Love Bug

Jonni DC, Continuity Cop, was studying her big book which sealed the fate of all DC comic figures. She scribbled a bit here, erased a bit there, intermingled by some occasionally "$%&#", "*\~!!", and "Just another Crisis and I'll quit!". Engaged in her work, she naturally didn't hear the *POP* behind her back.
Then a sack fell over her head, a rope was pulled tight, and the book was stoled from her hands. From inside the sack there came muffled swearings that, this time, weren't printable in any comic book, but the mysterious figure already had *POP*ed away from this continuum.
*POP*! "It's always an advantage to be the only comic figure that knows he is a comic figure! Now the fun begins!" *POP*

Supergirl came back from the fight with her last villain, the Lusting Leech. Well, it could hardly be termed a fight, when his only superpowers were drooling all over her costume. She had given the bastich a kick in the groin that surely would stop him from further sexual harassment for the next week. Yuck! She went under the shower to get the saliva off her costume. Then suddenly...*POP*!
"What the...? Not another pervert today! Oh, Ambush Bug, count yourself lucky that I'm still dressed, or you would be the flattest bug in the world by now! Now where is my insect spray? And what are you up to, anyway?" "Oh, I'm just up to fucking your mind out until you die from a super-orgasm!"
Supergirl burst out into a mindless giggle. "Just the thought of it! Is this a contest between you, the Joker and Bizarro on the Number One Loonie Of All Earths? raping and what army?" "Oh, just me and this (let me open this box) lump of drum-roll polka-dot Kryptonite!" "Polka-dot Kryptonite?? You dweeb, everybody knows there is green Kryptonite, red Kryptonite, white Kryptonite, gold Kryptonite and blue Kryptonite. And nothing else! Especially no silly thing as polka-dot kryptonite. I shove your fake polka-dot kryptonite up your ass! Just give me that box...oooh...I'm feeling so strange suddenly..."
"Oh, of course everybody knew there was green Kryptonite, red Kryptonite, white Kryptonite, gold Kryptonite and blue Kryptonite and nothing else! But now there is polka-dot Kryptonite too. And the effect of it is making every super-creature super-horny. Here, read it in the DC Handbook. Section 239: Kryptonite, different colors, effect on super-creatures. Polka-dot: makes super-horny. Read it yourself. Can you already feel your pussy itching?" "OOOH! But that's's even your own...mmmmh...handwriting...oooh FUCK ME FUCK ME!"
Supergirl was feeling so hot that she ripped open the part of her costume that covered her pussy. With superstrength, she caught Ambush Bugs head between her thighs and begged "LICK ME! LICK MY CLIT UNTIL MY HEAD EXPLODES!" "MMM gmmmttphng no amphr!" he answered as he got more that he bargained for.

Superman was on his usual air patrol when his super-ears heard some strange noises. It sounded like someone being strangled. This was coming from Linda Danvers house...was she in trouble? With super-speed, he crashed through the door (better one time too many than too late).
"YES! YES!" "Nggh!" He froze at the scene before his eyes. "What is going on... uuuh...felling dizzy...WANNA FUCK!"
He ripped Ambush Bug from the desperately moaning Supergirl and gave him a kick that sent him in an orbit around the moon. Then he opened the secret zipper at his costume and sic-ed Supergirl.
The seismologic institute of Metropolis measured an 11 on the Richter scale.

Epilog: *POP* "Ouch, that wasn't fun at all..." *POP* "Maybe I should try next time to..."
Rrrip! The book was taken from his hands again. "I think this here belongs to me! Now where is the section on Ambush Bug? Ah, here. Was badly hurt when a 1000lbs weight dropped on him." Whhhham! "Ooow!" "The earth opened and he fell into a pile of shit." Kersplosh! "Bleargh! Mercy!" "You are lucky that I'm busy having to censor out a certain scene from everybodys minds. Meanwhile, A horde of fire-ants..." "Noooooooo!!!

The End