Tentacle Work Safety Sheet

Authors Note: As you see, even the mandatory (hey, what havoc can I wreak, just sitting at the computer ;-) but extremely boring yearly security shindigs of our university are good for something...

The sun was setting Be especially careful outside normal work shift when you are tired. upon the InjuGen building InjuGen is a corporation going for the quick profit in biotechnology. The security measurements will be comparably sloppy. located in Sunnyvale, California, USA. The USA is what's called a 'country'. It's armed with atomic bombs. Expect it to break any rule at will if it's beneficial for it.
Under an exhauster, Regularly check the underpressure power of your exhauster. A wool string or suchlike is a good idea. Prof. Eugene Redman We wouldn't let Prof. Eugene Redman even hand an egg to cook without proper explosion protection. Trust us. We know his reputation! was working with mutagenic chemicals. Lab gown, googles and gloves are mandatory if your DNA is of any value to you. At another work bench, Dr. Diana Whitehead In high risk labs, pregnant or lactating women are not allowed for their own good. And regardless what Women's Lib says, women might be a security problem in general. was handling newly synthesized pheromones. The following incident even our anal-retentive security committee couldn't foresee, it was too bloody implausible. She couldn't foresee the bloody implausible effect that the new substance, dedicated for usage in animal breeding, A horny bull, stallion or other large animal surely won't have the hots for *you* but we still recommend to stay outside the range of his hooves OR member. Or you may be fucked in more than one way. would make *her* super-horny. Moaning, she stripped off her clothes. "Fuck me, Prof! Now!" In high risk labs, absolutely no drinking, eating, smoking, cosmetics, and especially NO SEX! Prof. Eugene Redman was completely dumbfounded, Because he was a nerd and a male virgin. Didn't we say women might be a security problem in general? and in a moment of inadvertency, spilled some of the stuff he was handling. Yes, we said it! He normally would have rejected the offer but the substance slowly began to affect him. In a split second, they did it like rabbits on the lab floor. Lab floors might be slippery due to water, spilt substances, cumshots etc., so do yourself a favor and keep your cool Nike sneakers out. Diana screamed when she orgasmed, The French call it 'petite mort' but that's probably an exaggeration if you are a female without coronar risks. then again when the Professor melted into a blob engulfing her whole body, Be extremely picky when mating with demons, ghosts, monsters, injus etc. pp. as their kind varies enormously. There's still a vast difference between death by perpetual orgasm and death by slowly being eaten by demon spawn from within!, then she screamed and orgasmed even harder as the blob was stimulating parts of her no human could have reached at least not with recommended safe sex practices and collapsed with a final squeal of lust when her belly began to swell with squirming blob spawn. Cf. several comments above. The invasion just had begun... If you are a male, TOUGH LUCK!

The End