Greece Freud Chicks

"And don't call me Kore!"
One floor above on Olymp, Zeus cringed. Not again the 'Spring Cleaning'! Now the 'Mommy knows best' would follow, and then inevitably the 'superglue', and Demeter would whine about his stupid idea to promise her daughter to Hades without even asking, and yadda yadda yadda... And it went on and on and on like the seasons and he got a headache until...
"SHADDAP!" Zeus roared and threw a thunderbolt at the pair toasting them extra crispy. Of course, they were earth goddesses, thus lightning did no harm to them, expect that they were now standing in the nude, their chitons burned to ash.
Normally it would have been Zeus' style to change into a squid and shag both of them out of consciousness or at least until they shut the fuck up, but Hera just had caught him inside another mortal pussy and shagging goddesses would have complicated his marriage life even more and he had a headache and...
"Enough with you two! You will seek professional help now! If only know who... ah, of course, Chiron the centaur, if he'd managed to teach that lout Heracles manners..." "Too bad that his education was wasted on you!" Demeter wanted to interject, but Zeus already concluded: "I hope he can also cure your bitching...Moutza!" And he teleported them off with a rude gesture.

Chiron raised an eyebrow. "So, what got me the honor of a visit of the two Earth flowers?" "She's a clam!" "She's unthankful!" "Zeus sent us here!" both exclaimed unisono, and that was about the only thing Demeter and Persephone could agree upon.
"Uh-oh," Chiron murmured. "I think a full psychoanalysis is in order here. Please just lie down in the grass and talk about your family." "Where shall I begin? My grandfather castrating my great-grandfather? Or eating my mother?" "My brother marrying his other sister when I would have been the much better choice? Or him screwing around everywhere and neglecting..." A loud thunderclap followed, indicating Zeus wasn't amused to see all the Olympian dirty laundry laid out in sordid detail. As if Chiron, who raised the little Zeus himself, wouldn't know anyway. He rolled his eyes. This was the worst case of family abuse he ever ran into. "Hrmph. What could help here? Dream interpretation? Behavior therapy? Transaction analysis? Gestalt, Rolfing, Adlerian, Hypnosis, Biofeedback? Family therapy, probably? Or should I simply put up a silly hat and run around those two, mumbling unintelligible noises? Ah, nevermind..."

One week later... "Mommy, even though I must go my own way, I now know that you need some respect." "Kore, even if I love you more than my own life, I now know that I have to grant you some free room." "Chiron, how can we ever thank you?" rejoiced Demeter. "Make you immortal...ooops, you are already." "I see one, no, make that two interesting possibilities", snickered Persephone and seductively wiggled her big tits. (Astonishing that neither of the two goddesses keeled over - it must have had to do something with gravity and the fact that they were earth goddesses.) "What...No! It's against all hippocratic oaths..." Chiron tried to push away Persephone who knelt down before him. "No! Sex is bad..." Disregarding his writhing, she engulfed his human cock with her mouth. "Don't you understand, when I was a centaur adolescent...mmmh...all my peer group swanking about their libido...and then one showed off with his story about raping and killing an amazon and...ooooh...they all sneered and asked whether he suffocated her or ripped her belly apart with his horse dick and he said 'Both! Just to be sure'...and I couldn't stop fantasizing about the situation and was so ashamed for my evil thoughts...YES! YES!" Chiron shot off his load into the greedy throat of Persephone. Demeter, the sympathetic, caressed his flanks. "Tell all to mommy, big boy. We're goddesses, you can't hurt us, and especially not me with that little willy of yours... Demeter knelt down too and cupped his horse dick. About a few seconds later, it flared up, cutting of Demeters breath and filling her with a few liters of cum. She coughed, wads running out of her mouth angles and her nose. "Did I hurt you?" stuttered Chiron. "Which part of `We're fertility goddesses' was too hard to understand?" sneered Persephone. "Like the earth soaks up all rain, cum shots can't hurt us even if fired from a bazooka!" "I have a special fantasy since ages," Chiron almost whispered. "Involves rape and bondage..."
In the old Hero Education Room they quickly found some rope. "Mommy, you are getting chubby," Persephone mocked when she tied Demeter under Chirons belly. A few squirms, and two thirds of his horse penis had vanished into the unfathomable depths of Demeters vagina. She probably would have taken a sperm whale too. "Help! Help! I can't escape!" Demeter feigned. "Such overacting," Persephone commented. "Let's see some real squeals." Quick fingers found Demeters clit and massaged it. "Oh you brat! Oh! Oh! OOOOH!" Demeter orgasmed so hard that her cervix opened up, and a mighty thrust of Chiron buried the head of his horse dick inside her womb. Her walls contracted, locking Chiron inside her for eternity.
"You caught my mother but you never catch me!" Chiron tied the rope into a lasso, but Persephone had to intercept the throw as his aim wasn't very good, no wonder if you own two penises and one is already surrounded by the throbbing vagina of a goddess. With the last of his willpower, he tied Persephones arms and legs together on her back, went with his torso between ropes and her back and took her from behind. His human penis wasn't quite the monster that pleasured Demeter, but still oversize. In any case, it had exactly the right proportions to fill Persephone. In the meantime, after a few multiple orgasms, Demeter was in the refractory phase and able to think again. "Now it's payback time, brat!" she shouted, as her mouth was exactly in the right position to explore her daughters labiae. Sucking like a squid she adhered herself to Persephones clit. "No! Mommy, I will never be naughty again! Ah! Ah! AAAAAA!" And Chiron could conquer another uterus. The lust was too much for him. Again his dicks flared up, stretching the goddesses wombs to the max. They squealed in cosmic ecstacy. A flood of cum filled their bodies, so big that fountains of cum came out of their ears. The words 'anatomically implausible' are in no way relevant to Greek mythology - Ye Author Then Chiron fell to the side exasperated, with him two passed-out goddesses.

"...blabla...Oedipus complex...bla...sublimed drive..." " conflict...bla..." "And don't call me Kore!"
One floor above on Olymp, Zeus cringed. "ENOUGH!" He threw a thunderbolt at the pair, changed into an octopus, wrapped his tentacles around the nude bodies of Demeter and Persephone and shagged them out of consciousness. Hera just came in, and got the remaining tentacles before she could even realize what was going on. Quickly, she was orgasming too. (Even a jealous wife couldn't resist the tricks Zeus learnt from his japanese god buddy. Should she bitch later.) "Better. Much better. Yup, two sisters and a daughter. Anyone care to complain? I have some surplus thunderbolts..." Zeus muttered to noone in special, while his tentacles sent the three goddesses into lustful insanity. "Oh, it's fucking great to be the King of the Gods, you can do what you want until eternity!"

The Moiras might have disagreed, though.

The End