Chapter 1: Summer Job From Hell

A-ko woke up late. Again. "Damn it!" she thought. "I'm late for school AGAIN! Now that bitch B-ko's going to..."
"Wait a minute," she thought. "Today's the first day of summer vacation. I don't HAVE school. Maybe I can avoid B-ko and do some fun things with C-ko. That'll be cool."
Little did A-ko know what the day had in store.

She went downstairs to breakfast. Her father was reading the newspaper. As she ate breakfast, A-ko couldn't help noticing the want ad in back.
"Wanted: 18-to-40-year-old actress to star in new movie..." She read the address, then exclaimed, "Say, that's not far from here! Can I go, dad? Huh?"
"You're not exactly an actress," said A-ko's father.
"I can learn! You know, like one of those on-the-job things?" A-ko begged. "Can I please go?? Just to look?"
"I suppose it can't hurt to look," her father finally agreed.
"YIPPEE!" squealed A-ko. She wolfed down the rest of breakfast, kissed her father, then rushed out of the house at sonic speed.

When A-ko zoomed to the address, two young women were already there: her best friend C-ko Kotobuki, and B-ko Daitokuji, A-ko's rival for C-ko's affections. C-ko was dressed like a fast-food employee, and was holding a box in her hands; B-ko was dressed in a conservative business suit, and wore a frown.
"What are you guys doing here?" A-ko asked.
"Hi, A-ko!" squealed C-ko in her usual child-like voice. "I've got a job delivering pizzas!"
"Just as long as it's not your OWN cooking," thought A-ko relievedly. "How about you, B-ko?"
"I'm here to protest," complained B-ko. "Do you have any idea what kind of movie they're making?"
"No, what?" asked A-ko innocently.
"A tentacle movie!" B-ko informed A-ko.
"A what?" A-ko wondered.
Suddenly the door opened. A short goateed man in stereotypical director's garb (neckerchief, beret, and sunglasses) walked out and saw the three of them. A-ko was developing the kind of figure seen on comic book women nowadays (which made sense, if you've seen the ending of the first A-ko movie), and B-ko was developing a supermodel-like figure herself. Even C-ko had a "Hot Teens" sort of body.
"You three are perfect!" grinned the director lecherously. He grabbed the three girls and dragged them into the building. (THEY WERE NEVER SEEN AGAIN! MUHUHUAHAHAHAHAAAA... Okay, so I'm being over-dramatic.)

Chapter 2: Demon Dicks

"Hey, wait a minute..."
"Let me go, dammit!"
"Aren't you gonna pay me for the pizza?"
The director ignored the three girls. He pulled them all into a big room. Lined up on a soundstage were several beautiful women in various states of undress (EDITORIAL NOTE: "Project A-ko" is heavy on in-jokes, so for in-joke purposes, imagine your favorite video game, comic and cartoon females ranging from semi-nude to naked) and lots of demons with phallic tentacles. The women were chatting happily while they rubbed the tentacles in their hands. Every so often, one of them would slip the head of a tentacle into her mouth, then draw it back out.
"Say...this looks like the set of a porno movie!" noticed A-ko.
"I tried to tell you that!" argued B-ko.
"Oh!" grinned one of them, dressed in a Shinto robe (and nothing else) as the newcomers caught her eye.
"Don't worry, girls," she smiled, "I slapped a billion wards on these suckers when I conjured them up."
"They're perfectly harmless!" said the women simultaneously, with smiles the size of their bras.
Naturally, with that kind of assurance, A-ko and B-ko knew they had to scram. They were almost to the door when B-ko noticed something. "Hey, where's C-ko?"
They found her playing with a friendlier inju. The creature had a rabbit puppet on one of its tentacles, and C-ko giggled happily as the puppet danced.
"Great," groaned A-ko as a sweat drop the size of Manhattan appeared on her head. "Now she'll never wanna leave."
"We might as well sign up," B-ko sighed, an equally huge drop materializing on her forehead.

Chapter 3: Job Experience

"A-ko, OK...Uh, I mean, echo, kayo...ogre, achy..." The director tried to say it right. Then he waved his arm dismissively and said, " this scene, this guy is gonna rape you. I want you to fight back."
"This guy" was a ten-foot inju, a slug-like demon with tentacles protruding from its stomach. It looked like a 'hentai' (Japanese for 'pervert') Jabba the Hutt.
"Aaaannnd...ACTION!" yelled the director. The demon bounced lustily towards A-ko.
"Get away from me!" screamed A-ko as she jumped into the air and uppercut the demon in the jaw. The monster flew through the roof!
"Cut!" groaned the director. "You weren't supposed to win!"
"What?" asked A-ko. "Oh, shimatta..."

They did another take. This time the demon succeeded in "raping" A-ko. She struggled against the tentacles, but all the while she was experiencing a massive orgasm.
"Ohhh, God..." she moaned. Suddenly her walls started contracting, and...well, let me put it this way: have you ever read "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex"? It's an article that states the problems Superman would have mating with Lois Lane. One of them is that if he actually orgasmed in her, he'd break every bone in her body, gut her like a trout, and the shotgun force of his ejaculation would make her head explode. In A-ko's case, the reverse happened. Her pussy contracted so hard, it ripped off the tentacle invading it. The demon let out a high-pitched yelp of pain and leaped around bleeding profusely.
"Cut," whined the director. "Dongo, you get to the infirmary. You...why didn't you tell me you had superpowers?"
"You...didn't...ask," A-ko managed to grunt out as her multiple orgasm mashed the castrated tentacle to bits.

