Authors note: Every gargoyle fanboy seems to think a pairing between Elisa and Goliath would encounter a BIG problem. I'm thinking of more concrete ones...


The fight was over.
Well, it could hardly be termed a fight anyway. Demona had chased Elisa Maza through half of New York until she was trapped on an abandoned scrap heap. Elisa emptied her service revolver (99 baddies served) at Demona in an act of pathetic phallus symbolism. She knew exactly that she would have needed a bazooka, at least.
She spared herself the hand-to-claw combat when Demona shredded through her clothes with her fingernails and shackled her up like an X-mas present. (These abandoned scrap heaps come very handy when BDSM paraphernalia are needed.) Elisa's last hope was that Demona played with her long enough until they both went lez, the sun went up or one of the good guy Gargoyles showed up to save her ass as always. For a modern independent woman, such sucked big time.
"I should bite your head off right now! Luckily your friends are currently busy with the Pack so I have enough time to torture you. Oh, and if you hope on sunrise - you're not exactly in the position to defend even against my puny human" (Demona spat out) "form. Now where do I begin? Maybe filling your fleshy cunt with fire ants that gnaw through your innards until only bones remain. I wonder what Goliath finds in these shriveled tits anyway!"
Demona squeezed Elisa's nipples between her fingers. Elisa squeaked. "You shouldn't talk big about others tits, Mum! On yours there is already growing moss!"
G3, Aircraft Carrier Sunk. If Gargoyles would have been able to change color, Demona would have turned explosively purple, maybe with some black smoke coming out of her ears. Her tail lashed out like a whip. It barely grazed Elisa's temple but she fell immediately unconscious and went limp in her chains.
Demona was a very instable personality. The thought of being unattractive was an anathema to her. Instead of biting Elisa's head off as promised, she flew off into the night, landed on Xanatos Tower, stormed in his office without knocking, ripped off her already skimpy clothes and howled: "Are my tits mossy, David?"
Xanatos' chin made a crash landing on the floor. After all he was only a red-blooded human male, and that blood just made a detour to lower body parts, leaving the brain dry. (Statistics prove that for any red-blooded male it's rather irrelevant that Demona has wings, a tail, fangs and belongs to a different species, as long as the relevant parts are vaguely human. Mossy or not.)
Of course no answer was exactly the wrong answer. "Boohoo!" Demona burst into tears. "That bitch Maza was right! Goliath won't touch me anymore! I'm old and mossy! Wu─────!"
And again Demona flew out into the night, not looking left or right. Directly into a large projection billboard of the New York Times flashing the latest news into the world. "Ecologic Desaster! Mortal Danger!" the letters danced around her eyes. "Invasion of Manowar Jellyfish before Long Beach!"
And suddenly something in Demonas mad brain clicked.
Anyone else would have considered sandpaper first.

"Now come here, jelly jelly!" Demona was diving around in the waters of the shore. Of course a Gargoyle didn't have to breath. A Portuguese manowar came passing by, happy to oblige. It slung his acid-filled stingers around Demona and thought "Tentaclesex!" No, it thought "Supper!" No again, it thought probably nothing, as jellyfishs have even less brain than a furious Demona.
If there actually had been any moss on Demonas tits, it would have been etched away now, as the Manowar is the most poisonous animal on the planet. On the stony skin of a Gargoyle, it didn't make even a dent.
Angrily (as far as a jellyfish could get angry) the Manowar's tentacles searched for a weak point, squirming into her orifices. "Hey, cut that out, it tickles!" Demona purred. Probably a handgranade going off in her womb would have tickled her only, either. Demona began to enjoy the embrace, imagining it was Goliath who caressed her.
"Oh yes. Deeper! AH! OH!" she moaned.
Mother says: Don't stay too long in the water orgasming, it's bad for your skin.

Sunrise. Ouch.


The remains of Demona were washed upon the shore the same evening. Luckily she was immortal, or she actually might have get hurt. Puck came wandering by. When you're making an ass out of yourself, he's always there to watch and giggle.
"Quit your snickering or I bite your head off!" Demona wanted to say, but all she could do was rattling her teeth. "Cat got your tongue?" Puck asked friendly. "You urgently have to share your new diet secret with Titania, this stays with us two, she's getting a bit chubby lately! Hey, is that smoke coming out of your skull? Now don't take a little jest personal. *Of course* I recover you, after all you're my favorite mobile chaos area! Carnem reciperum! Shazam!"
The Shazam and the big gesture was of course irrelevant for the magic, but Puck was Nr.1 in showing off. In any case, the sun was just setting and Demona turned back into her familiar form. "Bye bye, La Blue Girl! Definitely mossy!" And POOOF!, he vanished.
Demona jumped into the water again, bit off the heads of some unlucky sharks in a desperate attempt to cool down and wasn't seen again for the next week.


"Arf! Arf!" Bronx obviously had seen too much Lassie on TV and did his best "good doggie" when he found Elisa who was still hanging around on the scrap heap. Brooklyn had watched things from above and approached, armed with a big bolt cutter he joyfully collected on the area after landing.
"Eek! Please don't look!" Elisa squealed, trying to cover her bare spots, but she still was chained.
"Now don't be so prudish, I'm from a different species." "And Maggie Reed wasn't?" Brooklyn picked up a boot and a garden hose that were lying around and held it against Elisas nose and backside, as to imitate a beak and a tail. "No comparison." "Knock off the kibosh and cut me loose or I bite your head off!" Elisa exploded. "My, my, you better don't fall into that barrel with blue paint or I could mistake you for Demona!" Brooklyn chuckled and cut Elisa loose. Meanwhile, Bronx had retrieved an old overcoat. "Good doggie. At least you know proper etiquette. Thanks for the rescue, but now I need a shower and maybe the defunct dredger over there." "I tell Lexington...a dredger?!" "To bite Demonas head off." "Go queue."


