Authors Note: This is based on an actual dream of mine. Had to edit it a bit towards intelligibility :-)
Authors Note 2: Only one week later I heard of the newest novel by Jonathan Lethem. (Insert Twilight Zone theme)

SEXX - The Wank Zone

"Yes, LEXX?"
"There is nothing ahead."
"If there is nothing ahead, why do you wake me, fly brain?"
"Nothing. The Nothing. My senses sense nothing ahead."
"Yes, Stanley?"
"I'm not in the philosopical mood. Strange phenomena are bound for trouble. Frag it."
"Your wish is my command, Stanley."
"There is still nothing ahead."
"How should one shoot nothing into nothingness, Greatest Dunce of the Known Universe?" 790 threw into the discussion.
"Avoid a void", Kai commented gravely.
"Then we fly around on the left side," Xev suggested.
"Women in the drivers seat..." Stanley grumbled. "Kiss my butt, Nothing. LEXX, fly a right turn."
"You lead us into disaster again!" 790 squealed.
"Yes, LEXX?" Stanley growled impatient.
"Nothing is still ahead."
"I said it! I said it!" 790 roared.
"LEXX, do a full turn and then hit the road!" Stanley suppressed upcoming panic.
"Nothing is in all directions!"
"Sounds like a Black Hole," Kai analyzed.
"A Black Hole is something and not nothing," Stanley objected.
"I'm afraid", Xev murmured and cuddled herself into Kais big chest. 790 looks would have killed him if he weren't already dead anyway.
"Nothing is approaching," reported the LEXX.
"Ah yeah? And how do you sense that if you sense nothing?" Stanley retorted with grim humor.
Just like an answer, darkness slowly crawled into the bridge.
"LEXX, what's that?"
Stanley, 790 and Xev cried at sixes and sevens (and maybe the occasional eight). Then also their voices slowly muted, and there only was...nothing.

Black tentacles of Nothing grabbed Xev. It felt like Absolute Zero. It felt hug? Xev squirmed as the Nothing engulfed her and filled all her pores (not to mention the bigger orifices). Her consciousness was reduced to her body. What on earth happened to her? Her reptilic instincts took over. Xev closed her eyes and imagined Kai. And enjoyed the Nothing writhing and pulsating deep inside her.
A cry of lust was absorbed into the void. Tighter and tighter the Nothing coiled around Xevs twitching body. And then...
Words are rather futile to describe the following. An orcosm?
For a Planck seconds length Xev was the Great Goddess, birthing a new universe in a Big Bang.
Then there was no more.

Assorted headaches were counted.
"And then you did WHAT?" Stanley asked dumbfounded. "A Big Bang...and there is still something left of us when you cum with ten to the power of eighty joules?"
"Oh divine Xev, you are all powerful," 709 whined.
"I suppose the energy got blown into a parallel dimension," Kai tried to explain. "Suppose you contract the fourth coordinate of the Ricci tensor..."
"I don't give a fuck whether, where or why Christina Riccis pussy contracts! One universum down, one born again, what comes around goes around..." Stanley said stoically to noone peculiar. "LEXX, take any direction where something is.
"Your wish is my command, Stanley."
It was a very stupid wish...but that's another episode.

The End