(xtc) Kalauihea, Eon of the Blue Diamond
Stop the press! Gruesome news just reached us: Maui is dead! We asked the only eyewitness, a parrot, who watched the horrid demise of our Hawaiian hero.
"Well, Maui is just hanging on sloopy at the beach when he spots Hina, the Great Goddess. When I say great, I mean great: Thirty meters and such boobs. She is sleeping butt-naked at the shore. I think by myself, "Maui, you horny devil, I know what you are thinking and I say, let it be. Since she has been raped, she became a Death Goddess and takes no shit from noone." But Maui already sneaked after her and begins to mount (or should I say mountaineer) her. He begins to tickle her pussy. Hina moans in her sleep and spreads wide open. Oh my, what a crater! Maui whistles a dirty version of Black Hole Sun and begins his wholebodyfuck. Slowly he disappears behind her Schwarzschild horizon. Hey, Maui, where are you going with your gun in your hand, have you slept during anatomy lessons? Now only the feet stick out. This view is so silly I start laughing...and Hina starts orgasming. Squish! Hina awakes and thinks "Am I on the rag already?" No, it's only the leftover of Maui. Oh you fuckhead, what have you done, from now man will be mortal.

The End