"Elisa, thank the fays you're...oops!"
Goliath had chosen a rather inconvenient moment for his big entrance through the open window of Elisa Maza's apartment, as she came directly from the shower and was in the nude. (He couldn't expect that at five o'clock in the morning, but the rescue action had took some time.)
If Gargoyles could change color, Goliath would have turned deep purple. He pulled his wings over his eyes.
Elisa giggled, somewhat nervously. "Goliath, don't tell me you have never seen a nekkid woman before."
"Yes...no...but...it's so wrong..."
"Why don't you drop your hot pants so we're on even terms?" Elisa joked. Goliath turned away as if she had found a weak spot. Astonished, she ran over to him and scratched with her fingernails over his back. "What's gotten into you, big hunk?"
"No...you will laugh at me..."
"Promise you won't laugh at me!"
"OK, OK, promised, whatever you are at..."
And then Goliath turned around and dropped his pants.
And Elisa laughed hysterically.
Goliath burst out in tears as if to justify a German term for gargoyle, 'Wasserspeier'. "All laugh at me! Demona laughed at me too, way back then. She said, 'Do you want to fuck my ears?' Luckily she was so horny that..."
"Goliath, you big blue klutz! You knocked her up with Angela that night, or what? So it's not the size of your tool but how you use it, and anyway, I doubt that when the Big Gargoyle Leader was elected, you and Brooklyn fought it out with a ruler!"
"Really? But you still laughed..."
"Goliath! One lonesome night after another I was dreaming about your embrace, just to have the recurring nightmare that you thrust too deep and it comes out of my mouth, a position neither in the Gargoyle Kamasutra nor very convenient for me..."
Goliath inadvertedly pondered about that mental image, and a glorious erection was the result. He apparently found that position rather stimulating.
"Aha! I knew you were longing for me too all the time, your stalagmite proves it."
Elisa knelt down on her knees and began to caress the mighty boner. "Seven inches are nothing to complain about - for a human that would be even a bit above average. And as the human saying goes, all above a mouthful is wasted." Elisa engulfed the head of his penis with her lips. "Elisa, I'm still afraid to hurt you...ooooh, yes, deeper..." Goliath pressed down Elisa's head with a steel grip, and promply his dick went deep into her throat, cutting her breath off. "MMMFFF! MMMMFF!" she objected. "Oh, sorry. See what I mean? I can't control myself. Just imagine sunrise would have caught us in that position! uuuh!"
Elisa had managed to squirm free and giggled again. "You surely are the only one who could come up with such a sick idea! And anyway, sunrise is in about half an hour, we have enough time to do it my way. For occasions like these, the 'woman on top' position was invented. As soon as you have learnt how to treat a frail Earth woman, we can do it 'flying fuck', but for now, lay on your back."
While Goliath laid down, Elisa opened a large box marked 'HALLOWEEN' and put on vampire teeth, bat wings and a tail to recreate her image as Gargoyle during Pucks spell. "Now what you say, does this look sexy?" Goliaths claw leashed out and yanked his dick. "You nearly gave me a premature ejaculation!" he pouted.
Elisa went on her knees and rubbed her vulva against Goliaths mouth. "You owe me some for nearly suffocating me. What are you waiting for, do you think Cunnilingus is your twice-removed uncle from the Roman side of the clan?" Hesitantly, Goliath began to explore the creases of Elisa's soft flesh with his tongue.
If Elisa's wings had been for real, she would have went straight through the roof.
"Oooh! Aaah! What a rough tongue you have! Yessss!" Goliath must have found a sensitive spot only a long Gargoyle tongue could reach, as even sex-starved Earth women usually need much longer than two minutes for an orgasm. Elisa squealed and collapsed.
"Elisa? Are you OK?" "If you have seen 'Barbarella' , you know that it takes a bit more than a single orgasm to kill an Earth woman! But now for the main menu or I'll never be able to crawl backwards that meter!" With a last effort, Elisa impaled herself on Goliaths dick and began to ride it. "Rules! Ooooh! No moving! Aaaah! And no crying 'DEMONA!!' when you come, or I swear I bite your head off!"
"Shouldn't we use a condom?" Goliath tried to be cautious a last time. Elisa evidently wanted to take the unadulterated Goliath. "If we could crossbreed ah!ah!ah! Dr. Sevarius by long would AAAAAAAH!" It was too late anyway. Elisa's vagina spasmed in another orgasm and her vice grip brought Goliath over the edge. Liters of cum squirted into her womb.

And then...sunrise. (Of course, none of the two turtledoves had paid attention to the clock.)
Gargoyles turn to stone at sunrise. OK, that saves the costs for Viagra.
But what happens to Gargoyle cum?
Elisa screamed in shock when a column of concrete built up from her womb through her vagina and cemented her and Goliath together for eternity.
She squirmed and squirmed, but there was no escape, as her womb was completely filled out and she couldn't pull out the stony stuff through her small cervical opening. All her desperate movements just stimulated her into another orgasm, as the concrete dildo filled her out perfectly.
Til Death do us part.
OK, it was the next sundown that did part them, but after hundred more orgasms in the meantime Elisa was close.

They DID use a condom the next time.

The End