Tex Sex

It was a peaceful day in New Texas. Except...

"Braaaaaain of the Bird! I have enough of all of you! Every day itssssss ssse sssssame, Texssss pulling off hissss oh-sssso-great plan, and Bravessssstar and Ssssirty-Ssssirty clobbering us to kingdom come in sssse end. I quit! Ssssisss time I follow my own plan!" Vipra gave Tex Hex a last venomous look and slammed the door of the hideout. "May I kill her?" slimed Scuzz hastily. "Ah, forget it. Jusssst her usssual PMSSSS", Tex Hex snickered. "Wait and see, she will come crawling back to us on her belly."

B.J.s phone rang. "We caught Vipra trying to foray a ssser...ooopsss...Kerium tranzport. Zorry, we have zom ztatic on the line. You can load her up at Paddle Creek." "Blindworm strikes again? OK, I'm on my way."
Vipra giggled. The judge surely wasn't the most bright torch in the mine.
"Zee you later" Vipra spake, holding her tongue with both hands, and burst into a giggle again.

"I'm here! Where is BZZZZUAHAHAPLUNK!"
B.J. caught a full dose of Vipras venom zapper and passed out. Then Vipra carried B.J. off to her new hideout, stripped her naked and tied her up spread-eagled.

"Well, nothing beatsss a ssssnakesss cunning. And sssspeaking of cunning..." Vipras head went down between B.J.s legs and let her forked tongue flicker over B.J.s clit. The judge squirmed and bucked like a bronco, but couldn't evade the sweet torture. "OOOH! You get another two years AAAAH for this!" "Sssure, later. But firsssst of all you give me sssse ssssecurity codesssss of the next ssssserium transssport!" "I MMMMH never talk!"

After the tenth multiple orgasm, B.J. finally was willing to talk. Luckily, in that moment Bravestarr, 30-30 and Fuzz came blasting through the door. Caught occupied, Vipra didn't make up a fight. "Of all your evil deeds, Vipra..." "MRHYIHAAA! I carry her off to the adjoining room for interrogation!" 30-30 shoved his oversized gun into Vipras pretty backside. "And don't you even flicker a tongue!" "Bad snake!" squawked Fuzz, following 30-30.

"We saw the message you left and suspected it was a trap. Come, let me untie..." "OOOOH! I'm dying! Quick, shaddap and fuck me! AAAH!" Bravestarr pondered. Surely, B.J. had a crush for him, but might he take advantage of her current state? What would the Shaman do in this situation? "Bugger the Shaman AAAAH!" cried B.J. who evidently knew Bravestarr very well. "Take me, speed of the OOOH puma!" Bravestarr sighed and took off his Marshall uniform. "Strength of the Beeeear!" "MMMH you don't need a bears strength to love me love me love me?!"
Well, maybe not, but Bravestarr showed B.J. the advantages of an endotopic baculum, and soon her honeypot was throbbing again until she fell unconscious, satisfied to the max.
Meanwhile, one room later...

"MRHYIHAAA! It's time for some police brutality!" 30-30 tied up Vipra in the same position as B.J. and dropped his trousers. "Soon you will tell us Tex Hex's hideout!" Vipra fell into a hysterical laughter as she saw 30-30s manhood. "Sssirty-Sssirty? More like ssssree-sssree! Now I know why you are running around wissss sssat cannon. It'sss ssssso Freudian!" 30-30 broke out in a bitter crying. Vipra had caught him exactly at his weakness. "Don't cry, big horse! Fuzz has idea! Whisper..." "MRH? Oh? Yeah! But treat her like a lady!" Vipra cackled insanely. "Sssssat hairball? Sssssurely even hasss a ssssmaller one ssssan you, if that'ssss possssible!" "Lady we talk about not you!" And then Fuzz screwed and hammered around - on 30-30s gun. "And ready!"
30-30 pointed at Vipra. "No, you won't dare! Bravessstarr wouldn't allow you to kill an unarmed prissssoner!" "Yihaaa! Stop complaining, it will be a most pleasant death!" And then he fired. "Wha-AAAAH! OOOH!" "See, Fuzz has transmogrified my lady into sort of a giant tele-vibrator. Every shot will give you the orgasm of a lifetime!" "MMMMH! AAAAH!" "Now, do you talk?" He fired another load of ecstacy into the squealing Vipra. "YES! YES!"

After the tenth multiple orgasm, Vipra finally was willing to talk. Unluckily, in that moment Tex Hex and his gang caught everybody pants down, it turned into the usual free for all brawl with nobody being hit due to large dust cloud generation.
Villains with passed-out Vipra exit left, heroes with passed-out B.J. exit right.

Later in the hideout...
"So, do you accept my authority?" "YES! YES! YES! AAAAAH!" "Fine. Scuzz, bring me the schedule for the next Kerium transport." "Yes, Master!"

It was a peaceful day in New Texas. It wouldn't last for long...

The End