Kumo Cave

The Tako Girl School was thriving under the summer sun.
"All right, girls, everybody on the bus for our field trip", commanded Miss Thekla, a really ugly crone, who was a strict person, and feared by everyone in the school.
"We gonna visit the ancient Kumo cave. Everyone get your backpacks ready!" "A cave is right fitting for a bat like you," the young Akemi murmured to no one in particular. Good that Miss Thekla just started the bus engine and overheard it. Any resemblance to Mrs. Crabtree is purely by chance! South Park wasn't even aired when I wrote this! Shokoshu

"Keep together, this isn't called Cloud Cave for nothing! I don't want to lose any of you little fleas!" The girls just had found a natural lake. "Last one in is a dried egg!" Akemi cried and splashed into the water. Quickly, the girls undressed themselves and followed. "I hope no leeches hide in here!" "Ah, they can't see through the clouds anyway!" "Dunking!" "OK, I allow it just because it's so hot. By the way, I have to go outside, I just recalled I haven't fed the parking meter. Don't make any nonsense!" Exit Thekla stage left.
"You'd lose your ass if it ain't grown on, Miss Alzheimer!" Akemi snickered. "Tickle Fight!"

While the girls were fro(and back-)licking, something moved in the clouds above them. (insert dramatic music crescendo) Suddenly, a giant mutant spider appeared and let a big net drop on the girls. A lot of squealing resulted. The girls tried to flee in panic, but they just entangled themselves more and more in the net. The spider descended and began methodically to tie everybody up and hang them spread-eagled from the ceiling. Cries were dampened by soft silky gags. Akemi was the last one to get hogtied. "Oh no, it's a giant mutant kemo!" she cried the blatant obvious. "He will eat us all alive!"
"May I correct," spoke the spider (I dunno how he could speak, he was a mutation. End of discussion), "you seem to have seen to many Alberich pics. Indeed I 'eat' you alive, but not the way you think. You see - begin scientific factoid - spiders, even giant mutants, can only suck liquids..." "Eeeek! You'll turn us into slobber with your digestion enzymes!" "...Must be an idee fixe of you? No, no, these liquids you will give most willingly..." Akemi at last got a clue as a big tongue moved between her legs. "No! No!" "...and you'll quite enjoy it." "Will not!" "Will too!" "Will not!" "Will too!" "Willnmmmmph!" Another silk gag ended this fascinating conversation.

The spider now had his tongue free to caress Akemi's clit. He used his hairy front legs to tickle her breasts and other sensitive parts of her body. Akemi bucked helplessly against the silken binds. "MMPH! MMPH!" Against her will, she was getting aroused and wet. "MMMH!" Her love juices began to overflow, and the spider sucked up every drop. Then he began to slowly insert a penis-like (OK, everything that goes up a pussy is penis-like, more or less) appendage into Akemis quivering body. "MMOOOH!" The bumps on this thingie worked like magic on Akemis G spot. "AAAAAAA!" She writhed in a multiple orgasm. Her cervix opened, and her womb engulfed spider seed. "OO!!" "No, dammit! They are not going to devour you from inside! Just think a fucking second! What will happen if a busload of nubile girls disappear with a well known last location? Every mech from here to Neo-Tokyo will come to find out! Oh, you have passed out. Nevermind."

"Aoki?" "MMPH! MMMH! MMOOOH! AAAAAAA!" "Ayeka?" "MMPH! MMMH! MMOOOH! AAAAAAA!" "Ayumi?" "MMPH! ETC!" The spider was working himself alphabetically through the helpless class. (Love juices are rather low on calories, so you have to think big.) Soon, all girls had donated their juices and their womb space and were half dead from lust. Everytime one opened her eyes, the spider set a tiny silky string tied around her clit into vibration, and sent her back to oblivion with another climax.
A hour later, the births began. (Spiders are always in a hurry.) Thousands of tiny spiders came a-crawling out. The sensation was unbearable. Every girl immediately fainted from a megagasm, and the shock caused a retrograde amnesia. (This hackneyed plot device was brought to you by ACME Creative Writing.)

"Girls! Girls! Wake up! You have inhaled too many carbon dioxide and passed out! I told you it was dangerous in here!" "Ooooh, my head!" Akemi moaned. "And my pussy. I feel like I was fucked by Godzilla!" "Akemi, you should be ashamed of yourself!!" Miss Thekla really had trouble to keep her deadpan impression. Then she drove the bus back to school, went into her personal room, locked it carefully, undressed her human costume and sipped a nice cup of tea through her proboscis.

The End