B-ko was next to be "raped" by another inju. She tried to protest what a sexist film this was and explain what she wanted, but tentacles slipped into her mouth before she could get two words out. Struggling was no good, and all the director did was complain that her mood was more pissed-off than frightened or pained. She sighed, stopped resisting, and to paraphrase an old Victorian-era expression, "closed her eyes and thought of C-ko."
Thinking of C-ko made it so much better. She imagined that it was C-ko's fingers and tongue penetrating her; she pretended that the limbs wrapped around her were C-ko's arms and legs. In her mind, she fantasized that she and C-ko engaged in multiple Kamasutra positions, making the most intense love imaginable. Her eyes rolled up as her mind exploded in the most wonderful orgasm she ever had.
"That's enough," said the director. "We don't want to kill her."
The demon ceased its molestation and slithered away. B-ko sighed unhappily. The orgasm had felt so good, too.
She immediately became worried. Was she addicted? Was that why all those women participated in this kind of film?

C-ko bounced happily as her demon fucked her. "This is fun!" she babbled. "Feels good! Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!"
"CUUUUUUUUUT!" screamed the director. "God damn it! You're being raped, you little moron! You're not supposed to be enjoying it!"
"Waaahhh!" whined C-ko. "Just because I didn't know what fun it was, doesn't mean you have to be mean to me!" She stared crying.
"This whole take is ruined!" screamed the director, throwing off his beret an jumping on it. "Dammit!" "Shit!" "FUUUUUUCKKKK!!!"
"For people involved in an 'adult' movie," grumbled the demon, "you two are about as mature as fresh-bottled sake."

Chapter 4: The Earth Moves

"Okay," said the director to the assembled throng of tentacle-beasts, naked women, and men in SWAT uniforms. "This is gonna be, pardon the pun, the 'climax' of the movie." Everybody laughed superficially.
"What's gonna happen is," explained the director, "the ladies are gonna have a harem orgy with each other and the demons. Then the SWAT team's gonna bust in and start blasting everything."
"Got it," everyone said.
"Places, everyone!" shouted the director. "Aaaannnd...ACTION!"
The women crawled over each other, stroking sexually. Some of them were willingly molested by the fiends. A-ko looked around. The demons seemed to be wary of her. Obviously, they'd seen what happened to Dongo.
The only other female who wasn't, uhmm, "occupied" was C-ko, who reclined boredly on a cushion. A-ko stared. C-ko was a friend, sure...but A-ko'd had a thing for "Kei." Was she willing to change her entire sexual orientation?...

B-ko lay on the floor, being fucked out of her mind by two raping tentacles. She hummed with pleasure as she came repeatedly. Then she saw A-ko, hovering over C-ko.
It took a few seconds to register. Suddenly, the old jealousy flared up. "Hold it," she said to the demon fucking her. The demon reluctantly released her. She tromped over to A-ko. "If anyone's having any lesbian action with C-ko," B-ko informed A-ko in a rather threatening whisper, "it's gonna be me."
A-ko shrugged. "Go right ahead, take her."
B-ko blinked, confused. Then her jealous brain twisted it around. A-ko was trying to trick her!
"Oh, no, you don't," she whispered. "We'll settle it like this, since I'm not wearing the battlesuit. You're going to perform a lesbian scene with me, and whoever makes the other come first gets C-ko."
A-ko blinked, then shrugged. She lay on the ground. B-ko got into a sixty-nine position with her. The two naked girls licked each other's cunts with their tongues and caressed each other's tits and asses. A-ko was becoming aroused. "My God, B-ko's good," she realized. She sped up the tongue action. But B-ko sped hers up as well, and began practicing various sexual techniques.
A-ko couldn't move fast enough to counter, nor could she fight off the massive orgasm she felt building up.
"Ohhh myyyy GOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!" she screamed as her body began spasming.
Unfortunately, B-ko's neck was caught between A-ko's legs. It was like being strangled by two silky anacondas.
"Musn't...pass...out," she thought as her head began to turn blue.
Then the true extent of the damage was realized. A-ko's multi-orgasmic spasms were triggering an 8.9 Richter-scale tremor. "EARTHQUAKE!" screamed the director. "Everybody get out!"
The flood of naked bimbos, inju, and men in SWAT uniforms was one of the strangest evacuations ever witnessed in Graviton City.

When it was all over, A-ko and B-ko lay miraculously unharmed in the rubble.
"," A-ko said wearily.
"No, I win," B-ko corrected. "I said whoever 'made the other' orgasm first won, and since I made you come first, I get C-ko."
"You're both wrong!" yelled the director. "All the camera equipment was ruined! We'll never be able to finish the movie now!"
Everyone, cast and crew alike, began whining and complaining.
"Yep, just like I said," said the demon who'd fucked C-ko, "pretty immature for an 'adult' film."

Chapter 6: Epilogue

When A-ko's parents found out what happened, they made A-ko pay for the damages out of her allowance.
They also threatened to ground her for a week, but when she told them the whole story, they changed it to the weekend. Mr. Daitokuji had also grounded B-ko until the damages had been paid. However, when she tried to explain that she was originally trying to protest the movie on grounds of sexism, her father was unable to stop laughing. C-ko was fired from her pizza job. From that time on, the pizza parlor made sure its delivery girls, and boys, were dumpy and unattractive to the director.

And they all lived unhappily ever after, or at least until they were ungrounded.