The leafs were falling, the crop was brought in and the fertility goddesses got moody.
"But Zeus unequivocally ruled that..." Persephone tried to argue. "Zeus, Schmeus! This is the last time that filthy Hades laid his hands on my little Kore!" Demeter began her yearly sermon. "Don't call me Kore! And anyway, Hades can be quite handsome... do you really want to be hung from Olymp with an anvil at each foot for disobedience like big fat sis'?"
Deo seemed to rise to five times her normal size. No, wait, she did rise to five times her normal size. "I'm the Great Goddess! I show Zeus! I show you for talking back to your mother!" "Ah yeah? Under which rock do you want to hide me from Hades? Under which rock do you want to hide yourself?"
"That does it, girl! Consider yourself grounded!" Demeter grabbed her daughter with an iron fist. "I have the perfect jail for you!" And she shoved the unexpecting poor Seph deeply into her vagina. Demeters cervix opened. Another push, and Seph was devoured by her womb. "So there! Let's see how Hades steals you from there!" And then she shrunk back again, and Seph with her. (Womb magic.)
Persephone hammered against the walls of her cell. She uttered something with and and the occasional , but greek swearings hardly come intelligible through solid flesh (and in HTML).
"Oh, my baby is kicking me. Now did I hear some bad words? I wash your mouth with soap if you don't behave!"
"ߵ! %!" Persephone managed to pry open her mothers cervix, but just when she managed to stick her head through, Deo contracted it again with all force. Seph gasped for air.
"For the percent sign, you get the naughtly girl treatment! And I think mere soap is rather inadequately in this case!"
Deo saw a movement in the woods from the corner of her eye and turned around. "Now how convenient! Isn't that a centaur lurking behind the trees with a lasso, looking for unsuspecting Amazon prey? Don't try to hide, I see you! Yoo-hoo! Come and get me!" She wiggled her breasts, causing a minor earthquake.
The centaur came galloping out, looking somewhat baffled. "Eh, you really want to outrun me with your 12-month belly? Ups, where are my manners. No raping of amazons without a formal introduction. Sid. Pleased to meet you." He lifted an imaginary cowboy hat. "Oh, you're such a cavalier", Demeter languished. "Come, I lend you a hand in tying me helplessly under your belly. First the legs over your shoulders, then crawl to the back end and now the arms too...now do you really need to gag me, I won't bite, my orifices are totally open to be impaled by your giant MMMMF! MMMMMH!" A gag and a penis stopped Deos monologue short.
"Not that I would complain, but usually the girls complain either that I suffocate them with my ten inch front or rip them apart with my twenty inch hind penis! If they can talk at all with an ACME Centaur Anti-Bite Gag and suffocating on ten inches, that is! Hey, do you intend to stimulate me with your vocal chords?" Demeter was squirming madly to get in Sid deeper. As a fertility goddess, she was so wide that she had problems with finding a well-hung partner (way back when Zeus shagged his sister, Deo afterwards just made a baubling gesture with thumb and index finger - no wonder that a pissed Zeus ruled in favor for brother Dis on the Kore incident). The pressure on all her sweet spots quickly brought her into ecstacy. Meanwhile Sid ranted on.
"Gee, I'm talking all the way (not that you could talk anymore) and letting you do all the work!" And with a big thrust of his pelvis, he forced his horse penis completely into Deos unfathomable depths, landing straight in the mouth of the still coughing Seph. A drop of pre-cum landed on her tongue, and being a fertility goddess, this had about the effect of a Viagra overdose on a male: she moaned, stopped her struggling and her fingers began to search her clit and vagina. (Not that she had forgotten where those were located.)
Sid was looking even more baffled, fucking two birds with one dick. "Uh-oh, Fetus Pr0n? Can we really do this...I would like to ponder about it for longer but at the moment, I am CUMMING!"
Sids hind penis flared to thrice its girth, filling Sephs mouth completely. She desperately tried to retract but it locked itself behind her teeth, and her mothers cervix fixed her like a garrotte. Then Deo and Seph didn't care for anything else any longer, because they were too busy orgasming. A litre of cum gushed down Persephones throat, cleansing away the and and and especially the %. Authors Note: Sperma might be the dirtiest filth from the view of an uptight zealot or a housewife-with-an-attitude...but not for any greek fertility goddess. And Demeter got her fair share of cum into the lungs too, good that she was an immortal goddess or she would have been a case for Baywatch.
"Now that was good to the last drop", Deo telepathically signalled to her daughter. "I hope it was good for you too, as I rather let you deep-throat each centaur in whole Greece to bring you to reason than let Dis' dick approach you in a mile radius!"
Seph giggled back, also telepathically. (It's amazing how quick fertility goddesses recover after drowning in cum.)
"What's so funny..." "Oh, a certain familiar taste...I've got a hunch that..." "Hunched correctly, dear wife!" someone chimed into the telepathic dialog. "And I thought Sid was so lame as an alias if read backwards...And these "baffled looks" really won no oscar...I knew you would pull such a silly stunt like this, Deo, but you can't outsmart ole Hades. Was at the right place at the right time in the right disguise and now my dick came a bit closer to your beloved Kore and to you!" He roared a homerian laughter.
"Dis! %%%! Argh! I bite off your...d'oh! And to think I even helped you tying me up! But you never get Seph out of me, the womb is my kingdom of reign!"
"Oh, may I dissent? My cumshot was laced with an overdose of oxytocine. You will be in labor in 3...2...1..."
"No! Nooo! AAAAAH!" An uncontrollable force opened Demeter. Hades pulled out Persephone who still hung at his dick like a fish on the rod. Outside she quickly took her normal size and could open her mouth again.

"And what do we with your mother now? I'm betting Cerberus' golden leash against a rotten zombie that she will make the same ruckus next winter!"
"Dunno...maybe...make clear I still love her? You love her too?" Seph yanked Dis' hind penis and pushed it into her mothers vagina again. Then she crawled under Demeters belly and began to lick her clit with steady strokes. "You don't lose me shlurp! I am always your daughter shlurp!"

After the first multiple orgasm Demeter stopped swearing.
After the second multiple orgasm she offered a truce.
After the third multiple orgasm she suggested to temporarily replace her daughter as Hades' wife in winter.
After the tenth multiple orgasm she finally fainted in cosmic ecstacy, and they happily lived ever after.

Well, at least until the next stupid fanfic.

The End