Only the moon looked into the deserted alley. One could have asked what in Old Nicks name an angelette would do in such a deserted alley. "What in Old Nicks name does an angelette in such a deserted alley?" snarled a dark voice like ten packs of Marlboro with accompanying lung cancer.
"GACK!" squeaked Agape like a roused chicken and tried to flutter away. Which though was hindered by Lailahs tail.
Lailah was very proud of her tail (all fellow devilettes being green with tail envy for sheer length) which had a perfect form terminated by the classic "Ace of Spades"-pompon. It currently tied itself thrice around Agapes upper body, making her godly tits spring up.
Obviously Agape was nude - clothes imply shame (or a bad climate, but angels use to live in paradise, not in deserted alleys) and shame the Fall. And whoever thinks angel have no sex should google for "Nephilim".
Obviously Lailah was likewise nude, for the exactly opposite reason - exhibitionism AND too hot climate. Any peeping Tom thus would have had a sight to see, probably a deadly one due to a brain devoided of blood.
But the desertedness of the alley I already mentioned above.
"Such pretty aureoles!" Lailah purred, and Agapes hands instinctively twitched up to above her head until they remembered to be tied to her hips and stayed put.
"Plural, ditz!" Lailah gently caressed Agapes nipples. "Do you know the sin Luxuria? Too bad my perfectly formed tail isn't that useful for penetrating, but," she playfully smacked her pompon across Agapes breasts, "as Big Boss uses to say, you can't always get what you want." Then she dived down and used her also perfectly formed horns to open up Agapes thighs. "But I'm reknowned for my devilish tongue. I think in about ten minutes you'll call the name of *your* Big Boss. And in twenty minutes you're completely spoiled and one of us!"
Angels don't make love, angels *are* love.
Thus it was no wonder that already after five minutes Agape moaned, squealed and whispered: "Oh God! OH GOD!" Lailahs snake tongue encircled her clit, drilled deep into the folds of her vagina and even found the G spot, a feat that had made envious even Gene Simmons. "Yes, go on screaming, I imploringly hope your chief sees even into deserted alleys!"
What happens when an angelette has a mega orgasm? Well, actually the same as with a human woman - consciousness dims, vaginal spasms, Bartholini glands squirt love juices...
Precisely into Lailahs mouth, who gulped down Agapes delicious juices without further thought. (And it is much more tasty than this yucky cum anyway.)
Now, anything an angel gives is holy by definitionem. Even love juices. So the stuff acts like holy water. A devil would have exploded now. Lailah was lucky she wasn't evil beyond salvation. Mean, yes, vain, surely, nymphomaniac, well hooray, but devilettes lack the touch of Pure Evil Satanic[tm], i.e. nothing that might be remedied with the odd prayer.
So she just went limp. "What happens to me? My horns are shrinking! My tail falls off! Help! My beautiful tail!" But also for her there was only the moon as watcher in the deserted alley, and the suddenly released Agape lunged at her. Lailahs muscles were paralyzed with holy water poisoning, and she couldn't put up any resistance as Agape repaid the cunnilingus torture eye for eye (or more precisely tongue for tongue). "Now who is the ditz ? Sex being something evil is your own propaganda, remember ? Oh, you are so low in the unseelie host that you didn't know the whole church is under your control ? When angels make love, they *are* love. Feel my love !" Lailah just needed one minute for a super orgasm. "Oh Gooooood!" Which sealed her fate.

"I'm now..." "An angel. God has forgiven you. God is Love. Enter the Light!" In the deserted alley suddenly a gleaming portal popped up, and Agape threw Lailah through.

"Ha--llelujah! Ha--llelujah!"
Agape pulled out a cellular (don't ask me from where, that falls under 'Divine Unfathomable Secrets'). "Yup, Agent Agape here. Mission accomplished, target turned. Next order?"

The End