I'm your Venus, I'm your Fire

Note: Based on a short scene in a Xena episode. Yet have to recall which one (as if anyone cares :-)

Completely exhausted from their exercise hour, Xena and Gabrielle laid in the grass.
The theme of the lesson had been "Cunnilingus Powerdown", and for once both girls were evenly matched, Xenas far greater strength being compensated by her hotter temper.
"Neener, neener, I win by six to five orgasms", Xena moaned. "Oh Goddess, I didn't know you can also get charley horse of the tongue! Maybe some device should be invented..."
"Don't wish for more than even you can take," Gabriella sighed in answer. "That's what Aphrodite had to learn the hard way. And when I mean hard..." And she began her story.

It all began when Hephaistos found out that Ares was hitching a ride in his bed - on Dite. He invented some trap, and next time Ares was ploughing his field, a net fell down and tied the two turtle doves in flagranti. The whole Olymp came together to laugh. Only Hera, Protector of Matrimony, was pissed to the max, and the prudish Athena was indispensable due to an important science study about circle squaring - or so she said. Well, the rest had their day made. Zeus hammered the floor with his fists, giggling. Hermes said that he would sell his sandals to swap with Ares. Demeter answered that judging from Dites worn out looks she would have no objection to swap with Dite, either. Demeter making a joke! In January!!
The only sore loser, naturally, was Ares. His face got so red that he never got that color off again. Dite, on the other hand, couldn't give a fuck. "He's the better stud, Peg Leg Pete!", she fluted, carelessly pulling a tunic over her cum-dripping vulva. Hephaistos was about to erupt, but he preferred his own style to get even, and went to the drawing board.

The ritzy throne innocently stood around in Hephaistos forge. The attached notice "Hands off! Pretty arses either! This means YOU!" was a classic attempt at reverse psychology.
Dite, lifelong underachiever, tried out immediately.
Clang, went the hidden clamps around Dites wrists and ankles.
"Hey, stop that nonsense!" Dite cried when trying to sparkle out completely failed because Hephaistos' chains were unbreakable even for a god.
"Ah, I see you want to try out my little love toy. I call it... The Excessive Machine? Nah, taken. Orgasmatron? Sounds like a Heavy Metal album. Actually, I like heavy metal. Let's see if you enjoy it too." "Let me out! I'm not into bondage!" Dite protested. Instead, Hephaistos pressed a button. The seat plane slided away and something came up squirming between Dites legs. "I sculpted this vibrator after the head of Medusa. Do you like snakes?"
A squeal was the answer when the metal snakes slid inside Dites vagina and and anus, where they buzzed and squirmed. Even more crawled over her clit and labiae. From the side of the throne, more snakes shot out, cupped her breasts and gently licked her body everywhere. Desperately, she bucked in her ties until the first orgasm swept her away.
After the fifth orgasm, Dite rolled her eyes, closed her lids and opened her mouth wide for a constant moan, all her muscles going limp. On the other extremity, Hephaistos went rock hard. He couldn't waste a good orifice and rammed his penis deep into Dites throat. (Lucky gods who don't have to fear fellatio- related accidents like suffocation or a bit off dick!) He squirted off a few liters of godly cum together with Dites tenth orgasm. She sucked him dry to the last drop and, with her last strength, murmured "You are nothing without you gizmos, Peg Leg Pete!" Then she collapsed.
Hephaistos didn't want to wear this shoe. He changed into his fire-breathing dragon avatar (Zeus once complained that this would show lack of style because dragons were foreign to Greek myths, but Hephaistos insisted that it would fit wonderfully to his dominion of vulcans. He deliberately left out the thingie with the reptile-specific hemipenes, since there was no point in making Zeus jealous) and impaled Dite on the double-header. Then he readjusted her chains so she was firmly tied under his belly and soared off into the skies. He flew loopings and immelmanns, letting Dite jumping up and down on the humongous dragon dick double. "Tell I'm the better man! Go! Tell it!" he exclaimed. "No! No! No!" Dite whimpered inbetween orgasms, her pride not allowing to back off. Finally, Dites vagina took Hephaistos in a Cleopatra vice grip, and his attention, and altitude control got lost. Hephaistos went into a nosedive. The atmospheric friction heated the pair to white-hot temperatures. The one that had enough first was hundred tons of hydrogen gas in the dragons belly.
Oh, the humanity.
A shower of sparkles poured down when the explosion was over.

