Lord of the Pinks

On the first day, Iluvamil, the All-Mother, created the Universe, all full of galaxies and stars and planets.
On the second day, All-Mother created the Elbs.
Oh, the Elbs. Majestic. Beautiful. Elegant. And royal assholes.
On the third day, All-Mother created the Dwarfs.
Oh, the Dwarfs. Brazen. Assiduous. And proud of their beards.
Especially their women.
The Elbs laughed their asses off. Such began the eternal ill-will between their people.
On the fourth day, All-Mother created the Halflings.
Overrated. Ignore.
On the fifth day, All-Mother created the Ents and the Unicorns and the Chinese Dragons and applepie with vanilla sauce.
On the sixth day, All-Mother created the Humans.
Ptooey, the humans. Puny. But sly. Always tried their best to become even bigger assholes than the elbs. Failed miserably.
Well, the women were tolerable.
At least the one without beards.
On the seventh day, All-Mother suffered from PMS and created Orks and Balrogs and Things That Go Bump In The Night and the IRS and Microsoft.
They say Evil Vampire Queen Pubococcygea was created directly from All-Mothers spilt blood.
Which proves that All-Mother should have created Carl Djerassi first.
And then...the Inju.
Oooooh, the Inju. Tentacles. More Tentacles. And some tentacles, too.
The Inju wasn't created.
Do you think Iluvamil did all this creating completely without a little help?

The Sisterhood of Pink was congregating in the Last Stronghold.
"The EVQP..." (time was pressing, and one had agreed not to refer to her proper title for succinctness) "...is calling her complete army to attack. The Wall of Su-Gar is still persisting but we can't hold it much longer!" Gidra Bloomychin, Dwarf leader, pounded with her sledge hammer on the table to get the full attention. As if to underscore her words, a lamp fell from the ceiling due to ogers attacking with heavy equipment far down below.
"The EVQP shall come in earshot of my longbow, and the Army of Evil would be history!" boasted Jasmiel Antoleuca, prettiest of the Elbs, she who was so pretty that everyone had to wear welding goggles. (And that was only one of her less obnoxious traits.)
"Yeah, sure. It's more likely your own ear gets shot away if you just stick its pointy end over the wall!" retorted Gidra.
"Ha! And they set your beard on fire!"
"Overgrown trollop!"
"Pre-shrunk slob!"
"Cut it out, both of you!" intervened Eocene, Princess of Shagadic. "While we are bickering, another cottage is ravaged. We have to act now to fulfil the Oath of Staunchness, and if it means the last resort!"
"You mean...The Inju?"
"Oh yes, the Inju!"
"Ooooh, the Inju!"

Jasmiel, Eocene and Gidra were dancing naked around a fire and began summoning. "Inju! Inju! Hideki Takayama! Inju! Fi uoy nac daer siht uoy era a dren! Injuhuuuu!"
Something big came a-falling from the astral plane.
"Who dares to...Oh. Babes. Your impudence to call me on the phone while I was in the bathtub is already forgiven. Any Famous Last Words before you meet paradise?"
"Oh mighty Inju, the EVQP and her army will overrun us!" pleaded Eocene.
"The what? And why should I care?"
"The Evil Vampire Queen Pubococcygea, and you might care, tentacle-for-brains, because if they win, she soon will be the ONLY female on earth!" hissed Jasmiel.
"See these poor peasant girls." Eocene pointed to a flock of giggling nude maidens who watched the completely translucent body of the Inju with all the interesting gadgets meant only to please. "They rather sacrifice themselves willingly to you, mighty Inju, than to get ripped to shreds by an orc dick."
"Now that is an argument if I ever heard one." The Inju didn't specify whether he meant the impending babe shortage, the offered maiden surplus or the amenities of suction cups vs. spines, or everything together. "And I won't call it a sacrifice anyway. We have a deal - EVQP, eat tentacles! Hmmm, where do I start? Oh silly me, the Elb always have right of way. Enjoy the Pon-Farr, you big-earred applepie with vagina sauce, you!"
Tentacles curled around the perfect body of Jasmiel who protested: "It's Jas-mi-el for you! And cut out the lame jokes referring to VulcMMMF!"
"My name is not Al, it's Inju. Or that's at least the version you can pronounce, or do you like to call me ?"
"MMMMF! Did you think Elbs can't speak EleetMMMMH?" Jasmiel had managed to get the tentacle out of her mouth shortly, a feat no women ever managed before.
"Just one word: Shut up!" Jasmiel desperately tried to talk back that these were two words, or even five, depending on the counting, but this time she was gagged properly. The Inju then stowed away the pedaling Elb girl in some kind of skin sack on his back which immediately shrunk tight. Numerous suckers attached themselves to Jasmiels breasts and clit and everywhere else, as the power of the Inju turned her whole body into an erogenous zone. Even before the Inju slided a throbbing tentacle into her vagina, she already was lost in orgasming ecstacy.
The maidens were staring at the Elb girl squirming in lust, and more than one got wet already. Eocene stripped off her Diadem of Royality. Girls, no sharp objects inside an Inju. You might hurt him. "And I always wanted to marry a handsome prince. Oh well. OK, my tributaries, follow me into the confinement of eternal joy. Would you lend me a tentacle?" Eocene jumped into another free sack, closed her eyes and awaited her most pleasuring fate. She didn't have to wait long.
The Inju was multitasking-able, and soon a whole army of girls were donating their love juices for the last battle. Except...
"Uh, Mr. Efszclydnots?" "Argh, my ears!" "fsoitzkl..." "Pleeease!" "Mr. Inju, didn't you forget..." "Little lady, I don't know how to formulate it..." ("AAAAH! OOOOOH! MMMMM!" the caught girls were seconding) "...without speciesism, but, eh, I have my utter reservations to eh, open up, eh, sexual relationships with people, uhm, with beards." "And if I shave myself?" insisted Gidra who evidently was rather desperate to think about such an undwarfish. thing. "NO! And now excuse me, I have a promise to fulfil."
How Jasmiel, hogtied and nearly unconscious from perpetual orgasm, managed to show Gidra the most pretty middle finger, will stay her secret forever.

