Penis Rape

[Authors Note: There is a certain illogicism in tentacle rape. You'll immediately see if you reverse the situation...]

The Terran Marine Spaceship "Fragmeister" had been adrift now for ten years. The last fight with the Bemms had damaged its warp engine beyond repair. It was a sheer unbelievable stroke of luck when they came across an inhabitable planet.
Lucky, that is, for the marines. Not exactly for the inhabitants...

"Oh, look, a falling star! Quick, make a wish!" said Asquish to her girlfriend Asquash. Both were nubile Calamari maids with long slender tentacles and cute large eyes.
"I wanna have a boyfriend..." "No, you silly inkstand, you may not say it aloud, or it won't work!" Asquash pursed her maw. Asquish could talk easily that way as her own boyfriend Squishy did play the tentacle game with her every night.
In that moment a big Kersplosh came from the near lagoon. "Hey, the falling star must have watered! Come, let's check it out!" Asquash blew water out of her siphon and began to swim shorewards. "No, stop, this might be dangerous! Wait!", wailed Asquish. "Oh, don't be such a deacon black spoilsport! What should be a danger to big calamaris like us? I ate a whale for breakfast when I was twelve moons old!" Asquash sped up while Asquish hesitantly followed her.

"Oh fuck, kick my balls into orbit! Do you see what I see?" Sergeant Dread handed his binocular to his gunner "Blownapart" Holmes. "Jeeeesus on a desintegrator! Two octopussies in shirts! Haha, the one is wearing a pearl necklace!" " I wonder if the octopussy has a pussy?" "Fuck, I'd fuck the kitchen sink after ten years without a cunt!" "Quick, let's set an ambush for them! Buggrit, Soddof, Slice, fetch the big net!"

Asquish and Asquash gazed at the big spaceship. "Holy Water Mother! This means the philosophers were right and we are not alone in the Universe!" "I guess they are...friendly...?" Asquish gargled reluctantly.
The net falling over them answered the question. Suddenly a huge swarm of small strange creatures with...what where these things from mythology called...arms and legs were over them, tying their tentacles into knots. The squid girls leashed out and managed to knock down a few of them, but they were outnumbered hopelessly. Soon they were completely helpless. In fear, they watched as the probable leader of the gang pulled down his clothing and showed some kind of mini tentacle which began to grow bigger and bigger. The creature uttered some noise sounding like "You babes will love a good mean dick". Then he rammed the thing into Asquashs maw. She coughed and squirmed as it thrusted back and forth, deeper and deeper into her throat. Asquish squealed "Help! It's their shlong! They are 'vishing us!" but then another shlong cut her cries. Now all creatures joined the assault and forced their things into every orifice and even the soft flesh of the struggling squid girls. Asquish and Asquash nearly suffocated as finally from the creatures things hot slimy goo squirted into all their orifices, and passed out.

"Are they dead?" "Who gives a fuck? Throw them back into the lagoon, we have a whole planet to conquer." The current pulled away two lifeless looking bodies...

"Asquish! NOOOOO!" Squishy held the limp body of his girlfriend in his tentacles, and shouted a hateful "VENGEANCE!!" into the dawning sun...