Omikami was hot.
In fact, her beauty was so radiant that if you would have come to close, you probably would have vaporized.
Which, of course, didn't deter her fans to ever orbit around her.
Fans. So minuscule. So insignificant.
Only seldom one had a life.

H'King was black.
His appearance were black, his skin was black, and his soul was blacker than...but we don't want to get into politics here.
But nevertheless, anyone know him nearer had to admit that he had a certain attractive aura.

When Omikami met H'King, she immediately fell for him.
Her fanclub squealed: "He will eat girls like you for breakfast!" But it was too late.

H'King engulfed Omikami with his blackness. Her face color shifted red.
Then he was inside her. She felt like being ripped apart. Slowly, he began to suck on her juices.
Omikami sensed time stopping for her. Soon, she exploded in a final orgasm and was reduced to nothingness.

Somewhere far away...
Washu took her eyes from the telescope. "Daddy, doesn't the stars hurt when they are eaten by a Black Hole?"
"Oh no. Stars ain't no living beings. They can't feel anything. And now it's bedtime!"

The End