"Do we have to be naked?" nagged the twins. "Yes!" Sarge cut them short. "And failure is no option. You know your fate." They advanced slowly. "OK, here is the cave entry. We have the best chances if we split up. Rookie, you go the obvious way." Which is an obvious trap, I bet, thought Sarge. "Butch, left. The twins right. I take the tunnel, which is so pathetic that they won't expect it. And now: Sssssh!"
The Amazon warriors vanished in the shadows. Only the one or other fluorescent fungus gave a dim light. Well, Sarge thought. If we don't see them, they don't see us. Maybe. Why do they have to have eight eyes?

Rookie was tiptoeing through the cave and made the error any human will automatically make if not well-trained: She didn't watch the ceiling. When she felt an air movement, it already was too late to react. Web-lassos coiled around her body. She squirmed and pedalled but there was no escape. Her screams quickly got damped when she vanished into a cocoon. And then the giant spider came into her view. His maw seemed to grin as he attached web strings to her nipples and clit and began to vibrate them. Rookie tried to squeal her lungs out but a thick silk gag in her mouth kept her quiet. Against her will, the spider tickled her into submission. Her love juices began to overflow and the spider sucker her dry. And then she couldn't resist any longer and orgasmed hard. And again. And again. After orgasm #13, which is an unlucky number, she finally fell unconscious.

Butch heard Rookies screams from afar. "I hope this is diverting the spiders," she thought. Too bad it diverted also her, and she overlooked a tripwire. Her foot got caught into a snare, and when she finally had untangled herself, the alerted spider already jumped upon her. Butch was a strong woman, but alas, the spider naturally had 4x as many legs as her. It pinned her to the ground with no effort, and with horror she saw his pseudopenis rising. The spider pulled her arms and legs to the top of its body, webbed them together and slowly began to fuck the helpless woman. That hairy penis, pseudo or not, was tickling like hell. Butch know she was screwed in more than one way and decided to give up resistance and enjoy her remaining time. When she orgasmed, she contracted like a vice around her master. His seed was squirting up her womb and into her tubes. The spider let out a triumphant hiss and retracted. Then he cocooned Butch and hung her into his web for ripening. Being the amiable guy, he also provided her with some tickle strings. Butch took much longer than Rookie to pass out.

"Oh Goood! Please don't hurt me!" Lana (or maybe it was Dana) slowly scuttled backwards, and the spider followed her. If he would have had a tongue, he probably would have licked his lips. But he hadn't lips either. He jumped... or rather, he tried to, because *he* had caught himself in a tripwire. The whole net came down on him. Before he could untangle, Dana (or Lana) who had set up the trap came out of the shadow, and together they trussed the monster up like a girl in a bondage flick. "Yay, sister! Teamwork!" They gave high-five... when suddenly the ground under them no longer existed. Unfortunately for them, spiders know teamwork too, and his partner had set up the dreaded "Lesbian Trapdoor" device. Lana and Dana (or Dana and Lana) fell down, and the very clever string mechanic underneath the trapdoor they fell through webbed their nipples and clits together before they landed into the net, which bowed down under their weight and so snugly wrapped around them. Obviously, the thingie was called "Lesbian Trapdoor" because it was a) a trapdoor (duh) and b) the only movements the net allowed were pleasuring each other. After some pathetic escape attempts which just brought them to the brink of orgasm, Lana and Dana decided they could as well go down with some gratituous twincest. They moaned. Then they squealed as they both felt a hairy pseudopenis entering their vaginas. (Evidently spider #2 had freed his unlucky colleague.) Then they moaned again and were fertilized with spider brood. Then they were left alone for more pleasuring each other until the time was due.

##################### DANGER ####################
##################### DANGER ####################

Sarge was sneaking through the tunnel. Counting the orgasmic screams, all of her platoon had by now become spider playthings. There was the exit...and direct above it...could it be so easy? No way, this must be a trap too! Anyway, this was the last chance. Without any hesitation, she broke out into a sprint, jumped from the tunnel, promptly got caught in a net, but it followed a whip-like movement which nearly costed her the tendons of her right arm... Sarge hung upside-down from the ceiling, only her right arm being free...but that arm triumphantly waved the flag with the Web banner upon it. "You lose!" she cackled with joy. "Damn it, I always underestimate how fast a human can be..." the spider boss grumbled. "Inner combustion system," Sarge boasted. Then the face of the spider brightened (as far as spiders have a face). "Still, you are caught and..." "Yeah, perv. Rules are rules." The spider boss cranked down the net, and Sarge had to give his big hairy penis a blowjob. She only sucked hesitantly first, but the spider was really an expert in pleasuring her clit, and that without lips or tongue...Oh God, she was cumming already...He pushed out his proboscis and let it throb in her vagina. Deeply the spider penis squirmed into her throat and unloaded a gush of semen. She gulped and came, came and gulped. And came some more.
Sarge of course didn't get pregnant from that. Have you flunked Birds&Bees 101A?

