A Gem of a Plan

Queen Beryl cried "Next one!" Why was it so hard to get some excellent general to lead her forces? They tended to ruin everything by overconfidence and arrogance. Had to feed the last one to the Unspeakable Ones. General Protection Failure, so to say. She smirked unmercifully.
The new apparentice just walked into her office. Looked handsome, the guy. "May I introduce myself? Yttrium-Aluminium-Garnet (YAG) is my name, squishing stupid sailors is my game." And he had style, too.
"You know the terms of your job?" "O High One, I already have a masterplan. May I outline it?" And he knew his duties. "OK, you are hired! Go forth!" "Well, why did the pesky sailors always win in the past? Surely not because of their magic forces, we are nicely equipped ourselves. And also not because of superior tactical intelligence." Beryl giggled. Evidently he even had the same humor as her.
"No, it's because they are so fucking kawaii! (No offense to your beauty, but the ordinary man goes for the babyfaces.)" "And so...?" "Masterplan Hunchback. The Emerald Zap will turn Sailor Moon into the ugliest of monsters." "Approved! Get yourself some henchmen and set up the trap. The only magic power Sailor Moon will remain is some Asteroid Mirror Crash by Look! HaHaHa!!"
add some convenient time break, while Sailor Moon runs blindly into some Standard Hackneyed Plot Lure
"Sob, cry, wail. Please no!" Sailor Moon helplessly struggled against her bonds. "Now kiss your pretty face goodbye, Sailor Moon! General, fire the Emerald Zap." Zzzzap!
An eerie greenish ray flickered over Sailor Moons body. "Oh, I'm feeling bad...Help!...gargle...slime..." Sailor Moon slowly turned into a tentacle monster. "Slorp!!!" (Which meant in tentaclemonsterese, "You pay for this atrocity, Queen Beryl! Now how do you like it when I tie you up?") With a single stretch of her new body the sailormonster ripped the bonds apart, lashed out for a completely surprised Queen and writhed her tentacles firmly around her.
"Eek!! General, help me! Do something!" What he did was taking his fake face off. "Tuxedo Kamen!" "YAG-ety YAG!" He lifted an invisible hat. "Bastard! You will mmmpfff..." We'll never know what he would, because a tentacle in Beryls mouth cut her swearings off. Then the monster ripped her clothes off. (What do you expect her to do? There is homosexuality in Sailor Moon anyway, so why not a lesbian tentaclemonster? Must be a side effect of the Emerald Zap.)
another convenient break, in the meantime Queen Beryl being buggered into every single opening and fainting out from an eternal orgasm. It's the same treatment as in every tentacle story, and I'm tired. Use your own fantasy, for Inju's sake!

Tuxedo Kamen set the Emerald Zap on 'Reverse'. Pazzzz!
Slowly Sailor Moon turned into her familiar form. He lifted her gently from the evil queen and carried her off. Over his shoulder he remarked, "I think you won't be doing world domination for the next week, Queen Beryl!"
Queen Beryl naturally said nothing, her still pulsating wide open vagina being the only sign of life in her. On the outside Sailor Moon moaned, "That wasn't nice from us, wasn't it?" They were nearly at home, when the conclusion finally made it through the windings of her brain. "Now waittaminit! You planned everything..." "Yup, a little punishment for blowing our last rendezvous..."
"Grrrr...Moon Oversized Hammer!" Tuxedo Kamen barely dodged the blow, but his hat bit the dust, flattened to atomar thickness.
Such the chapeau claque was invented.

The End