The Heavy Armed Oger Batallion (an elite unit; only ogers who can add 1+1 may join) just had managed to blow the decisive breach into the Wall of Su-Gar. It came tumbling down in a giant cloud of dust, accompanied by an ear-deafening cheer of the evil army. The dust cleared and then they saw...
"Hey, those babes were promised to us!" an orc grunted in high dudgeon, and that was the last thing he ever saw. All tentacles of the Inju expanded, stretching the pussies of the captive girls to their limit, stimulating G-spots and other sensitive areas science hasn't even found yet. A simultaneous super-orgasm followed. The Inju blasted it off as a devastating Orgon wave through the whole EQVP forces.
LEXX, eat your heart out.
At every spot where it collided with a male, immediately all his blood rushed into his dick, leaving much more vital organs with no supply. After two minutes, even the notoriously no-brained ogers were big stiffs with a big stiff.
The EVQP was, not much a wonder, the only woman in the evil army. She squealed shortly as the Orgon wave crashed through her magic shields, giving her hundred orgasms in a split second, and fell down completely exhausted.
To mop things up nicely, the Inju went over to her limp body, wrapped a tentacle around her and lifted her up. It was about time as an axe whistled through empty air.
"Hey, you could have hurt my favorite tentacle, little lady!"
Gidra was jumping up fervently, but the EVQP was out of reach for her.
"Kill her! Or let me kill her! She's responsible for countless unspeakable acts of evil!"
"I'm not a judge. I'm the Inju. My work is done...Well, but maybe..."
And then he disappeared to the astral plane, taking his prize with him.
Peasants came cheering from their hidings. The men clearly were cheering louder. The Good(tm) had won. Well, for about ten minutes, as they would be mutually banging in their heads on their own. When it comes to rape and pillage, who needs EVQPs anyway?

Selfsame EVQP opened her eyes, realized who caught her, did a bit of futile pedaling, tried to hack her vampire teeth into the tentacle that gagged her (no such luck, she couldn't move her jaw a millimetre) and gave herself in. "Oh, did you awaken, my evil beauty? I have a special treatment for you. You see, I can keep you on the brink of orgasm for all eternity. Doesn't it make you jealous to see my girlfriends enjoying me?" He pointed to Jasmiel and Eocene who found their eternal bliss. "You will never find salvation. Do you already feel your vagina wanting to spasm?"
The EVQP indeed wanted already and tried to move her pelvis against her tormentor, but she was completely immobilized. Everytime she felt the orgasm coming, the clit-sucker stopped sucking, the tongues stopped licking, the tentacle inside her pussy stopped throbbing, just to start anew a moment later.
"Neener neener. And now I have a special gift for you." Pubococcygea tried to scream as the Inju wormed a tentacle into her womb and released his seed who immediately began to grow and to squirm inside her. Soon she was looking as if in the eleventh month, and the seed kept moving, moving, slithering through her uterus... Horror and joy at the same time.
"You will be pregnant for all eternity. We'll see if you grow some motherly feelings for your fellow beings one day." Iluvamil had donated to the Inju the gift that all women in his grasp would be immortal ("hey, we want to avoid those nasty death-by-too-much-orgasming accidents") and this was his private hell for the EVQP. The only kind of hell an Inju was capable of.

In another eon, maybe she'll repent?

The End