Hiss Story

"Oh baby, say that my boner is rock hard!" Nerdos wasn't the type to bother why his new flame kept her hat on during sex or why they should go recluding into a cave. He probably would have bonked everything with two open legs (or even four, in case of a cute centaurette). At least he could have had the decency to ask her for her name.
It was Medusa, by the way. When she finally took her hat off, he was rock hard indeed...for eternity. "Mmmmmmh...I love the silent type!"

"Say, Xena, isn't that getting boring sometimes? Evil monsters...terrorized peasants...we come to the rescue...can't we have a day off just once in a while?", Gabrielle was nagging. "Fighting evil is no fun," snapped Xena, clobbering en passant a random mugger who thought he could hide behind a tree. "And if we don't stop the Gorgo in time, this area will turn into rubble. Now tie the scarf over my eyes. And don't get the idea to do something heroic! I'll prefer you in flesh and blood instead of a statue. In other words: Stay out!" Xena vanished into the cave entrance.

"Aah...Xena, the famous heroine! Nice to see you! Too bad you can't see me! May I also introduce my friends?" The snakes hissed inviting. "I can hear you and your oversized earthworms. Time to get to the barber! Ayiyiyi!" The chakram whistled, ricochetted off from a stalagmite that stood inconveniently in the way and only cutted thin air.
Xena jumped into a somersault, caught it from the air and landed...directly in Medusas arms. Before she could react, Medusas snake-hair coiled around her arms and legs, tying her up. Then she ripped the scarf from Xenas eyes, who instinctively shut them.
"Mmmmh...I would have preferred Hercules for a one-night-stand, but I think you'll enjoy it too. Just close your eyes and think I'm Gabrielle. Oh, I forgot, your eyes are already closed." Medusa cut off Xenas swearings with a kiss. It was very practical she could talk on through a snakes mouth.
"I am the sssnakesss. I hear with them. I feel with them. I can even undressss you with them!" With some quick slithering, she opened Xenas leather garments and caressed her breasts. Xena was writhing furiously, but the snakes didn't let her go. Then they sneaked under her pants.
"I also see with them! I see...some cute little clit!" "QUIEK!"
Medusa stopped her kisses shortly to mock: "Do you know what forked tongues are good for?" "No! No! OOoooh!" The tickling tongues were everywhere. Against her will, Xena got wetter and wetter. A big snake slid inside her, squirmed inside her and cupped Xenas womb with her mouth. Xena squealed in ecstacy.
"Didn't I tell you? When the orgasm sweeps through you, you will be forced to open your eyes. It will be a sweet death!" "MMMMMH! AAAAA!" Xena fought, but the lust overpowered her. With a wild cry, she came and opened her eyes.

Nothing happened.
Medusa was rather confused. "But...you should be stoned by now!" The snake were confused either. With her last energy, Xena freed herself from the grip and rolled away. No weapons were in reach. Only Gabrielles little flute had fallen from Xenas hip bag, Zeus only knew how it had aberred in there.
Flute...It was worth a try! Xena whistled some melody that had surely driven the muses to insanity, but it worked. The snakes were under her spell now and quickly entangled Medusa in her own snake-hair. Xena grinned mischievous.
"Now that I knew, it's crystal clear. Your power is fear. And I don't fear you. Maybe Gabrielle would find your modical hairdo even cool. Ah, and don't bother to spare you some time by telling me your origin, because when my sugar walls contracted, the snake inside me didn't like that and her fangs scratched me. For a second, the small dose of snake venom brought us into an empathic contact. I see now that you are just another poor victim of the gods who couldn't cope with it. I pity you." "NGGGH!"

Xena gave her the look. "I can't slay you in cold blood, especially when you just gave me the orgasm of a lifetime. But nevertheless, you raped me...and you won't get away with that. Like a dose of your own medicine?"
Xena played the flute again, and now Medusa was the ticklee. "MMPF! MMMH! OOOH!" "You better vanish from this area pronto and change your sexlife style, or one day another hero will teach you giving head! And now for the crescendo..." "AAAAA!" Medusa rolled her eyes, fainted and dropped to the cave floor.

"Gabby, you better don't look into that bag!" "Oh, I see, it's better for my health." It's indeed better for your health, Xena thought for herself, because if you ever find out that I carry my precocious set of Hung Like A Centaur dildos in there...

The End