"No, I don't even ask if someone got hurt", Xena murmured. "They never do! And leave all the collateral damage to us! But you made me horny again with this raunchy tales!" And quickly, her tongue was between Gabrielles legs again. But just as they were sixty-nining another time, a familiar sparkle appeared. Before they could unknot their bodies, they were already shackled together in this position. Xena squirmed to get free, but of course chains that bind a God were also chains that bind Xena.
Aphrodite inserted a finger in her pussy and pulled it out again, some juicy drops sticking at her finger. She used the godly love slime to firmly glue together Xenas tongue with Gabrielles clit and vice versa. "I really hate it when naughty bards disseminate ticklish details of the Olympian sex life. Can't I get some privacy? I just want to know how you two will feel tied up and with a Medusa Head lovetoy at each end." Aphrodite put Hephaistos devices (evidently now in serial production) in place, and they immediately squirmed into Xenas and Gabrielles wide open orifices and began their work of perpetual orgasm terror.
With a snake in her mouth, and tongue sticking out, Xena couldn't speak properly, but she probably wanted to say "A fine mess you got me into again!". A minute later, both anyway were just saying, "MMMH!", "OOOH!" and "AAAH!", in arbitrary random combinations.
"I leave the two of you. Maybe a dragon will find you, for better deja vu. Lifelong underachiever! Hmphr!" And Dite was sparkling out.

Luckily, it wasn't a dragon who found the helpless and totally exhausted pair. (Technically, there are no greek dragons, as I already said.)
Unluckily, it was a young centaur.
Amused, he first pulled out the Medusa Heads, whose batteries were seemingly powered by nuclear energy. Xenas and Gabrielles pussies said "Slurp!", Xena and Gabrielle themselves being to weak to say thank you.
Then they weren't thankful much longer, when he first provided Xena and Gabrielle with anti-bite mouth spreaders and then tied the pair under his belly. Youth made him lissome, and after his horse penis got safely stowed away in Gabrielle (having already given birth once, she barely made it to take in the full girth, although it was widening her to the limits of her body), he even managed to bow down deeply to insert his human penis in Xena.
His two pelvises pushed back and fro. The two dicks penetrated deeply, squashing against the cervixes, then pulling out again and taking random detours into the helpless mouths conveniently nearby at reach, making Xena and Gabrielle snapping for air. And then into the vaginas again, stretching them to the max. He could have got into the circus with the act.
The bodies of Xena and Gabrielle decided that after so many orgasms, a few more would make no difference anyway, and greedy vaginas clasped and throbbed around the intruders.
Finally, the centaur came. Good that Xena was at the receiving end of both penises at that moment, because the flare would have ripped Gabrielle apart and the cum flood going directly into the back of her throat would have drowned her. She gave a protesting moan when she had a final orgasm and her gaping vagina had nothing to grip. Gabrielle passed out.
So it was Xena who had to cope with an grapefruit-sized swelling flare in her throat, spewing gallons of horsecum.
Gulp, gulp, gulp, she went, shortly before suffocating. But she had been in more deadly situations than this. Finally, she fell unconscious too, but she survived.
The centaur untied the pair and gallopped away. Due to his youth, he had no horse sense, because an old stager would have carried the prize to his friends for testing some more positions from the Centaur Kamasutra. At least he was lucky that Xena and Gabrielle were too distracted to remember his face, or his future would have been very dire.

An aching pair was sorting their body parts.
"Mmmmmmh...Yes, Xena?"
"Remind me to chop your head off with my chakram when you will try to tell your tales again."

The End