Standing in the Light

Darkness lied over the Fortress of Filth, home of Zed Naughty, Renegade Green Lantern, and Feynman Kid, henchboy.
The silent intruder alarm went off. Zed Naughty slept on.
(That's the whole point of a silent alarm, right?)
Feynman Kid, on the other hand, always eager, was busy jacking off to Nekkid Katma Tui videos and still awake. He swore, zipped his trousers and joggled his master.
"Feynman Kid, this better is important! I just had a wonderful dream of a female Green Lantern which was blushing red when she saw me..."
"We have a security breach! Someone triggered a wire!"
"Bugger! Video?" "Zilch!"
"Bugger squared! Audio?" "Bupkus!"
"Stop listing the roster of Space Jam and give me some results!"
"Nada...Null...Void..." "This is not funny!!"
"Bingo!" "Well, I don't recall a character named Bingo..." "No, Bingo! The smell detector shows some fragrance of Boss Nightshade perfume!"
Zed Naughty and Feynman Kid looked at each other, having the same enlightment.
"Shadow Lass!" "Umbra!"
"I said it first!" "No, I!" "Umbra is wrong timeline, and I'm the master, so shaddap, neener neener!"
Feynman Kid pouted. "Stop your sulking and prepare a befitting welcome for our Mata Hari!"
"I wonder what the LSH has to do in a Lantern affair... Wait until I shed some light on the matter...HAHAHA!" Zed Naughty laughed Villian Laughter #13 (self-esteemed, with some pleasant anticipation mixed in).

"She is north-to-northwest, eh, twenty meters away, says the Artificial Nose Doppler Radar I just cranked together," Feynman Kid whispered. "Power of the Ring, etc., blabla, you know the routine, spots on...Shadow Lass!" A ruby red ray engulfed a darkness field. For a few seconds, darkness and light fought over control. Then Tasmia emerged... as the weaker side. Zed Naughty sent more tentacles of light out of the ring and used them to hog-tie and gag her.
"Gotcha! So, do you have some excuse of breakin into this red-light district? HAHAHA, get it? Red-light district!" "MMMFMMM!" "That is no argument I will accept. And by the way, in fact I don't fucking care why. And speaking of fucking, you threw me out of a most pleasant dream..." Feynman Kid murmured some "Me too". "...and I think it's the appropriate vengeance I will try the La Blue Girl routine on you. HAHAHA, La Blue Girl! Get it? La Blue Girl!" "MPFOPF!" "Code, Schmode. That's a little something for us villains! Nobody can stop us when we do this..." The light tentacles ripped off Shadow Lass' costume. "Or that!" More tentacles formed that began to suck at her nipples and clit. "MMMMHH!" "Hey, I can even enact my Fantasy from Gynecology and bring light to your darkest body secrets!" Zed Naughty formed a speculum of light which pulled her vulva wide apart, then deeply penetrated into her vagina, and finally began to fill up the Eternal Darkness of her womb. Thank god it's only photons, or that would royally hurt! - The Editor "OOOOH!" "Speaking of secrets, do I see some love juices flow? Ah, nobody resists my light therapy!" "AAAAAAAAH!" Tasmias widely swollen belly glowed from within. Special Effect courtesy of the evil Mr.X - The Editor She felt totally filled and couldn't resist ecstasy. The light found all her points of lust. She orgasmed. And orgasmed. "OH!AH!OH!AH!" "No, don't remind me of that planet."
Wave over wave of pure pleasure ravaged Shadow Lass' body.
Until the light began to flicker.
And then to dim.
"Hey, do I already need Viagra?" Zed Naughty wondered.
And then his ring went out. Feynman Kid quickly came running with the lantern, but seconds later that died down too. Forever.
And darkness fell over the whole Fortress of Filth.

"Stupid...moan...villain! Haven't you heard that...whew... a woman can take dozens of orgasms until she passes out... wheeze...especially when she is a fully trained Talokian? Or...puff...the phrase lights going out for a nerve-shattering orgasm? Each one thus actually doubles my power! A few minutes more and I could have eclipsed out a supernova!" Tasmia grew some tentacles of her own and choked the unlucky baddie. "Brainiac had the idea to fight light with darkness. Left out some details, the bastard, or I wouldn't have volunteered."
Shadow Lass smirked. "Was kind of fun, though, I wish Mon-El could shoot my lights out that way. But now I'll gift-wrap you and mail you to the Lanterns Headquarter, sucker!" Shadow Lass concentrated her darkness so hard that she created a Black Hole that ripped a warptunnel into space, leading to the Green lantern homeworld. Then a big black boot kicked Zed Naughty to his trial.
Two fingers of darkness hooked into the nose of Feynman Kid. "Little wanker, little punishment. Now what will hurt you most?"
"Dot by Katba Tui bideos! Dot by Katba Tui bideos!!"
"Oh yes, your videos." A swish of darkness, and all tapes went blank. "Noooooo!" "Now hit the road, junction Albuquerque, as long as I'm still in my post-orgasmic peaceful mood!"
A cane of darkness whipped over Feynman Kid's naughty ass as he ran for the hills.

"Shadow Lass, I don't know how we can thank you for phasing out that renegade," Kyle Rayner, leader of the Green Lantern Corps, said. "Oh, as the proverb goes, a good deed is its own reward." Tasmia Mallor retorted. "Say, didn't you have a problem with Siniestro too?"
And she walked into sundown, humming "Our Darkness".

The End