Knowing Me Knowing You

The antigrav glider descended without any sound, as quiet as the planet Lokvorth the crew landed on. In its halcyon days, this planet was the center of great cosmic upheavals, but that times were long gone and you would have to search far even for a native.
Exactly the planet they sought for.
Three women were on board. Two immortals doomed for soon death and one feline alien. (Go on and call her a 'pussy'. It's your face the gets scratched!)
"Frankly, Irmina, the thief of our cell activators won't show up at the last moment like in a bad SF soap opera, saying Hello, it all was a big cosmic misunderstanding, have them back, I hope the problem that without them you'll die in a few days wasn't too unconvienient to you! " Jennifer Thyron was the wifeof Ronald Tekener, the Galactic Gamer, who already searched the universe back and fro for the thieves. He didn't have the slightest chance to find them. (Later, much later, he found them, and it really was some sort of cosmic misunderstanding, and he toasted the responsibles with his blaster, but that didn't bring his Jennifer back).
"My biokinetic powers won't prevent the explosive decay of our bodies too long," murmured Irmina Kotschistowa, a mutant with the ability to influence biological processes by sheer will power. Long there had been speculations whether she wouldn't need a cell activator at all to get immortal, and the current events answered with a big No. The human body was too complex to control each single cell.
"We have a day left, at max. Let's end it here. Dao-Lin H'ay, you know what to do?"
"You don't have to explain to a member of the Kartanin race", Dao-Lin meowed. "When we keep a secret, we keep it." (Later, much later, she became an immortal herself and married Tekener, but she never revealed what happened down on Lokvorth.)
Irmina and Jennifer undressed their light space-suits, until they were completely naked. Dao-Lin didn't even raise a whisker. She didn't need her telepathic powers to understand. They wanted to die in peace, no trace of them ever to be found. She raised a paw for a last goodbye, took their clothes, went into the glider and lifted off back to the mothership.
Now they were alone.
"Irmina..." Jennifer giggled.
"What's so funny about the situation? Never saw a naked woman?"
"Irmina, your powers..." she giggled more.
"Can you grow yourself..." "Oooooh! I see! Having a bit of fun in our last hours! Jennifer, if I want I can grow myself more tentacles than Cthulhus grandmother got. Look, ma, no hands!"
It was as always an amazing sight when Irmina began to change. Of course, she didn't use magic or technobabble, and thus she had limits in what she could change to and at what speed. Now she resembled a monster from the cover of some pulp magazine.
"Heeeelp!" Jennifer 'cried'. "It's gonna eat meeeee!"
"Drool! Slime! Voluptious Earthling! Make squishie-squashie with her!" Irmina grabbed Jennifer with her tentacles and tied her up. "Earthling will looooove me!"
Suction caps attached to Jennifers sensible areas and began to stimulate her. A giant sucker tentacle cupped her breasts and licked her warts. Jennifer moaned. Irmina then produced a tentacle that was designed anatomically perfect to stimulate Jennifers clit and labia with thousand little tongues. Jennifer squealed and pedaled, but there was no escape.
"Earthling has to be probed!" A big phalloid tentacle entered Jennifers vagina, searching for her G-spot. It pulsated and squirmed, and finally Jennifer had the orgasm of a lifetime. Irmina kissed her to stop her cries, then she let her tongue wander into Jennifers mouth. The tongue began to swell and turned into a penis-like organ filling Jennifers mouth completely. Jennifer began to lick and suck it in ecstacy (after all she couldn't move much) until finally Irmina blew off a cum-shot direct into her mouth.
"MMMPH?" "Whaddayasay? Oh, I'm sorry..." Irmina retreated her pseudo-penis shortly. "OOOOH! Straaaaaawberry tasteOOOOM?" "What did you expect, rancid fish? We have to satisfy our customers!" Then she reentered Jennifers orifices, strengthened the tentacle vice grip and doubled the squirming.
Jennifers lay limp, one multiple orgasm after another wrecking her body. Finally Irminas powers were overstretched, and in a fraction of a second, when both women experienced a final hypergasm, their bodies crumbled into dust like a vampire caught in the sun, the dust blowing away in the Lokvorth summer wind.

What a fucking pity.

The End