Shaved Pussy

"Mew." Dao-Lin H'ay let out a silent sigh.
She and Tekener were lying in their beds in their double cabin. Split beds. They were now sort of a pair for over a year, but their relationship was still platonic.
Surely, cross-species sex had a bad reputation, even in the oh so tolerant 239th century. (Kartanin calendar.) In fact one of her own species tried to attack her, just because of his own bigoted fantasies.
Not a brilliant idea, because Dao-Lin was still a Kartanin heroine, and being together with a hairless ape was seen as a strictly private matter, so this was against the Kartanin codex and the perpetrator seen as a loon.
Daos paw and her thoughts began to wander. Maybe Tekener had run into a similar event? Humans had a reputation of loathing everything off the beaten path. But Tek surely wouldn't give a flying meow about what other people thought. Maybe his fellows would even cheer him for catching his newest prey.
Dao-Lin wouldn't even need her weak telepathic abilities to find out what really kept him from going further. Further than her paw which found the point of prrrr.
He was afraid. Angst in the pants. Mellow yellow. This would sound absurd talking about Tekener, the Galactic Gamer, who surely stood on the wrong side of a Big Fragging Gun of all sorts more than once.
But male Earthlings were used to being the stronger sex. His mere thought of putting his me-owwww into a female with claws and a dental set that could bite his head off in one fell swoop probably rendered selfsame me-owwww inoperable.
Such a biiig me-owwww. And even without spikes. And this tasty fish smell...She purred as her lust began to grow.
Dao-Lin Hay wouldn't have been a feline when she didn't already have an idea to catch this lil mouse. Oh, how she would catch him. Oh! Oh! Oooooh!

Tekener wouldn't have been a top agent when he wouldn't have awoken from sleep and drawn an Even Bigger Fragging Gun a mere seconds after Dao-Lin let out a roar that would have scared a Halut giant.
False alarm.
"I just had a dream", commented Dao-Lin. "Well, dream pianissimo next time," Ron retorted. "Or I have to gag you, my sweet furball."
Dao-Lin snickered. "You would have to shackle me first! I guess you have some rusty chains in your assorted weapon collection?"
Ron laid away his gun and drew a tooth brush instead which he pointed at Dao-Lin. "Paws up, Kartanin spy, and no false move! This secret weapon would reduce you to a door mat!"
Obidiently, Dao marched into Tekeners "Chamber of Terror", where Tekener tied her spread-eagled to a med-bed, her head clamped down so her fangs bit thin air.
"You can torture me as long as you want, I won't talk to you about the Orgon collector, Terran scum! I'll rather die!"
"Ah, everybody talks when subjected to my exquisite tool." Ron held something behind his back that made a well-known humming noise.
Dao-Lin H'ay really began to scream when Ronald Tekener produced...his Lady-Shave.

Che-Shi R'e made a gasp when she met her girlfriend. "Dao, what's the meaning of this?" "Oh, haven't you read the Cosmo-Vogue? Ertrusian Iroquois haircuts are so totally in this year!"
Dao wondered how long it would take the ACME Qik-Gro Anti-Baldness formula to work.
Especially the part she smuggled into Tekeners breakfast.
Cosmo-Vogue would soon have to run a special about the Yeti look for males...

The End