PROJECT A-KO: Tentacled Fancies 4

by T.C. Shanahan

[NOTE: in addition to the usual about the characters who have appeared thus far, Superman, Wonder Woman, and their respective alter-egos are the property of DC Comics (the Magamis are the property of the same folks as Project A-ko), Meryl and Achika are mine, and Doublemint Gum is the property of...well, whoever makes it.]

Brian, Meryl, and Achika took their private jet to Japan. In the back of the plane, the trio were in the hot tub, with Brian watching as his two beautiful wives went at it.
Neither Meryl nor Achika had aged a day since they met Brian; in fact, both women were not only still young, beautiful and voluptuous, but they had developed superhuman strength and endurance, which came in handy if you want to spend eternity having a permanent orgasm. In addition, they were telepathic.
Both the redheaded Meryl and the Asian Achika were thrashing with pleasure, just from the contact of their skins. It was as though their very skins had become a super-sensitive sex organ. Their telepathy only helped, as it literally doubled their pleasure, doubled their fun, (goes into a Doublemint Gum jingle)...excuse me, where was I? Anyway...
The plane touched down on an airport. As the plane landed, its very unusual passengers came out. This, of course, started a panic about "alien invaders".

Mr. Magami (Clark Kent) and Mrs. Magami (Diana Prince) watched the news reports. "Looks like we're coming out of retirement," Mr. Magami quipped. His wife nodded.

When Brian and his wives reached Kaito's house, Cassandra was at the door. "Hi, guys," she smiled. "Come on in."
Brian oozed in, followed by Achika and Meryl. "So, Cassandra, how's tricks?"
"Couldn't be better," smiled Cassandra. "You know Kaito, once he gets going..."
"We know," chirped Meryl and Achika simultaneously. They all burst into laughs at that point, even Brian.
"We all know whose side of the family he got *that* from," Brian bragged.
Just then B-ko walked out of the basement. She was wearing a kinky S&M leather getup. "Hey, Cassandra, who're these guys?"
"Let me introduce you," said Cassandra. "This is Achika, this is Meryl, and that's Brian." Brian offered a tentacle to shake.
"Let me guess...Kaito's dad, right?" asked B-ko.
"Yep," grinned Brian. "And what's your name, pretty lady?"
"Name's B-ko," smiled the genius-turned-slut. "B-ko Daitokuji."
"She's engaging in extracurricular activities," said Cassandra. "Guess which kind," she added with a wink.
This started another round of laughter. Then B-ko said, "Who wants to participate in an orgy?"
"ME!" everyone said at once, raising their hands. After yet another round of laughter, B-ko and Cassandra led the others downstairs, where they were introduced to A-ko and C-ko. C-ko became the "meat" in a "sandwich" between B-ko and Cassandra, with Cassandra on top and B-ko on the bottom, while Achika and Meryl, held in place by Brian, started to kiss and caress A-ko, who was held by Kaito.
B-ko, C-ko, and Cassandra began to writhe with pleasure as they stroked and rubbed against each other. Soon, C-ko began to feel a huge orgasm building, and she throbbed as she came. This caused Cassandra to head for her own orgasm, and B-ko as well.
A-ko whimpered like an animal as she started to reach her climax. The sensations built to full power and she squealed --
And that's when Superman and Wonder Woman ripped the house off its foundation.
"D-Dad? Mom?" A-ko gulped.
"Oh, shit!" Kaito and Brian simultaneously yelled.
Wonder Woman gasped in shock. Superman's face grew stern.
"Somebody has a lot of explaining to do," he said curtly.

To make a long story short: Kaito wanted to press charges against Superman and Wonder Woman for trespassing, invasion of privacy, and others, but Superman was in the middle of giving A-ko a lecture. Wonder Woman was helping. B-ko freaked when she thought about what her father was gonna say. C-ko didn't even understand what sex was.

A-ko had to promise her parents that next semester she would take a sex education class.

B-ko's father was so angry he screamed in B-ko's ear for three hours straight. Finally she whipped out the pepper spray and shpritzed him in the mouth.

C-ko's parents were calmer about it, although they weren't quite sure they approved of Kaito and Cassandra either.

All three girls had to get a thorough medical exam to see if they were pregnant, chemically addicted, any diseases, etc.

Cassandra Baker got fired, of course. Fortunately, she got a job working in a hospital. Kaito also helped...he was discovered by a movie crew, and while the movies weren't pornos, a bundle was saved on special effects.

Brian and his brides returned to America, where they basically resumed their routine.


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