Authors note: The Euro dropped cent-wise when I finally realized that "slash" stems from the / between M/M. But then, isn't that a blatant pars pro toto given that it's the same slash between F/F, M/F (F/tentacles... ;-) ? The only thing without a slash would be a wanker story.
But of what interest would be a wanker story, anyway?
Boy, do you underestimate the imagination of ole Shokoshu!

Herma was special.
Very special.
She, no he, no...bugger those gender pronouns.
You would call her, no him, ah, now I got it, you would call herm a Hermaphrodite. And since the parents knew a bit of mythology, they called herm Herma. Easy.
There aren't that many true Hermaphrodites, man is no snail or earthworm. The fact that Herma possessed a penis and a vagina wasn't very distinctive on that behalf, as of course any penis can be an oversized clit in disguise. But does such more technical details really matter?
Of course it mattered. Herma was sort of lucky that she (now I'm fed up with it, henceforth I call her "she" since female is the default sex of embryogenesis) wasn't born in a more civilized part of the world, or else the doctors would have cut and snipped and tinkered until she would have had a definite sex for the bureaucrats.
Bureaucrats can't live with anything that won't fit into their rusty little drawers.
In any case, Hermas parents decided not to decide and leave it to Herma.
I said "sort of lucky" because that condemned her to be someone special among the normals.
normal, adj.. Euphem. for "fascist".
Childhood was hell for Herma. Children love to find outsiders and derile and torture them in all ways they can think of. The fact that Herma was highly intelligent made things only worse.
Suggesting her to go and fuck herself was one of the more harmless things.
Of course, Herma couldn't do that, as erect phalli aren't fond of 180 degree bends, as she noted regrettingly.
The closest thing to a combined male/female orgasm was that Herma could ejaculate on stimulation of her G-spot.
But that's a thing some normal women can do too. (Ejaculation in a more general sense, of course.)
When Herma finally was a grown-up, she swore that she would never, ever fuck a normal.
But as I said, man is no snail and herms are rare.
Herma threw her talents onto science.

Herma shortly thought about going into genetics and clone herself to produce a new race. Unluckily for her, ethic concerns (plus the fact that human cloning would have no apparent commercial value anyway, 'xept fifteen minutes of Frankenstein fame in the tabloids) gave rise to bans in all countries. She was still more or less unique.
Then Prof. Smythe-Jons came out with his Noble-winning artifial stable wormhole. The buzz quickly faded, as it took enormous energies to produce it, it didn't connect space lightyears away but just a few centimeters, no spaceship would fit through but just a banana, and worst of all it had no military application. Applepie for the High-Energy Physic guys who now could play new games with general relativity - practical usefulness zilch.
As it happened, Herma had a degree in High-Energy Physic (plus a few others) and scientists (especially the High-Energy Physic dept.) usually don't care for race, gender or passport. Herma immediately got employed on a post-doc position.
"I'd like to try an experiment about the effects of the wormhole on biological tissue. Maybe we come nearer to our next grant when we prove wormhole travel is safe." "Yup, if we leave out the puny fact to the referees that we would have to increase the energy a hundredfold until a human could merely worm himself through a wormhole! OK, Herma, it's yours for Sunday night. Just don't blow our electricity bill into orbit like Jack did last week," Prof. Smythe-Jons snickered and made a mark in his schedule planner.

Finally Herma was alone, the only sound being the giant transformator humming like a spermwhales lovetoy. Diligently, she set the coordinates and angles for the wormhole openings.
And the she undressed.
Her penis penetrated deeply into the wormhole, just to come out of the other side and enter her vagina.
Science was such a wonderful thing.
Herma caressed her breasts and moaned. She began to pump, in, out, in, out...
With one hand, she slowly lowered the energy supply. The wormhole got smaller. Tighter. Gravity ensnared the root of her penis like a cock ring.
"Oooh! AAAAAH!" The walls of Hermas vagina clasped around her penis tighter than all tidal forces could do when she orgasmed.
It was a wonderful moment of being one with the universe.
It also was a most mortifying moment because it was exactly the moment when Jack came in to fetch his forgotten lab journal and caught Herma pants down.

The bad news was that Herma got fired immediately, with a hefty sue for damage as a good-bye kiss.
The good news was that a month later the doctor told the baffled Herma she was pregnant. (She always had believed that herms are automatically sterile. Well, good old science makes errors now and then. It's her nature.)

Just in case your space cruise leads you through the Terra sector, you might do a stopover at Rho Ophiuchi and visit the ruins of Herm City. For millenia, it was inhibited by a nation of peaceful, high-tech, art-loving people.
Until Fates cold finger, who hates everything like peace and culture, wiped out the whole population on one day with a virus disease. Such are the dangers of genetic conformness.
Whispers never stopped that selfsame finger belonged to a hand of a normal.
True? Count it off on your own eight tentacles.

The End