"Debriefing! Noobs! Lamers! Did you have webbing in your ears when I taught you about carefulness? Good that it was only a drill! Dana and Lana, this was almost good..." "We're Lana and Dana," Dana and Lana protested lamely, while hanging cocooned from the ceiling with swollen bellies. "But you botched in the end. And since orgasming to death isn't that much of a punishment..." The spider boss lowered down Rookie, who hadn't been impregnated yet (since she was so sucked dry that she had to be rehydrated first, or it would have been too dangerous) and changed this fact quickly. "...maybe a bit of labor is an incentive." Lana screamed: "Oh God, I feel them hatching!" Dana screamed: "Aaaah! They are eating me alive!" (Which was only the brood squirming through her cervix, since this isn't one of THOSE fanfics.) Butch gave birth and screamed: "Oooooh! They are milking my tits!" And they all fainted, including Rookie, who imagined the predicament still before her. Aw cmon, girls. In comparision to standard childbirth, that almost felt nice.

A few thousand orgasms and impregnations later...
"What do you say? Oh, right, you don't say anything with your own webbing caught in your mouth, LOSER!" Rookie giggled. "MPHMPPyou cheated!" the spider boss swore when the girls unpacked him from his own net. "Like any good soldier should do. Do we attack?" asked Sarge. "Do we die from old age instead? Any time I look out of the cave and see that castle just right over the creek, I go fffuuu! I BET we do attack!" exclaimed the spider boss.

The castle of the Semi-Evil Wizard Flynn stood erect. (No, I haven't the time for a corny pun now.) The wizard was posing on the downed drawbridge and yawned. "Come when you want to come." With some fighting yells the girls came riding on top of the spiders. The wizard fired some magic balls, but the distance was too far yet. "Missed me, missed me, now you...AAAAAAH!" This time, the wizard had aimed precisely, and Rookie collapsed. Since he was only a Semi-Evil Wizard, the magic balls were special ones - any woman hit would have a super orgasm and pass out. The spider came to a screeching halt for not endangering his rider.
The next one to fall were Lana and Dana, who made the error to cross the fire-line at the same time. Both sagged down with a satisfied sigh, and the spiders quickly transported them out of the orgasm zone.
Butch took a full blow. She rolled her eyes but still rode on. Only a second magic ball managed to finally send her to seventh heaven. "Damn, now I have to reload! Hhn, weren't that five..." "Ayiyiyi!" Flynn had made the error any human will automatically make if not well-trained: He didn't watch the ceiling. Sarge on the fifth spider had sneaked up from behind the castle and climbed atop over the donjons. And she jumped down on the wizard with full speed. A short sting distracted her - when she went through the personal shield of the wizard, the color of her Sarge sign incinerated. A mere nuisance that couldn't stop her, but imagine she had worn clothing! The Semi-Evil wizard had set his shield so that it would on the spot incinerate everything that didn't consist of naked girl (part galantery, part semi-evilness and part so that he could have sex), but that now became his undoing. Sarge collided with Flynn. Then she packed out her deadly Beard-Pull-Fu. Flynn screamed in agony and dropped his staff. It was childs play for the spider boss now to...
"And a bow tie. Done. There we have our Semi-Evil christmas toy." "Turning all the village men into spiders so you could have all women for yourself! Of all the selfish acts one can do with magic this is..." "Semi-Evil?" the ex-wizard meekly tried to soothen Sarge. "Don't kill him," Rookie whispered faintly, still weakened from orgasmic overkill. "He's just 20, an idiot still in puberty." "Ah, that's why the beard went off so easily when I pulled it! No, the first thing anyway is to break this dumb spell. Now what would be the lamest trope...I know! REDIPS!" She waved the wand at the spiders that had gathered around them. REDIPS! REDIPS! REDIPS! REDIPS! REDIPS! Five village man stood before her. ("Huh? I could swear their wand sizes have doubled by all that spellery...not that I'd complain!" Butch snickered.) "And for you...SPIDER!" There he stood hairily, the ex-wizard ex-human, with a dose of his own medicine. Then Sarge broke the wand over her knee. "I bet the magic automatically wears out somewhen, but in the meantime, go catch some flies!"

EPILOGUE 1: Given that suddenly a hundred toddlers came running from the cave, jubilating "Mommy! Mommy!" (since of course breaking the spell turned them human too), "happily ever after" is somewhat YMMV. You can't feed THEM with flies.
EPILOGUE 2: Awakened from orgasmic screams from the cave, Sarge found Butch cocooned and equipped with the now familiar tickle threads at the mercy of Flynn. "...239...AAAH...I know, it isn't that much of a punishment...OOOOH...240...but he is far better than the Major, now that...MMMMM...241... the Major is human again...242...OHGOOOOD!" Sarge thought about that a bit, and finally she asked Flynn to hang her beside Butch. Soon they orgasmed in stereo, and it didn't took long until Rookie, Dana and Lana joined them to donate their love juices too...

The End