A lightning zapped through the room, and it smelt like old socks.
"Keiichiiiii!" Belldandy squealed in panic. She had all reason to do so, because he just had changed into a tentaclemonster.
"Urd! This time you went too far! I will get your license revoked!" Urd gave her the Oopsadaisy look. "Well, I didn't mean to - it was just intended as a prank - seems that my spell went astray." "Keiichi - say something!" "Drool - want schoolgirls - slorp slime!" "Urd, now do something - or else!" "Yeah, yeah, don't panic. Sku-huld!"
Skuld appeared and commented sarcastic, "No, don't explain. I guess one of you spells...?" "Can you look into your Big Computer what has happened?" Urd begged. "Don't care much what happened - reverse it!" sobbed Belldandy.
Skuld logged into the system, and her "Uh-oh." "Oh no!" "No way!!!" she uttered meant maximum trouble. "What do you mean, No way? No way to reverse?" asked Belldandy, out of her mind.
Skuld flushed. "Our nincompoop sister has invicted the 3x3 Dicks spell. Which means, we need three victim girls making love with the Keiichi-turned-monster. A tentacle in every orifice...You know the effect of female body fluids on monsters? When he comes ninefold, the spell is reversed. And this is the only way it can be done." "A human girl probably won't survive that treatment," Belldandy interjected. Urd grinned, "One, two, three... Now where is the problem?"
Skuld said angrily: "You must be out of your mind to suggest that! There is no way that I...eek,get your tentacles off me... stop it, that tickles... Keiichi!!! Oooooh yesmmmpf huhampf..." The tentaclemonster had sneaked up her back in the meantime and caught her unaware. And like any typical Japanese tentaclemonster, it knew how to satisfy a girl. (They surely must have some Tentacle Kamasutra in monster school.)
In seconds, Skuld was helplessly writhing in ecstasy. "Oh, Keiichi, here I come," Belldandy exclaimed. "But yoou don't have to tie mpf!" Too late, this was a habit no monster could easily break. Urd grinned. "Now don't forget me, you big warty hunk! Snake inside meeee ohmpffff!"
The lovesick monster was ever tightening his tentacle grip, while Belldandy, Urd and Skuld uttered choked cries of orgasm. Belldandy was right, any ordinary girl would have died from the lust. But even the three immortal goddesses lost consciousness when they simultaneously peaked in a hypergasm. Then the monster roared "Rha-Lovely!", and then a big special effect happened. (Sorry folks, no description available, budget overrun.)
Belldandy waked first, legs clenched around a completely drained Keiichi.
"Oh where am I, and why do I need a cigarette?" he said. Then he realized where he was, and tried to flee. In vain, because a lot of sticky monster goo still held them together. Meanwhile Urd sighed: "I should do that again as soon as possible." Skuld exploded. "Now what the...You planned that all... I kill you with my bare hands!" And the series surely would have lost a goddess, but luckily neither of them was able even to move a finger for the next hour...

The End