uncle Typhon! Surpriiiiise coup-de-greece!"
With these words, a giant monster came crashing through the pearly gates. Mayhem ensued as it stuffed the sun into Apollos underpants and clobbered Ares with a giant can-opener.
"Everybody down!" Zeus threw a few of his thunderbolts at Typhon.
"Muhahaha, that tickles. Please stop! And Hades: I can seeeee you, you sneaky little bastich!"
"What? Impossible! Under my helmet of invisurk!" A tentacle hit the empty-looking place that was the source of the sound. A thud followed.
With a Bang! and a Sock! and an occasionally Kapow! the gods were felled and formed a big stack. Zeus dropped last, slapped inconscious with a big trout from Poseidons lunchbag.
"So that leaves moi and the ladies..." Typhon smirked.
"Nemesis will punish you for your transgressions!" Hera screamed angrily.
"Yuck. I wonder what Zeus found in you, you old hag!" Typhon said in disgust. A tentacle wound around Heras waist and slingshotted her away on the heap where the gods lied flatly. Unluckily for Hera, Priapus lied on top and Typhon had aimed well. Hera's angry cry was cut short when she landed mouth first on an ever erect oversized organ. "IEEEMPH!"
The penis impaled through her body until it left her backwards at her vagina opening. (Anatomical correctness never was an Ancient Greek value.) Hera pedaled in the air, helplessly stuck in an upside-down blowjob because of her overweight.
"OK, one down, leaves a heap of appetizing babes...I don't think that Nemesis will punish me, right?" A muffled squeal was the only thing the tentacle-tied goddess of vengeance could utter as answer.
"Typhon, your are the greatest," Aphrodite purred, caressing one of his big tentacles.
"Always on the side of the winners, whore? You will looove this, love goddess!"
Some big tentacles wound around her body, wrapping around and entering inside of every inch of her voluptious body. In seconds, Aphrodite was subdueing to ecstacy.
"And who have we here?" Persephone had fled into the arms of her mother Demeter, who stood erect like a statue. (That wasn't the only thing standing erect in the room, but I digress.)
"The two inseparable gentle goddesses? OK, then I won't separate you either." A tentacle opened and swallowed the two bodies, pressing them together and stimulating them from all around. Soon, from the inside the fertility goddesses could be heard moaning softly, their wombs pulsating in perfect synchronicity.
"Athena! Artemis! (now where is my damned list...) Hestia! Isn't it a shame that you are still virgins?" Seconds later, this had changed. A bit of godly blood dripped on the floor, but not much later, they joined the general orgasming.
Eris, Goddess of Discord, tried to plot Typhons many heads against each other. Naughty girl. She got some backside spanking as punishment.
So Typhon fucked them all, from the lowest wood nymph to Doris' fifty fish-tailed Nereid daughters (How? Beats me!), from the Muses to the Graces. Everybody.
Everybody except Cloacina, Goddess of the Kitchen Sink. Puh, what a B.O.!
Until the backdoor went Knock Knock!
"Hey, keep out whoever you are, we're engaged at the moment!"
"I'm giving you some engagement!" cried a furious Echidna, crashing the backdoor.
"But Ecchi Darling, you said you had an headache, and I needed a bit of..."
"I give you a headache!" Echidna used her giant snake-tail to hammer her point home on Typhons hundred heads, with some gratituous strangling on the way. "Drop her! And her too! Sorry for the inconvenience, ladies, I think I have to teach this Casanova (Whack!) monster manners again!" Then she toted her mauled husband back to the Etna.
"OOOOH! Just before I had the orgasm of a lifetime!" whimpered Aphrodite and rammed a stray lightning bolt into her pussy. It gave a buzzing sound, then a satisfied goddess dropped to the floor, half dead (if that was possible for a goddess) but fully satisfied.

Zeus came to..."Ouch, my head hurts worse than the remnants of a Bacchus party! Hermes, call Hephaistos to repair this trashheap. OK, every girl jumps into Hera's fountain of virginity!" "MPHMPH!" Priapus just had awaken too, his giant dick even erecting more at the nice feeling of goddess throat around it, nearly suffocating Hera in the process.
"Yeah, you too, my wife. And nothing, I say nothing of this will leave this walls!"

And so it comes you won't find this little story in your Hesiod.

The End