Parting Gift

It was THAT day of year again.
"Mother, do you have to clasp my hand?" Persephone bickered. "It's not that I'm going to die or so."
Demeter winced.
"OK, OK, bad wording. But when will you learn I'm no helpless baby? Ask Minthe, that asswipe. She tried to seduce my Dis and..."
Demeter winced even harder.
"Now what should happen to two full-fledged goddesses?" Persephone blabbered on. Too bad the Moiras were big TVTropes fans, especially regarding the TemptingFate thingie. What happened to two full-fledged goddesses was they stepped on the trap of a Woman Eating Plant. Elastic walls sprung up and engulfed the two lovelies. Vines curled around their voluptious bodies and tied them together in a tight lesbian embrace, their titanic breasts rubbing against each other.

If this were a Guro story, now copious amounts of digestion fluid would come into play. But an ordinary Woman Eating Plant would bite out its optional teeth on an Olympian anyway. Of course it wasn't an ordinary Woman Eating Plant, as it obviously had no vore intent, but instead produced a petal phallus that squirmed into the unfathomable depths of Demeters vagina and began to pulsate.
"Zeus." Demeter stated matter-of-factly, with 50% annoyance and 50% pleasure.
"Well, can I let two stark-naked beauties go unfucked?"
(The two fertility goddesses never understood the concept of clothing.)
Demeter felt a little thorn prick into her clit. This caused a strange sensation, it was like it was swelling and swelling and... "Ooooooh! What are you doing to me?'s you have a futa fetish since Ganymed?...mmmh... I would kick you into the Tartarus myself, you sick fuck, if not for the fact that you know to please a womAAAAAAAH!" The vines tugged a bit, and Demeters clit, which had grown to Centaur shlong size, slid into Persephones pussy. "Moooother?!" she squealed, with 10% surprise, 1% annoyance (the Olymp never had any qualms with incest) and 200% pleasure. The rest, as Hamlet said, was orgasming. Oh, wait, that wasn't was Hamlet said. Nevermind. Zeus judged that since the two now wouldn't add any relevant input two more petal phalli into their pretty mouthes would be in order. He let a bit of plant precum drip into their throats, knowing that on a fertility goddess, it worked like crack.

After three hours and hundreds of orgasms, Zeus got bored. Probably Hera would ask herself what he was doing. Even more probably, she knew it anyway. Sod her. He opened the doors of his love prison and hit the road.
Demeter and Persephone fell to the earth, totally exhausted, brain in reboot mode and vaginas gaping wide.
Which is how Hades found them a few minutes later.
"What's this? Did my horndog brother fuck you?" asked Hades with 1000% pure anger. "Nooooo..." sighed Persephone, which was more or less technical correct, as Bill Clinton can affirm. "I think I have to torture the truth out of you, my sugarplum!" And he licked his wife with a fiery tongue. "Did he?" "Yesyesyes...I mean, yesyesyes, keep oooooon, but by the Styx, nooooo!" That was as binding as it could get, but Hades wasn't too convinced. "Hrmbl... I wonder what he says when *I* fuck *his* wife!" He threw the goddesses over a shoulder each and returned to his dark kingdom, where he threw them on a soft meadow in the Elysian Fields. "Oooh yessss!" sighed Demeter, who still had a bluescreen, and always thought she would have been the better wife for Zeus. She spread her legs invitingly wide. In normal mode, she would have despised Hades with a vengeance, but a few hundred orgasms make any woman soft.
"Yeah, I know...Minthe..." said Hades to Persephone. "I only love you, my pussycat! I just fuck out the rest of your brain, whatever happened up above, and call it a day."
"Ooooh yes, my stallion! You are the only god who isn't a complete asshat." "And who fucks my brain out?" whined Demeter. "Learning from Zeus means learning to win", grinned Hades, and seconds later Persephone was the futa who fucked her mothers brain out, and both were imprisoned in a Woman Eating Plant From Hell. Which was even more pleasurable than a normal one.

After another hundred orgasms, Hades freed the pair from his love prison, since Demeter announced she was going to die now. Permanent company - no thanks. And who should send his replenishments when Demeter wasn't doing her job above? (Hades took his job dead serious, pardon the pun.) So she was sent back to Earth by Hermes UPS, and that was that, until the next winter and the next stupid fanfic...

The End